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Nightmare Moon(Ready)


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Roleplay Type: WoE


Name: Nightmare Moon


Sex: Female 


Age: Mare


Species: Alicorn


Eye colour: Green


Coat: Black


Mane/Tail: magical mist, resembles the night sky.


Physique: Nightmare Moon is very tall, and slim. It was once stated Luna wanted to be beautiful, like her sister, thus as nightmare moon, she assumed a physique similar to Celestia. Her wings are tapered to a point, and slightly resemble dragon wings more then normal alicorn/pegasus wings. Her eyes are also different, featuring slits for pupils, rather then the common round. The whites of her eyes also show a slight green tinge, rather then straight white.


Residence: The castle of the Two Sisters


Occupation: Ruler of the night/nightmares


Cutie Mark: A dark purple blotchy plane covering her rump with a white crescent moon in the center. It was never stated how she got her cutie mark. Being a princess of the night, it represents her connection to it and the dark powers in which she possesses.


Unique Traits:

Dragon like eyes.




Long ago, Luna and Celestia were both the rulers of Equestria, a land inhabited by ponies. Every morning, Celestia would raise the sun, and every evening, Luna would raise the moon. Together, they kept the balance perfectly. One day, however, Luna grew jealous: the ponies would be awake to enjoy the day and love, admire, and appreciate Celestia's work, but would always sleep through her far more beautiful night. One day, Luna turned on Celestia, saying she should be the only princess in Equestria, and raised the moon before the bitterness in her heart manifested and transformed her into Nightmare Moon.

Celestia did not want to fight Nightmare Moon and told her to lower the moon, but Nightmare Moon said her only royal duty was to destroy Celestia, and shot at her with magic beams, eventually knocking her down. Seeing no other way, Celestia reluctantly used the Elements of Harmony to overpower Nightmare Moon and banish her to the moon, creating the phenomenon known as "the Mare in the Moon" (a unicorn's face imprinted upon the surface of the moon). It is said that in a thousand years, on the longest day of that year, Nightmare Moon will make her return.


Upon reading an ancient legend, Twilight Sparkle realized Nightmare Moon is about to return, however her mentor, Princess Celestia, encouraged her to make friends instead of worrying about the supposed "old pony's tale". Unfortunately, Twilight turned out to be right and Nightmare Moon was released during the Summer Sun Celebration, replacing Celestia who was supposed to attend it. Twilight and her soon-to-be friends chased Nightmare Moon into the forbidden Everfree Forest.


After conquering many obstacles left by Nightmare Moon in their path, they finally found the twisted mare herself along with the ancient Elements of Harmony, now reduced to inert stones. As Nightmare Moon whisked the Elements away, Twilight followed her into the portal and confronted her alone. She tried to use the Elements of Harmony like Celestia did, but for that she had to find the "spark" that would make a sixth Element appear. However, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't make the spark, and Nightmare Moon destroyed the Elements.


Fortunately, when Twilight heard her new pony friends calling for her, she felt a different spark in her heart; making her realize that the real Elements are not just some stones: they exist in the hearts of her friends. That spark triggered the final element: Magic (also known, of course, as Friendship), and reanimated the shattered Elements, converting them into jewels for the six friends to bear. Using the Elements of Harmony, Twilight activated a spell that struck Nightmare Moon, exorcising the darkness from her and transforming her back into Princess Luna.


Celestia arrived in the ruins where the battle took place, admitting that she knew of Nightmare Moon's return, but knew the only way to defeat her was for Twilight to understand the importance of friendship. Celestia walked over to a cowering Luna, who apologized in tears for her actions, and was granted forgiveness.


In an alternate timeline created by Starlight Glimmer in the season finale "The Cutie Re-Mark", Nightmare Moon is in power, having imprisoned Celestia in the moon for years and with Rarity and Rainbow Dash working for her.


Character Personality:

Nightmare Moon is more playful with a cruel delight. She is clever and calculating, with no remorse in her crimes.


Character Summary:


An AU of Nightmare moon that rules Equestria with an iron hoof.


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Hi there!


After discussion with other staff we have determined that Nightmare Moon and Luna are too close in character to have NNM be played in WoE. It is however, acceptable to play NNM in our Alternative Universe section.


I am happy to approve this app for play in AU. Please let me know if you'd like this AU approved or if you would like it moved to our Free for All section.





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