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  1. "Well, I would suggest that noodle shop we ate at my first day... but it might be a little messy... How bout the hayburger place? Wait! Better idea! We take Myth up, and whatever smells good to her?" Raven said, smiling softly. She stood close to Myth, trying to be a gentle presence as she waited for Myth's input. She couldn't help but wish she could do something to help Myth's sight return quicker, especially since it was her equipment and lab that caused it...
  2. Raven smiled as she politely clapped. "It was good. Solid fundamentals in the beginning, and nice tricks in the end. The feather thing was cool too!" She said, taking it out of her hair. She gently set it on the ground, and looked towards the palace. "You know, I can't help but wonder just how long it's gonna take them. Hopefully it's not all day..." She bit her lip, thinking for a second. "Hey, Myth, Feather... I... How do you guys think I'm doing... you know... as the second? I... I never thought about being in this position, but when Icy asked... How could I say no... you know?" She asked, nervousness plain in the way she held herself.
  3. "Hmm... Well, she might be interested in the training rooms, oh, and maybe the control center... Oh! What about the library? Wait... that might not be the best place..." Raven said, forgetting for a second that even if Myth had her sight back, she still was blind when it came to books. She smiled sheepishly, and giggled softly. "Actually, it'll have to wait till tomorrow, but what about the hanger?"
  4. "Yeah, I've heard of other ways of casting spells, but to be able to find the harmonic resonance and counter it with mechanical means... Even magically animated machines. I wonder if they may be open to sharing some information about the machines..." Raven said, before watching Feather take off and go flying. She couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to have wings, but quickly shook her head. She couldn't think about how her life would be different if she was a pegasus, she had too many things to think about right now.
  5. Raven nodded. "Yeah, it's possible." She said, before looking at Myth. "I'll follow behind, just in case." She continued once the infirmary had been explained. She hoped that her soft smile came though on her voice, and that Myth's sight returned soon. She couldn't imagine how worried and terrified she must be...
  6. Raven winced a little as the magical counterspell form the birds washed over them, but nodded. "Yep, that's part of why I want to talk to them about our project. It's an avenue of research that, to be frank, I wasn't that aware even existed. If I could get even just a few scraps of knowledge, it'd really help us out. Not to mention how much it would help other aspects of STAR out. But that's something that can be discussed when we get done with our mission here." She said, looking at the bird curiously, but not moving closer. She wasn't sure what whoever was in charge of security... probably Shiori, judging by her appearance thought of Myth's testing of the waters...
  7. "Yeah... That was a really rare crystal, but it's not that important... I mean... I'm sure Princess Twilight will be willing to help us acquire a new one... Heck, she may even want to hear reports on our progress... From what I heard of her back when she was just Princess Celestia's student, she was an avid scholar." Raven said, smiling slightly as she tried to downplay just how rare that crystal was. It was easy to find lose crystals, but ones like that one, due to size and quality, was a little harder to find. "And yep! It's great to know that my time hasn't been wasted. I mean, I figured, thanks to enchantments and other factors like Icy's spheres, that it'd be possible, but... From what I gather, it's almost a completely new field of research..." She sighed slightly. "But all that can be dealt with later. How bout we finish the tour, once you're up to it, and go wind down in one of the restaurants up top?"
  8. Raven nodded. "Yeah, sometimes anti-scrying spells can be a bit oppressive... I'm actually surprised you haven't ran into any back at base... Then again, the way they use magic here... it's very different... I'm actually thinking about seeing if they could help with the project, or at least let me access some of their research... with Icy's permission." She said. She knew they would still be watched here, heck, it was probably why they'd had the escort, so she didn't want to mention too many details. She wasn't sure how close to the vest Icy really wanted the prosthetic project to be, especially considering she was using STAR's funds now, instead of her own...
