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Spike [Ready]


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Name: Spike


Sex: Male


Age: 'Baby'


Species: Dragon


Eye Colour: Moderate Pistachio (#77BD41)


Scales: Light Mulberry (#D08BE7) body scales with Light Spring Budish Gray (#DCEDC1) along his underbelly. As well as Light Lime Green (#C2D876) 'ear' frills.


Spikes: Spike's spikes are quite spikey and trail from the top of his head to the near tip of his tail and are Moderate Harlequin (#61A84A) in colouration.


Physique: Spikes in the best shape ever...well for a baby dragon. He's not particularly tall nor is he particularly muscular, a bit soft some might say. But he has to be in tip top condition for his job as Number One Assistant to the Twilight Sparkle.


Residence: Ponyville's Castle of Friendship


Occupation: Full Time Number One Assistant, Part Time Saviour of the Crystal Empire!


Unique Traits:


Dragon Fire: As with most dragons, Spike has access to dragon fire! Thus far he's shown two kinds. A magical green fire used to send messages to and fro between long distances, and a more traditional blazing orange fire used to save the Equestria Games from a frozen falling cloud!


A-Tier Amanuensis: You don't earn the title of Twilight Sparkle's Number One Assistant by being a layabout (well, at least not being a layabout all the time)! Spike is well trained in taking dictation and has excellent penmanship...even if his art skills leave much to be desired.


Wealsome Wit: One of the benefits of growing up alongside Twilight, Spike has a great amount of intellect and is naturally inquisitive. Being so young however this usually only comes by in spurts. Don't let that fool you though, the baby dragon is far from dumb!


Reptilian Resilience: Even as a baby dragon, Spike is made of tougher stuff, y'know. Like scales! He can handle high heats and take a lickin and keep on tickin!


History: The great and storied tale of Spike the Dragon begins long long ago in a galaxy far far away. Or rather, it began in Canterlot at Celestia's School for Magically Gifted Unicorns. It's unknown to Spike just how his egg came to be at the Academy, but fate works in mysterious ways. Whatever winds of fortune carried Spike's egg to Canterlot also lead him to being hatched by the filly who would be his greatest friend, Twilight Sparkle! Of course, nothing starts off as a bed of roses.

Not long after Twilight had hatched his egg and earned her cutie mark, Spike was taken in and cared for by Celestia. It wasn't but a few days afterwards that he was presented to Twilight. A typical rambunctious and excitable infant, Spike proved to be more than a hoofful for young Twilight. This led to quite a number frustrating situations and sleepless night for the filly and some hurt feelings for the still learning dragonling. But a bit of sensitivity and understanding goes a long way and Twilight learned that Spike wasn't meant to be a test of responsibility, but a much needed friend. Twilight patched things up with Spike and viewed their situation differently than before when she returned home.

Growing up in around those he did shaped young Spike's formative years. Despite not being one for rigorous study himself, Spike did learn the value of a good book from Twilight and when she wasn't busy studying magic, taught Spike the basics such as math, spelling, reading, and writing. On the other end of the spectrum from Shining Armor, Spike found an early love for games like Oubliettes and Ogres, and a bit of interest in sports. He also learned a deal of things from Night Light and Twilight Velvet, including cooking!

Throughout Twilight's years in school, Spike was her constant companion and eventually became her study buddy and assistant, quizzing her before big tests, keeping track of her schedules, and double checking her many...many...many checklists. A less humble dragon would have said she'd have been lost without him. Despite the challenges of being the assistant to Celestia's top student, Spike stuck with Twilight through it all. From her social isolation in Canterlot, to her first trip to Ponyville, to becoming a Princess and everything in between and to come!


Character Summary/Personality: Spike is a young, friendly, eager dragon working as the number one assistant to Twilight Sparkle! While a smart dragon, Spike is still young and can be either childish or naive from time to time. When he's not busy with helping out Twilight around the castle, he can usually be found playing Oubliettes and Ogres or talking sports talk with his friends. (Which truth be told he knows very little on sports, but likes to feel like he belongs.)


Text Colour: (#77BD41)


Poison Joke Reaction: TBD
Author's Notes: As per usual, the history's short cus, well. You all know Spike. So I apologize for it not being as long and interesting to read as some of my others.


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