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Scootaloo [Ready]

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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria
Name: Scootaloo
Sex: Female
Age: Filly
Species: Pegasus
Eye colour: Purple
Coat: Pale orange
Mane/Tail: Scootaloo has a frazzled magenta mane and tail that closely resembles that of her hero, Rainbow Dash. Unlike Rainbow's, her mane sticks up at her bangs and her tail has a slight curl to it at the end. Her mane and tail are also smoother than Rainbow's.
Physique: Scootaloo is a fairly small pony, being that she is a filly. In addition to that, her wings are abnormally weak for her age, and this reflects in their frailer appearance.
Residence: Ponyville, living with her Aunt Holiday and Holiday's marefriend, Lofty, due to her parents' inability to properly care for her.
Occupation: Student

Cutie Mark:

Matching with her friends Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom, Scootaloo's cutie mark is a shield with a wing and a bolt of electricity within the wing. The shield is made up of three colors, a pale pink, cerise, and the same magenta-purple of her mane and tail. The wing itself is a darker purple, while the lightning bolt is a lighter one.


Scootaloo earned her cutie mark at the same time as Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom during their time as a ragtag group called the "Cutie Mark Crusaders", developed because the three of them were late-bloomers to the cutie mark department and sought to earn them through various tasks. It was through helping out Diamond Tiara with figuring out what she could use her own special talent for that Scootaloo and her friends found their own: to help lost ponies find their way in life when they've lost a sense of direction. They decided to keep the Cutie Mark Crusaders for the sake of helping others who had trouble earning their cutie marks or, alternatively, needed help in understanding where they needed to go next in life. In a way, they're almost miniature guidance counselors.


Scootaloo's mark in particular also represents her special talents, which lie in doing tricks on her scooter. She is an athlete with a desire for speed, which is reflected by the wing and the thunderbolt.

Unique Traits

What's more unique about Scootaloo is her inability as opposed to her ability. It's no secret that she has a disability: her wings have yet to fully grow in and there's doubt that they ever will. As a result, Scootaloo's only able to hover a little above the ground at most as her wings do not have the strength or the volume to generate enough lift to keep her in the air for long and to allow her to go any higher. It's unlikely that she will ever be able to fly.


That doesn't mean her wings are completely useless. They're able to act as assistants to propulsion for her scooter, and that's what she generally uses them for. Scootaloo is also very adept at using her legs and physical strength as a result to make up for the disability. She's able to dance well and her endurance allows her to take quite a pummeling. Part of this was also developed for the sake of sustaining herself in school, but she's been able to use it for her hobbies that she pursues on the side of her job as a Cutie Mark Crusader.



Scootaloo was born to parents who were very, very busy ponies - and from the onset, that already planted a seed of doubt within Scootaloo's brain as to where she fit into the big picture. While no one could argue that her parents didn't care about her, it didn't change the fact that their constant absence from their daughter's life as a result of their taxing jobs took its toll. Scootaloo often found herself alone within the house, and the situation found itself becoming so bad that she had to be relocated to her Aunt Holly's, with whom she stayed ever since. While she would visit her parents every so often when they had the opportunity to reach out to her, Scootaloo still led a very lonely fillyhood as a result of this, and while her aunt and auntie were nice family, it wasn't the same as having supporting, loving parents that would be there for her for her milestones.


That alone probably wouldn't have been so bad if it weren't for what she had to endure once she started attending school. Word spread rather fast of her inability to fly, which was abnormal even for her age, and fillies being fillies meant that she wound up being teased incessantly for this. It became a rather sore spot of insecurity, and Scootaloo couldn't help but wonder if the reason her parents didn't want to spend so much time with her had to do with that inability; and as a result, her self esteem with it struggled. It led to her being even more of a recluse of a pony, spending time with herself and airing out her frustrations with the world with the scooter she'd gotten for her birthday.


Sometime during this particularly low point in her life, though, a miracle occurred: she discovered and learned about Rainbow Dash. It started with watching her blitz through at incredible speed, and it blossomed to watching Rainbow work hard and make it far within her life. It didn't take long for her to find her hero, and in the dark place she'd been beginning to fall into she latched onto that fanaticism as it meant the world to her. It was what inspired her to stand up, to be brave like Rainbow Dash, to take charge of her own life, and as a result she began to convince herself to not let what the bullies said to her get to her, and that she didn't need supportive parents, she could manage just fine on her own! Of course, this wasn't the absence of her discomfort, but merely pushing it aside and putting on an act of bravado, becoming more of a rough-and-tumble tomcolt who could stand her own ground.


