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Canary Wing [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria
Name: Canary Wing
Sex: Female
Age: Mare
Species: Pegasus
Eye colour: Maroon/violet
Coat: Light yellow

Mane/Tail: Canary's mane is a light blue with a very pale orange streak running through it. It's very fluffy, the back resembling that of a blue jay's head feathers, and the front bangs being shaggy. Her mane runs down both sides in what looks like ends of flags/pigtails.


By contrast, her tail is much shorter and tied upward with a band.

Physique: Canary Wing is a fairly average-sized pegasus, more on the bigger side.
Residence: Ponyville
Occupation: Search & Rescue team

Cutie Mark:

Canary Wing's cutie mark is dark blue with pale orange streaks within it, and it resembles that of a North Star symbol. It's based on this due to her special talent of finding her way when lost, her clear sense of direction, and her wilderness survival skills. She earned this upon getting lost within the Everfree Forest by herself, but managing to take care of herself due to her ability to keenly pick up on aspects of the surrounding area as well as some creative thinking. During this experience, her wings had been injured, which prevented her from leaving the forest and watching it from above.


She has since used these survival skills to allow her to rescue fellow ponies who are in dire need.

Unique Traits: 

Canary Wing has very, very large wings. This proved to be hard for her when she was a filly, as she would create too much lift and even drag her wings upon the ground, preventing her from taking off and, when actually taking off, putting in so much power that it would flip her over. She has grown adjusted to these large wings over time, and as a result is a rather powerful flier, but what she best succeeds at is gliding and stamina, as opposed to speed.



Canary Wing was born in Ponyville to two loving parents who would find their hooves full with her. Right out the gate, Canary Wing was a rather adventurous filly - she'd often get herself into trouble climbing where she couldn't and poking her nose in where it didn't belong. This was especially compounded as a bad thing by her unusually large wings for a filly her age, which she often tripped over and would get caught within objects, and also proved to be a source of frustration in her younger years due to her being unable to figure out how to work them properly. Compared to other fillies her age, she couldn't copy their techniques in order to allow herself to fly; and, living in Ponyville, she did not have mandatory flight lessons like her brethren might have in Cloudsdale. Compounded with the fact her father was an earth pony (and a rather large one at that, which might be why she got such large wings), and it took some resilience on Canary's part to even lift off the ground.


Her parents couldn't say that her learning how to fly was the best day of their lives, given that she got into even worse trouble as a result of it. Too often had she crashed into a hapless pony's house, having to apologize profusely for her klutziness. With Canary's well-meaning demeanor, it was easy to forgive her for it, but her impulsiveness and need to do anything and everything, especially as her cutie mark craze typical of fillies her age caught up to her, made for her parents certainly sprouting a few gray hairs too early.


No incident, however, was nearly as bad as Canary's venturing off on her own into the Everfree Forest, wanting to prove to fellow fillies and colts in her class who had made fun of her for her wing size that she was a tough little pony and not a complete and utter ditz. Unfortunately, such a thing proved to be a mistake, as she wound up getting lost within the Everfree Forest, having never visited it before. At first, she was reasonably scared as any filly her age would be going into a haunting, deep forest like that one, and especially given that she'd run into Timberwolves along the way that injured her wings; but eventually after sitting around frozen for a while, her instinct to survive kicked in above all else. It was then that she figured out she had a natural knack for inventiveness in survival skills out in the wild, as while most ponies might have to read a guide, she was able to adapt pretty quickly and easily to her environment. It was upon escape from the Everfree Forest that she earned her cutie mark: a North Star.


Canary, being the empathetic pony she was, figured out that her skills could be useful in helping other ponies that found themselves lost, alone, and afraid. As a result, she invested her time in a search and rescue group, separate from the Wonderbolts and other such organizations. This helped to round out the earlier, trouble-making side to her which would prompt her parents to breathe a sigh of relief, and also got her name out there as she would do her best to help ponies in need. And this wasn't just for her job, either; Canary gained a lot of satisfaction from helping her fellow pony with various tasks they may be unable to complete themselves.


