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Out with the Old, in with the New [ATTN: SteelEagle]


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She had tried to tell her. It's not as if there was any air of mystery - the two of them knew the kind of pony that Daring Do was, and they knew what kind of adventures she went on, and they even knew what her publishing schedule would be. Still, such knowledge appeared not to deter Rainbow Dash, and so that's when the two of them found themselves making their way to Canterlot. Okay, that wasn't the only reason; Twilight Sparkle had been told that she was stressing herself out too much with royal princess duties along with maintaining the school, and had been recommended by her friend to close it down for a teacher's out day. Twilight wasn't sure, in hindsight, that the suggestion had really been in her favor, but rather as a result of Rainbow herself wanting some time off, especially after she'd caught word that Rainbow had Applejack cover for her shift, but she hadn't the heart to question her friend on it. And so the two of them were on a trip to Canterlot, over to the old library (which in hindsight, Twilight hadn't brought any of them to) to see if she had a secret limited edition copy of one of the Daring Do novels, since Twilight had been the avid collector back then.


She doubted she had it. She was pretty sure she'd given Rainbow all the copies she knew about. But she knew also that once Rainbow's mind was set on something, she wouldn't be dissuaded. And so they were fluttering over to her old Canterlot home, a large building whose windows appeared especially boastful now that Twilight was visiting it with a friend and made her ears wilt to witness. She became especially subconscious as she was pretty sure she could see from their angle that cobwebs collected within her old home; despite suggesting that she should clean up around there, she apparently hadn't gotten around to it... One could justify it by saying she'd been distracted by her attempt to reconnect with her old friends as well as the emotional energy expended with trying to make it up with Moondancer, but Twilight didn't like making excuses for sloppiness in behavior. She also knew that Rainbow wouldn't mind, but that didn't stop it from being embarrassing...


She landed in front of the door and opened it with her magic. "Well, here it is, my old home. I'm sorry for the mess... Apparently when I came back here to look for information on my old friends, I'd forgotten to clean it up. I really ought to get around to that," she sighed. This was supposed to be a break, wasn't it? She still felt rather wired and tense.


Maybe it was just this old home in general. Something in the air that got to her. It certainly felt lonely, at least, with how her hoofsteps echoed off the walls.

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Rainbow Dash felt restless. Well, she almost always felt restless. Side effect of having a body that always wanted to be on the move was that almost any moment not spent in movement or recovering from it felt poorly spent. She would have rather just used Twilight's balloon, or even flown over to Canterlot themselves. It wasn't that long of a trip, not really, not for an alicorn and Equestria's best Wonderbolt. Well, that was according to Rainbow Dash Official Fanclub, LLC but...she wasn't going to argue it. Not very hard, anyway. That was the one and only reason she was feeling restless and had to have several cold drinks on the train as they entered Canterlot. Yep, the only one. And this was a very important trip to Canterlot they were on, big...uhh, big friendship business. Or at least that was one way of looking at it.

Twilight was the original Daring Do fan in the group and was a collector nonpareil. She wasn't sure if she had- indeed, thought she didn't have- a collector's edition of the original Daring Do books. But if it existed it would be at her old library in Canterlot, and she needed to go look for it. For Rainbow's sake, because she really wanted one. And that was that; the truth of the entire trip, yep, right there. A teacher's day was in play because they all needed it! Rainbow was always looking for a day off. Applejack...well, she was a workhorse and would never say so but she needed one. Pinkie? Fluttershy? Maybe they didn't have anything too business related but they needed the break. Rarity had a ton of shops to look after and Rainbow was sure she was ready to open up a few dozen others in the next few weeks. Hard to keep track of!

And Twilight? She was running a school, being a Princess, and still managing to be an amazing friend to the entire collective. Rainbow thought that above the rest she needed a break and so here they were, on the train, then into Canterlot, and soon into Twilight's old library. It was dusty and not well kept up, which fit in pretty well with what Rainbow always imagined past Twilight being. Well, with less Princess Celestia posters on the walls with heart symbols written around them. It was all organized but appearances? Appearances got in the way of efficiency and all that jazz. Even back at Golden Oaks you could walk in on her and everything around her being a few shades short of perfect condition even if everything she was using and referencing was kept up to a nearly insane level. And if there was anypony who deserved to be kept in perfect condition-

-Rainbow coughed. There was some serious dust going on here. “Yeah, it is a bit dusty in here. Your cobwebs have cobwebs!” she said, looking at some urban star spiders as they scuttled away from the cyan monster hovering around them. She looked aorund. Books and books. Most of them were lost to Rainbow. She did notice as she flitted about however that near the top, in an area long since lost to time and cobwebs, was a section of books that Twilight likely thought best left to die. The Foal's Section. Not so bad on their own but...Rainbow grabbed a book. “'Green Hay and Oats'...hey Twi, I think I found the first book your dad got you!” Rainbow teased her friend, flying down closer with it in hoof. "Did you read it to him first? I bet you did."

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