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  1. Raven took a look at the airship that had carried them here departing, and couldn't help a gentle biting of her lip. She didn't feel like she really belonged here, but then again, she was the only one that Icy could trust that happened to be researching aetheric properties... as far as she knew... Her marefriend had an understandable but still bad habit of hiding things from her, but what was one to do when they were dating the commander of a semi-secret para-military organization? When the group started moving, she fell in line, following them while keeping an eye on them. She trusted Ice, and Ice trusted the others, it seemed, so she trusted them as well, but it didn't stop her from being curious about them. However, that curiosity fell by the wayside when she realized that the snow was starting to make it a little hard to see, meaning she needed to pay less attention to her companions, and more to the wilderness that surrounded them. Every so often, as they traveled, a shrill wind would blow through, cutting through the layers she was bundled up in, and making a shiver run down her back...
  2. Raven nodded and took her place in the back, her pack resting uncomfortably on her sides as she did so. If she had to be honest, This was the first time she'd taken any of her equipment out of STAR's HQ, so she wasn't quite sure how durable any of it was, nor was she used to the weight of it. She did wonder slightly at Icy putting her in a rear guard position, as with the weight of her equipment and being bundled up like she was, she'd probably be the slowest of the group, and she figured that they'd want to move fairly quickly, as even if Icy could help with the cold winds, ice, and snow, it'd still effect them. Plus, there was also the fact that she'd not been in a real fight in... in a long time... She wasn't sure how well she'd do...
  3. Raven stood with the others, a decently sized pack slung across her back. She had some supplies from her lab, just a few portable analytical tools. When she had heard during the briefing that they needed to seal a mountain without disrupting aether, she had leapt at the chance to come along, hoping that some of the readings would be useful to her research. She also had her armor in it's case, just in case she needed it, but she doubted that she would. That being said, she was sure she made quite the site, as she seemed to be the most bundled up out of the few of them that were going on this trip. "We have a job to do, I'm not going to back down. Besides, the readings I can get from the mountain may help with my research." She said, looking around for a bit. She actually didn't know much about the creatures of the north, as her family didn't make it that far north, but she was sure that with her magic, as well as the skills of the others, they'd be alright...
  4. Raven smiled as she watched Icy talk to the performer, knowing that he'd probably end up at Icy's casino sometime soon, reminding her of how much Icy tried to help others. When she came back, her guesses were proven correct, and she smiled. "I don't blame you, he was quite nice. As for tonight... I'm actually quite tired, my training's been going good, but I've still gotta work up my stamina a bit... Why don't we go cuddle and call it an early night?" She said, before thinking. "We could order some wine and spend some time in a hot tub somewhere, I suppose, if you don't want to curl up in bed..." She offered, a slight smirk on her face as she guessed which one Icy would go for...
  5. Raven listened to the song, snuggled up next to Icy. It was a nice popy song, very different from his other songs, but then, each song was different. This one spoke of impossibilities and had that air of a half-remembered dream, where things could morph and change. The magicked toys were a nice touch as well, acting as a great prop to go with the song, and she smiled. When Icy spoke about being her firefly, she leaned in further and gave a quick kiss, and couldn't help the slight yawn that came as Icy left their table, most likely to go see about getting The performer to play at her casino. She'd been all over the city, exploring it by hoof today as she was still waiting on her her things from Canterlot to arrive, and It was so much more exerscise than she'd ever had in Canterlot. She couldn't wait to get home, and snuggle in with Icy...
  6. Hey, RainbowFoxxy, was just looking at your list on the first page. Wind Dancer is actually Icestorm's char, not mine. Btw, Great work, like always!
  7. Raven smiled lovingly as she followed Icy back through the Command center, only a slight blush coloring her face as they crossed past the troops. To be honest, she could probably handle the teasing, and could even see a few who might be a problem in that regard, if their smirks were anything to go by... No, it was the others, the ones who's frowns hid other emotions that she was worried about... and to be honest, She could probably kick their flanks, especially once her armor arrived... As she stepped into the elevator, a thought emerged. "Hey, Icy... Do you know anything about enchanting armor?" She said, starting to get an idea of how to possibly begin to work on the focus...
  8. Raven smiled, softly singing along with the song as she leaned into Icy, a warm feeling in her heart. This wasn't all that she had ever wanted in her life... but it was close. She could give up the rest of it, as long as she got to stay with Icy. The music did carry her back, made her think of the bullies and losing her parents, but also reminded her of how she cared for those who were downtrodden in Canterlot. She still had a good portion of her family's wealth... More than she would need... Maybe she could set up, become a patron of sorts for artists and performers who were looking to establish themselves here... She'd have to discuss it with Icy, she knew more about this than Raven ever would on her own... Once the song was over, She bit her lip, a little saddened by not being able to request a song, but that was okay. To be honest, the last song, while good, lacked that flair that came with knowing the subject of the song. Instead, she decided that she could use a little more food herself, and settled in to hear the last song on the musician's set list... and who knew? Perhaps he'd be able to perform a few encores... Maybe she could pull the old joke off and get him to play 'Free Bird'...