Character Personality: 

While rambunctious while she was young, Canary Wing is a responsible adult nowadays. That isn't to say the mischievous, adventurous streak isn't still there, though; Canary gets a thrill out of exploration and discovering new things, but as time has worn on she's grown more responsible and hasn't been able to cultivate her indomitable spirit. Such a spirit proves to be something of her greatest strength and greatest weakness, as Canary is somepony who is stubborn and never gives up in the most dire of situations, but it can lead to recklessness and not considering her capabilities in a situation and diving right into it anyway. That impulsivity has never been lost, even though she has a job now, simply matured as she has attempted to apply it as she's grown older to the correct situations.


One thing Canary hasn't grown out of is her highly empathetic nature. Ever since she was little she liked to help other ponies, and also found herself intensely drawn to them emotionally. During her klutzier days, she found herself feeling bad for any inconvenience she caused other ponies. This leads to Canary being very easy to guilt around, as well as being rather gullible - she believes just about what any pony will tell her (as long as it's a subject she doesn't know a lot about first). She's been hoodwinked over the years as a result of this, and though she's aware of this personality flaw, she still prefers to assume the best in everypony; she'd rather get it wrong that someone is upset, rather than believe they aren't upset when they actually are and ruin relationships that way. It's easily mistaken for her being a doormat, but Canary doesn't necessarily do what everypony else wants her to do, as she can stand up for herself, but rather extends a very long hoof to anypony who may wish to take it and may have it slapped away and burned at the stake.


Canary is a very joyful mare who prefers to spread positivity and cheer to other ponies around her. While not on-level with Pinkie Pie's energetic nature, Canary is very sociable and optimistic, and as such as a tendency to be gregarious and drawn to other ponies around her. In her desperate need to keep the air positive around her, Canary can accidentally be insensitive to other ponies who need their situation to be acknowledged. She feels bad about this when it's pointed out; in reality, Canary doesn't like to dwell on the negative and in fact prefers to avoid it whenever possible, and she's wont to recommend such an approach to negative aspects of life to other ponies, even when it may be counterproductive to their recovery. This optimism helps Canary get through rather harrowing situations, but when she does break, she breaks hard, and can be frozen and mopey for quite some time afterward. That shell is a tough one to crack, and it's also tough to get Canary to reconsider her world view, but when she does the fall-out is rather severe.


Canary focuses more on practicality than she does pizzazz, knowing full well that her clumsiness is a trait she'll never fully do away with. She's a very straight-forward pony who doesn't see the need to put on appearances for others around her; as such, this can lead to her being rather blunt in some situations as beating around the bush would just be a waste of time. In this way, Canary could be considered simple, and indeed she tends to enjoy the simple things that other ponies may overlook. This can lead to her missing the finer details or the importance of the bigger picture, and there are some parts of her world view she hasn't fully considered because of this. She does what she wants and likes because she wants and likes it; she's not one to examine something overly and can take statements, ponies, and situations at face-value. This is both her greatest asset and greatest downfall, as her focus on the simple allows her to better manage stressful situations and figure out practical solutions to them, hence her survival skills, but it also can prevent her from getting social nuances or explaining why she does the things she does. It can also lead to her being unable to understand other ponies around her. While she cares a lot about their feelings to the point she can be jerked around about it, she'll run herself in circles trying to figure out what the subtext behind what another pony said was.


Canary is rather level-headed for the most part, and she carries herself with confidence. She's also very easygoing and hardly an athlete or competitive in any way. She acts like a rock to those who know her as well as an emotional sponge and a shoulder to cry on. After all, supporting other ponies is what she knows best.

Character Summary: 

Canary Wing is a compassionate pony with a penchant for the practical, but has trouble with the finer details and subtext. She's boundless optimism wrapped in an easygoing package, though she can be naive and when broken through to, can horribly lose her composure and take quite some time to recover. She's outgoing and honest, yet clumsy and impulsive. Beyond all else, Canary is a pony who seeks to be dependable to those around her.

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