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  1. Raven stirred once more, at the question of Qualms. "It really depends... There's not a standard notation, it seems... I prefer the term thaum, but that's just me... As long as the term refers to the tiniest detectable trace of magic, you can basically call it whatever... Should probably talk with someone about that... Maybe even see if I can't talk to the princess... Seems like as good as she is with magic, she'd be a good one to help with a standard for it... would make research a lot easier..." She said, talking mostly to herself about halfway through. It was something that kinda annoyed her, researching into how unicorns cast spells as much as she did, which made her one of the only creatures in the world that seemed to research magic itself... Having said that though, she went back to her fire watching, inching a little closer to it as she shifted around...
  2. Raven smiled at Myth's enthusiasm. "I don't consider my connections strained... not any more at least... I used to get so mad though, right after it happened... But now? I think it made me a much better mage... Now days, however... It only exhausts me when I cast either a lot, or a powerful spell... Oh, and anything that requires lots of concentrations..." She said, before drinking her slushie. "Nah, the thing that messes with me the most though, is how sometimes my emotions can cause problems... Like when Me and Icy first kissed... I shot a lightning bolt over a jousting match up in the crystal empire..." She continued, her voice becoming slightly sheepish, even as she leaned up next to Icy, a soft smile on her face...
  3. Raven watched the flame for a bit, listening to Icy's warning that there might be some thing else out there. It'd make sense, with how sudden the storm sprung up... especially if they were a ice attuned mage like Icy, and her intel was right. Raven couldn't comment on that though, as she spent most of her time in the hq working in her lab, so she wasn't sure as to the quality of her information network. However, her thoughts were broken when a shiver ran up her spine, caused by the strange magic that Harle used, rending the very air in two. Staring at it, she could feel the offness of it, the otherness... and yet, it didn't seem to be dangerous in the least, especially when all that came out on Harle's claws were a bottle, which went back in. She shook her head to clear it of the lingering feel of the magic in the air, and went back to watching the fire, her eyelids slowly drooping closed.
  4. Raven smiled and took a sip from her slush, the coldness of it causing a small shiver to run down her body. She smiled wider at Myth's excitement, though she frowned a little when Icy spoke, thinking about what she said. "Well.. I mean... I still use my horn, just... I don't use the normal spell forms they teach in magic schools and the like... Actually, thinking about it, I think you have a similar way of casting, Icy... I mean, you're self taught, right? Both of us could probably help... Though... I've never taught anypony anything..." She said, her brow crinkled in thought. After a minute, an idea came, that excited her. "Hey! You see magic, right? I've been working on something that's eluded me, partially because of the different way I cast, and could really use another hoof... That is, if It's okay with Icy... She's not only my marefriend, but my boss." She spoke quickly, the excitement clear in her voice. If she could have someone who could actually see magic, maybe she could find an easier way to make her foci...
  5. Raven gave back the glove, nodding. "Yep... As long as we're far enough apart, it shouldn't effect me." She said, noting Icy's comments on the storm. "In that case, I'm going to get some rest over here. Wasn't expecting all this equipment to be as heavy as it is..." She said, taking her pack off and heading a little closer to the fire, before curling up. Oddly though, she didn't face away from the fire, as most would, but towards it, her eyes half closed and watching the smallish flame dance and crackle. (blightfall is a technic pack that's kinda sci-fi ish. the plot is you are part of a mission to colonize a new planet, but when you get there, the planet is completely covered in taint. your job is to make the planet livable, and eventually remove the taint.)
  6. Well, you'd think with me playing a magic researcher, i'd have a better grasp, but... nope, lol. I will say, that my theory has also been that most magic uses a spell formula, which is what allows magic to be taught and learned, as well as be a field of scientific research. However, that's not the only way to cast, and Raven her self can't make the spell forms, as with her horn cracked, her magic constantly fluctuates in power. Basically, if spell A requires 10 magic units, she'd almost never hit the 10 units on the head. So, she free forms the spells, brute forcing the magic to do what she wants rather then taking the easier way. Also, small thing you, @KaityKat, might not know, she's almost constantly leaking a small amount of magic units through the cracks in her horn.
  7. "Well, Trust me when I say that learning to cast something in a non-traditional way makes you a stronger mage then most. After all, if my own horn hadn't been cracked like it was, I probably wouldn't have become as stiller of a spell slinger as I am... When you have to weave the aether directly, instead of relying on spell forms..." Raven said, before drawing back a little, blushing with embarrassment. "Sorry, I get quite passionate about magic, especially Aether." She said, smiling. "Oh, Yes please! Slushy punch." She nuzzled Icy back, wrapping a hoof around her.
  8. Raven blinked, not expecting it to be handed over so easily. "Huh... So it's able to modify itself according to it's users mental commands, even if it is just to change out a part that can manually be changed out at any time... And yeah, that sounds a lot like how a unicorn's horn functions... at least for most. It'll probably take more equipment than I could carry... or at least, more precise equipment... I mean, I bet I could come up with a new foci to link it to a specific aether source, but right now... I don't think I can modify it without my lab. I'd probably end up either removing any enchantments on it... or worse. Especially since I'm not that skilled with enchantments, still a new field of study to me..." She said looking at it closely. She even pulled out a jeweler's loop, though enchanted to show the energies of magic objects. It was a skilled piece, not something that would be easily replicated or modified, though the foci seemed to be simpler in nature, as long as she could figure out how to create the enchantments that allowed it to link to the gauntlet. (Yep, I haven't played much with TC6, TC4 and down were my jam back in the day though. I even had a full enchanting room with brains in jars. Heck, I've made some progress in the modpack blightfall, though I'm not sure which version of TC it uses.)
