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Wǎn Qiūjì (Final)


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(Created on Generalzoi's game)

(Minor edits made by me)


Name: Wǎn Qiūjì  (晚 秋)  Late Autumn


Gender: Male


Age: Adult Stallion


Species: Qilin


Likes: Wife, his foals, weather, stargazing with wife, quiet time.


Dislikes: Any sort of harm done to his family


Coat: Chocolate brown


Mane/Tail: Grass Green and Dark Green. Mane is a similar style to Rainbow Dash's, the tail is done in a traditional male tie.


Eye Color: Vibrant orange, serpent-like design.


Physique: Tall, average build, not too much muscle but within the average category.


Residence: Huangjing


Occupation: Weather Reporter, Harbor: Ticket Assistance


Cutie Mark: Three Autumn leaves, each a different color within the orange spectrum.


Unique Traits: 


  • Weather Sensor- A key point in Wǎn's success as a weather reporter, his horns can sense upcoming changes in climate via his tall, gazelle-like horns. When faced with a certain type of weather, his horns will be tinted in a certain color. For example, if there is a high chance of rain, his horns can be seen with a faint tint of blue. 


History: Wǎn was boring into a semi-wealthy family, having lived most of his life in Souther Huangjin. His family home was luxurious on the inside but simply looked like a large townhouse on the outside. Wǎn was forced to grow up at a young age, following in his Father's footsteps to success. While Wǎn's Father definitely wasn't strict nor harsh, he wanted what was best for his son, even if it meant taking away his childhood, something he now regrets. Wǎn's Father worked as a merchant, known for pricing things higher then they're worth, though, his charm and persuasive skills made it easy to sell and make a profit. Wǎn's mother was unemployed, relying on her husband's business to provide for the family as she took care of Wǎn, proving to be an easy task as he wasn't raised to be rambunctious nor immature. 


When Wǎn was a young foal, he didn't go outside much, often studying and working hard on his school work, not that he minded at all. Wǎn was very self-reserved, making him almost unapproachable when he did go out. Some often mistook him for a sort of machine, like an AI, due to his monotone expressions and quiet behavior. One day the young foal had gone out during a fairly sunny day, on his way to school, he had noticed his horns were emitting a blue sort of aura that at first went by unnoticed. As the day went on, the blue tint grew dark and bright, the sky changing with the color of his horns. By the end of the day, the clouds were pouring rain, creating large puddles and floods in various others. Wǎn then began to further his research, often observing his horns during the day, as time went on, he began to take note of what each color meant. The research took at least two months, by then, he received his cutie mark. Wǎn at first was shocked it was simply three Autumn leaves, expecting for it be a combination of all the different weather in some shape or form, though, that wasn't the case. That following Autumn, Wǎn realized his little quirk was most strong during the season, the colors much brighter, though, a simple hue against his orange horns.



Wǎn nor anyone else expected such a mark on his no longer blank flank, in fact, everyone expected it to consist of books, Mathematics, or anything having to do with education considering the young colt's knowledge. Wǎn grew to accept his unique mark, later pursuing the career of reporting the weather, hoping to help others with his unique ability, though, considering the land of qilin, it was simply a quirk that defined him as a pony, most qilins had some sort of unique quirk. 


He took on the job as a weather reporter, although, due to his job only being useful for parts of the day, he took on the part-time job of working at the local harbor as a ticket assistant where he would make sure boarding ponies and qilins had their designated pass to get on. During his time as a weather reporter, he had met a young mare, one who had a bright mind and a bubbly aura which lightened everyone's mood, even during the darkest of times, which he witnessed with his own eyes. The young stallion soon learned the interesting mare lived just next door, Wǎn began to find himself growing attracted to the beautiful mare that seemed to turn the rainy weather he predicted into a happy day.


Within no time, he pursued the mare, finding every chance he could get to speak with her or even offer her a date for the two to get coffee together during the mornings. He discovered her name was Měilì Xīng. He knew this feeling was nothing more than love, the two would often be seen with each other. Other ponies noticing the change in Wǎn's serious behavior, they watched as he blossomed into a much more bubbly and friendly stallion such as his new mare-friend. Wǎn didn't take long to propose to the mare, more than happy to have her as his wife and to even start a family with her. Those of Huangjing soon named the couple "soulmates" due to how they clicked so perfectly. Měilì's parents were more than happy when the two had twins, a filly, and a colt.


Wǎn couldn't be any happier with how things turned out for him, completely forgetting his Father's words of wisdom, advice, and his goal to be a successful stallion. He learned the values of family, that was the only thing the now bubbly stallion needed.


Character Personality: Wǎn started off as a very distant and serious stallion, often avoiding conversation with others if it meant distracting him from his current task and studies. He had no friends to play outside with, his entire childhood being replaced with school, books, and the goal of growing to face success. He was no different from an AI personality wise.


Now, Wǎn is just as bubbly as his wife, wasting no time with greeting others and being friendly with everyone he sees. His wife's personality seemed to rub off on him, making him into the pony he is today.


Character Summary: Wǎn can now be considered one of the most charming stallions of Huangjing, though, his heart belonged to only one mare and that being his beloved wife, the mare who turned him from an AI to an actual pony. Wǎn can often be seen with his family, if not, he is most likely working to provide for his family now that his wife is a stay-at-home-mother. Wǎn is a proud husband and Father, never afraid to bring up his family and how much he loves them. For his family is his entire world.


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