  9. "Happened before? Hmm..." Raven said, thinking about it... She had a theory, but first, she needed to confirm it. "I want to test something in a bit, but we can wait till you're better... Wait, you saw something?" She continued, switching gears. She didn't want to hurt Myth, but the small amount of training she'd done with the rest of STAR's forces had, from the unicorns, given her an idea of what her shadowsun was... and if Myth had that happen to her before, she'd be able to confirm it, but she'd need to be healthy for the test. She started to get excited, before she realized something. If she did the test... it could really hurt and frighten Myth... Her ears dropped as she thought about it. She'd need to talk to Icy about it first...
  10. Raven blinked at Myth's request, before she realized that as bad as it was for her, between being around Ponies like Icy, and the fact that she didn't rely on magic to replace one of her basic senses, the thaumic pressure must be much worse for Myth. "My apologies, but I should probably also keep an eye on Myth. Plus, thanks to a foalhood accident, my own sensitivity is also quite high. I probably wouldn't be able to give this meeting as much attention as it deserves. That being said, I do have a separate, much less important matter that I would like to discuss at a later date, barring the commander's permission." She said, bowing to them one more time, before stepping out to be with Myth.
  11. Raven followed them in, her steps slowing somewhat as it felt like she encountered a wall of pure magic... at least, the pressure on her skull suggested that. She'd have to find out what Myth saw later, and do her best to grit her teeth and pull through right now, though, despite her head feeling like it was in a vice. She followed them through to the room where apparently there were to discuss their mission, and the pressure seemed to lessen enough to where she could really pay attention. As she looked over the delegation, again, a thought came to mind. If they can make 'living things' using magic... they might be able to help with the prosthetic project. I should bring it up with Icy when we get out of here.
  12. Raven hurried with, wincing every now and then as her head exploded in pain from the headache. "Trust me, Just let Icy do her thing... You can't talk her out of being protective when she gets like this." She said, a soft smile on her face as she helped to hold Myth on Icy's back. "Besides, that was basically a magic surge... While most are harmless... I've heard stories of ponies being turned into plants from some of the more powerful ones. You may feel fine now, but have polka dots in a day or so." She continued, right as they passed into the med bay. "To elaborate, She saw a resonance between the Canterlot crystal, and the commander, and wanted to try something out. There was some kind of magic surge, and the crystal was shattered on the ground. Her sight that allows her to see while being blind is now gone." She said, still wincing. Oddly enough, the feeling was starting to remind her of when she'd overtax herself trying to learn a new spell.
  13. Raven marveled at the gardens as they were guided through. It was even more impressive than the ones at Canterlot castle, though maybe that was just because she'd been in the Canterlot one a few times with her family. As they started to head deeper, her step faltered, the magic in the air pressing against her and causing her a slight headache, but she quickly shook it off, and stepped back up beside Icy. When they met the royals, she waited for Icy's introduction, and bowed when she was indicated. It was basic courtesy when meeting royals, so she figured it would be of little harm.
  14. Raven kept a close eye on the thaumeter, noticing it going up as Icy powered up her orbs, before a weird pushing sensation pressed against her horn and caused a headache. The meter topped out for a brief second, and then plummeted. "That... Was interesting..." She said, as she turned around, noticing the broken crystal. Just her luck, it was the Canterlot crystal... Maybe the princess would let her get a fresh one, but she didn't have high hopes. However, she was paying more attention to Myth at the moment. Something seemed off, and her suspicion was proved correct when Myth stated she couldn't see. She quickly put aside any worries about the crystal as she followed Icy and Myth.
  15. Raven smiled and nodded. "Yeah, she'd probably know some pony to teach as well..." She said. As Icy did what Myth suggested, she went over to the thaumeter. Somehow, she'd yet had a chance to get a measure of Icy's spheres, and she was going to take advantage of it... though, she was a little worried that she'd probably also blow the thaumeter out, too. She doubted that though, the device did have a high rating. "I'm ready whenever you guys are." She said, watching the device.
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