One trait of Rainbow's caught Scootaloo's attention the most, and it was the part of her that she would seek to embody: the loyalty that she had, and the way she stood up for the little guys. Scootaloo wanted to emulate that, which was why she found it easy to stick up for Apple Bloom upon learning that she didn't have a cutie mark. She knew what it was like, being the victim of incessant bullying, and so when Diamond Tiara made it her goal to make Apple Bloom feel bad over it, Scootaloo showed no remorse in sticking by her side. Given Scootaloo's penchant for worrying about the little things, though, this didn't stop the words from getting to her eventually - as it did for Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, and the three of them found themselves still worrying about their cutie marks. This combined worry and desire to figure out where they fit into the big puzzle of life was what led to them establishing the group, the Cutie Mark Crusaders.


From there, the three got up to various antics in order to earn their cutie marks, Scootaloo's being the more dangerous of their suggestions due to her desire to go over the top with it. Scootaloo still generally admired Rainbow from afar, though she established a Fan Club for her, one that Rainbow acknowledged that she knew about. Although Scootaloo also latched onto Mare-Do-Well for a time (how could she not, she was so cool!), the true hero of her heart was Rainbow, as she'd been that light at the end of the dark tunnel that Scootaloo had been crossing in her early fillyhood. Of course, being so attached to someone so long meant that she was developing a need for closeness to her; a part of her longed so much it ached to mean something to the pony who saved her from drowning under the oppressive weight of her disability on top of her loneliness. It was this need that found itself bubbling up when Apple Bloom mentioned going camping with her sister, and an opportunity arose for the three to bond with their "sisters".


The camping trip was probably among the most horrifying, and traumatizing, things in Scootaloo's life. Scootaloo was a little on edge from the onset, given that she wasn't sure Rainbow would even be interested in this sort of thing, or cared that much about her in return, and even when Rainbow attended she had this unaffected attitude to her. While before it inspired Scootaloo to be the best that she could be, here the real problem began to present itself: Scootaloo tried her best to bottle up the insecurities that wanted to topple out of her for the sake of impressing Rainbow. While it did seem to work, those anxieties were eating Scootaloo from the inside out, and the fear only grew more and more pervasive; Rainbow didn't help matters, either, given that she had a penchant for telling spooky ghost stories. It came to a head at night when the nightmare from Luna walking her dreams spooked her awake, and she ran off on her own outside of the cave only to take a tumble down into the river.


Scootaloo is very, very lucky that Rainbow was woken up by Luna, or else she might not be here today.


After worry-yelling at her, Rainbow was witness to the confession that Scootaloo kept so close to her chest: that she wanted Rainbow to be something of a sister to her, that she looked up to her, that she wanted to receive similar attention and meaning to the kind she constantly gave Rainbow. Scootaloo worried that she would be rejected, that Rainbow would laugh the whole thing off as silly and leave her behind, but Rainbow did quite the contrary: she reassured her that she had been scared before too, and told her that she would be "up for something like that" as she pulled Scootaloo in close with a wing. For Scootaloo, it was probably the happiest moment she'd had in her life, to hear that someone who had such an impact on her would be willing to keep her around and in fact enjoyed the idea of entertaining it. It's no surprise that Scootaloo left that camping trip with a smile, and Rainbow and her kept in pretty consistent contact since then.


That wasn't the only milestone that Scootaloo managed to reach in her life. The other came in the form of eventually earning her cutie mark, finally. And how funny it was that she would do this to Diamond Tiara, the one who brutally mocked her for her disability, the one who made her fillyhood a torturous one, and that the purpose she would eventually serve is helping others find their way, especially when Scootaloo wasn't even sure at that point what her own way was. But having a cutie mark tell her that much when she helped Diamond Tiara leave the oppressive hold of her mother was probably the most satisfying moment of Scootaloo's life. Finally, she had a purpose. Finally, she belonged somewhere.


