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Help with an unicorn oc


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So, I'm thinking over my char idea before I app it for WoE, and have ran into a few possible problems. 


1: She is meant to be a non-combatant, but if pressed is quickly able to deal with the problem. Think kinda like Ender from the Orsen Scott Card Ender series, in that he didn't like fighting, but was really good at it, and always tried to win any future fights too.

2: She, due to an accident, has a cracked horn, that makes it difficult for her to learn spells, due to her having to channel the magic away from the crack. I haven't really decided if I even want to go in-depth on the accident, and the char would play it off, so not a focus, but definitely a defining visual feature.

3: Her signature spell would be called The Shadowsun, and would basicly make a big flashbang like effect, with her being immune to it as she's the one generating it.


Basicly, are any of these things problems, and need to be adjusted, or would they be alright. I intend for her to be more of a Bruce Wayne kinda char, in that she's minor nobility and uses that position to help the less well off, and not the Batman part, no secret identities or capes.


Thanks for any input into this. Really can't wait to put this on "paper", just want to make sure I'm not breaking any guidelines first.:halo:


Edit: just realized the whole non-combatant thing might not make a lot of sense, but basicly, she wants to protect pony, but not be actively put into situations where she has to be.

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