  9. Raven smiled as she she nuzzled Icy back. "Same here, especially some pony as interesting as you. You must be skilled in spell craft to be able to make such convincing illusions. The researcher in me can't help but get excited at the prospect of new knowledge." She said, giggling slightly into her hoof. "Why don't we go find a table, see about getting some punch... or other drinks. Ooh. I think I see some Ice cream on the desert table... Did your shop supply it Icy?" She asked, standing and offering Icy a hoof to help her up. She spotted a table that it seemed no one had a claim to, and pointed it out to the other two. "What do you guys think of that one?"
  10. Raven blinked as Icy asked if she was causing the snow, before noticing what she was talking about. Small snowflakes that surrounded them, and passed through them. She shook her head, feeling the magic. "No... It's..." Her sentence was cut off as Icy gave her a kiss, the usual effects of a spark of magic flowing up her horn. However, she was getting better at shaking the mental effects, and after Icy pulled back from the kiss, she was quickly back to her normal self. She smiled softly and looked at the newcomer. When she did, she quickly realized that the pony had to be using something other than their eyes to see. "Thanks for that. We needed something to break us out of the funk we were getting into. I'm Raven, and this is Ice Storm." She had a hunch, but didn't want to ask right away. Her own sensitivity to magic though made her quite aware of the different fields around them.
  11. Raven glared daggers at the stallion for a bit, before hearing Icy's words and sobs. "The only ones who would be capable of thinking that, are those that don't know you... or are foes... And you know what? Buck them. Buck them completely. I've dealt with those kind of ponies much too often... back before STAR... The kind that are willing to say and do anything to get what they want... even if they disguise it behind nice words... But we have each other now, and you have the approval of Princess Twilight. Who could ever say that what you're doing isn't good? Only idiots and fools." She said, venom in her voice from the passion with which she spoke. She hated to see Icy like this, and for her, anger was never too far away anyway, no matter how well she calmed herself. She took a steadying breath, and wrapped her forelegs around Icy, hugging her as she guided them to a bench nearby.
  12. After leaving Blueblood and following Icy to the donation table, everything seemed to happen very quickly. Raven felt her blood start to boil, though Icy lost control first... followed by everyone involved getting a stern talking to from the princess... She took a few deep breaths, and wrapped a leg around Icy. "Let's... Let's go over here... get some punch... before we end up in a bigger scene..." She said, looking around. She could feel her horn crackle with the aether Icy had accidentally put out, and she was glad it had been defused... If she had added her shadowsun to the mix... It wouldn't have been great...
  13. Raven smiled at Blueblood, giggling a little. "Oh, you didn't hear? I've moved out to Las Pegasus too. It's just she's so busy with everything, and I get wrapped up in my research... Means the only time we have to really spend with each other is when we're asleep." She said, finally realizing about the other conversation going on. "Oh! I... Thanks..." She said, blushing as she turned to address the pegasus. "To be honest, I'm still not quite sure what she sees in me, but I'm glad she sees it... She's done a lot to pull my nose out of my books... But then, Blueblood I'm sure has introduced you to how the nobles in Canterlot can be... Great reason to escape into books, that lot is..." She said, a soft smile on her face.
  14. Raven couldn't keep from being nervous, though Icy's words did a lot to help her, as did her request to remember the name. It gave her something to take her mind off of her worry. When they got to Blueblood, she smiled, not fully, but at the same time, not like her old masking smile from Canterlot. "Hi... The trip was pleasant... Neither me nor Icy have a lot of time between everything we have to do to spend with each other, so the long train ride was great." She said, talking to Blueblood, not noticing Icy's conversation with the guard next to Blue. If she had, her worry would have made her seize up...
  15. Raven bit her lip nervously, as she stood next to Icy in line. She wasn't quite sure why she was nervous. She'd been inside the Canterlot castle quite a few times, and this would likely not be that different. Aside from the fact that it was a party... And she still didn't really like parties... Oh... And it was in Ponyville... After all, she'd dealt with the nobles in Canterlot and their ideas of parties for quite some time. The gossip, the backhoofed compliments... She bit her lip a little harder, and slightly shook her head. She was here, Icy was here, buck the rest. Sure, she'd almost rather be back in her lab, in Las Pegasus, or in hers and Icy's room, but Icy had wanted to come and spend time with her friends, and she couldn't say no. Anything she could do to make Icy smile, she'd do. With that thought in mind, she lit her horn softly, simply smoothing out her dress. It wasn't the fanciest, but it suited her, being a gentle red that faded to orange. She had gone a little farther, and had a clip-on ear ring on one of her ears. When Icy leaned into her, She smiled softly, and leaned back, before sneaking a quick peck on her cheek.
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