A lot of Scootaloo's earlier issues have yet to be unpacked; that pride still remains, that fight to live still remains. The only hint she's given to her remaining insecurities, to anyone, is her blow-up at Rainbow when she witnessed her rebuff the affections from her parents, affections that Scootaloo would've loved to have for herself. Even then, it'd only been a few words about how she wished she earned that kind of attention herself. But slowly she's beginning to unravel, and she's becoming a more confident, self-assured pony in the process.


Character Personality: 

Scootaloo's an interesting case, because it's easy to think upon first glance that she is very much like Rainbow. Rainbow's a loud extrovert who thrives off of the attention of others, and Scootaloo works to emulate that disposition - but in reality, it's a ruse. While that's a natural part of Rainbow's personality growing up, for Scootaloo it's a shell she's hardened in order to allow herself to get past adversity that otherwise would seem insurmountable. She's come off as braver and stronger than she actually feels she really is, and she knows she is, but she's done it because she has to. She's so used to playing this role of the mask of a rough-and-tumble pony that it has become part of her identity, a mask that she struggles to take off even around those and in situations that she knows she must. It's a coping mechanism that she's fully wrapped herself up in.


The self-assuredness as airs is easier to see when one closer looks at her behaviors. Scootaloo can be very meticulous and inventive, and she's also the most likely to spiral down a rabbit hole whenever an anxious thought strikes her. In addition to that, she's still rather easily spooked by the shadows that lurk in the night. Unfortunately, that mask has led to her attempting to hide any kind of insecurity, and thus she's more likely to run herself ragged attempting to avoid her fears than she is to simply let herself be scared. Although she has allowed herself that vulnerability more and more gradually around Rainbow, it's a slow and painful process for her, especially as she worries incessantly that letting on about those insecurities will allow others to abandon her. In addition to that, she often doesn't even have the language accessible for her to express it.


Scootaloo's a very brilliant pony. Smart, and eager to learn, Scootaloo picks up on new concepts rather quickly and she can be rather creative, to boot. While not necessarily the voice of reason within her group (that would be Apple Bloom), Scootaloo has a good head on her shoulders, even when she suggests the more outrageous of ideas. She can be rather eccentric in her inventiveness, but in the end a lot of her ideas end up paying off. Scootaloo shows promise in being able to build things, too, and because of her training without the use of wings she's rather skilled and adept. With her cripplingly low self esteem as a result of being alone, though, Scootaloo often doesn't notice these skills of hers, doing them without thinking or just because she finds them fun endeavors.


As part of the mask she's built, Scootaloo may come off as impulsive like her hero, but in reality despite the odd ideas and ends she likes to attempt, Scootaloo is actually very cautious when it comes down to the end of it. Scootaloo is the first to ask in the very particularly outrageous plans, "Uh, is that safe?" She doesn't treat her own ideas with that kind of care and attention, but that is simply because it's part of the act. In reality, Scootaloo is easily frightened by new opportunity, and when it feels like a situation is entirely out of control that fear strikes her even more so. As a result, she's likely to avoid certain confrontations and plans just because the idea of it is too daunting for her to attempt.


One thing about Scootaloo that is her greatest strength is her sense of compassion. Because she is not genuinely hot-tempered or impulsive but instead putting on an abrasive persona, Scootaloo is the most likely to attempt to understand those around her. As the trait she looked up to in Rainbow the most was her sense of loyalty, it's something that Scootaloo herself seeks to embody; she likes to help other ponies in need as it gives her a sense of fulfillment, and she shows a lot of care and attention for the others around her. She devotes herself entirely, in fact, to the self image that she projects to them as well as their concerns and needs above her own, which has led to her neglecting aspects of herself that really need attention. She does not see this as an actual problem overall, and in fact is rather proud of herself whenever she manages to make other ponies around her happier. If only she learned to allow herself to be open to be sensitive and no longer fear being burned by it, then she'd become fully realized in her confidence as a helpful, compassionate pony with a penchant for action.

Character Summary: 

Scootaloo is a chicken.


Scootaloo is a bright, enthusiastic young filly with a tough tomcoltish demeanor that covers up a myriad of insecurities that she's let lie deep. She fights to find her place in life, but she does so without sacrificing compassion and recognizing when other ponies are in need. A filly with an optimistic future, she hopes to pave the way for other ponies and become an inspiration to them in their times of need, just as Rainbow Dash has been for her.

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