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[Gryphon] Aspen [Final/Ready]


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Roleplay Type: WoE and FFA
Name: Aspen
Sex: Male
Age: Juvenile/foal-age
Species: Gryphon
Eye colour: Yellow
Coat: White-grey, with snow-leopard like spotting below the waist, and flecks of the same shade of dark grey/black on his wings.
Mane/Tail: Thick and fluffy snow leopard tail.
Physique: Nearly as tall as an adult pony, he's about a head taller than pony fillies and foals, despite being the same age. He isn't fat, but he comes from a long line of thick plumage and appears quite 'fluffy'.
Residence: His parent's home, just outside of Canterlot in a cottage in the Whitetail Woods.
Occupation: Child/No occupation yet.
Cutie Mark: N/A
Unique Traits: Large, round eyes like an owl, and a squished beak much like them. Very fluffy legs, unlike most gryphons who do not have plumage below the knee.

History: His parents are from a long line of owl-esque gryphons that live in the far north, past the Crystal Empire, which is why they have such thick feathers and fur. His father towers over even larger gryphons, and appears like a snowy owl, where his mother has the appearance similar to a barn owl, and is slightly shorter than her partner. The two of them are crafty types and moved to Equestria to start their family a few years ago.


The two of them are master woodworkers, and use the fallen branch and tree litter of the Whitetail Woods to do their craft, and sell to ponies and do custom interior design woodwork. His mother also works with crystal, and makes high quality chandeliers.


He was born in Canterlot at the hospital, and will be going to school there. His parents have already taught him to read and he likes to whittle, but doesn't have as serious of an interest in woodwork as his parents would like. He likes to fish with his dad, and loves to read already. He has a bit of a complex over his 'cuteness', because his parents coddle him so much and when he is introduced to their adult friends, he's often mistaken for a girl because of his outwardly 'cute and fluffy' appearance, combined with his large eyes and relative quietness. 


Character Personality: Shy at first, but outspoken if he gets agitated or embarrassed.
Character Summary: A young gryphon who does not have a 'special talent' or single goal yet, because he's just a child. He's often mistaken as a girl because he's rather cutesy (fluffy/wide eyed and quiet), and has a bit of a complex about it.

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