  9. Raven smiled as Icy kissed her and leaned against her, her horn sparking just slightly, only really noticeable because of the dim lighting. She'd heard the owner of this casino's request, and agreed it was a good song, though she'd have chosen 'On Top of the World' by the same band, seeing as it was a more triumphant song. However, she didn't want to suggest the same band if she did suggest anything, and that was the owner, so... She'd wait, to the next song... Hopefully he'd be able to preform the song she wanted...
  10. (whoops, kinda forgot it was my turn, sorry...) Raven grinned as Icy talked about heading back upstairs, a tingle running through her as she thought back to the night they'd spent together in the Crystal Empire. She headed towards the door, putting what she hoped was a nice sway in her steps as she did, although she knew she didn't have to put on much of a show for Icy. "Yeah... I... I just have one last question... Commander... What will your troops think if when we walk out I'm draped all over you?" She said, trying to come off as teasing, but it was clear from her voice that this was the first time she'd ever spoken like this...
  11. Raven closed her eyes in preparation for the next song, trusting Icy to lean against her and keep her upright. She thought for a second on how things could seem out of place and then change, and couldn't hold back a small giggle. When she'd first joined STAR, she was simply looking for a place to utilize her parent's army like training, and instead, had ended up as a researcher, dating the head of the organization. She wouldn't change it for a second, though, as Icy made her heart swell, and just filled her heart in a way she'd never felt before. She could still remember how she'd been unable to really talk when she'd first seen how beautiful Icy was, and it was a memory she'd always treasure. As she listened to the musician, her memory drifted to her travels with her parents. She couldn't really remember the towns they'd been to, and she hadn't made a habit of traveling after her accident... She wasn't sure if she'd ever been to the place this song was about...
  12. Raven smiled as the performer talked about his inspiration and Wind gave them all a little wave. It was cute, if nothing else, and Raven smiled as it made her think of how her and Icy were. However, she was a little confused when Icy ordered a hard cider, before realizing that this probably wouldn't be a really long show, so they'd stay for all of it, and that meant they needed something to sip on while they sat there. She ordered a non-alcoholic one for herself, smiling and gently holding Icy's hoof in her own, a hoof that followed hers up in the air when the performer asked about if there were any stranger's out there, though with a bit of hesitation. Raven couldn't help but think to herself that she was an out-of-towner, but at the same time... She now lived here, so... She may be a stranger in a strange land, but she'd make it her land, and embrace it... And she had the right pony next to her to lean on and help her.
  13. Raven nodded and smiled. She understood how Icy felt, and knew she'd have days where she wouldn't be on time for something they scheduled. As they leaned into each other, She listened to the songs, both were very emotional, and she could easily see herself serenading Icy with them... Matter of fact, if the performer ever recorded them, she'd buy Icy a copy. If her reactions to the songs were any indicator, she really liked him. Maybe she could find a way to get his signature for now... that would be cool, and make a nice gift. She noticed their food had arrived, and began to eat, a soft smile on her face as the performance went on.
  14. Raven smiled as she started to listen to the music. Whoever this pegasus was, his voice was quite lovely, and she started to get lost in the song, almost jumping a little as Icy sat next to her. "It's okay, you're a up and coming business mare, not to mention your... projects... I know just because we live together now doesn't mean we can be joined at the flank." She responded to Icy's apology, in a similar volume, though she couldn't keep from slightly giggling after her statement. She simply smiled and leaned her head against Icy, though when the waiter came back, she ordered a similar sandwich. As they waited for the food, she kept leaning into Icy, a happy smile on her face as she let her eyes close and the music wash over her. Soon, though, the first song was over and she straightened back up to applaud alongside Icy though at the volume one might at a play or an opera. "Yeah, that was great. Soothing, touching, but driving too... He definitely has talent..." She said, smiling back before taking the moment between songs to give Icy a kiss.
  15. Raven grinned as she walked into the restaurant, unable to keep the joy down that she felt from spending yet more time with Icy. She'd been busy with something today, which left Raven to explore the town on her own while she was waiting on her supplies to arrive so she could start her research. In truth, she'd spent a lot of time with Icy, especially seeing as how they lived together now, but the joy swelling up every time she saw her hadn't diminished slightly. She wondered slightly why Icy had picked this place for dinner, before noticing a pegasus near the stage. If she wasn't mistaken, that was the performer they'd seen her first night here... Maybe Icy was trying to support a friend of a friend? It didn't really matter to her though, as she was shown a seat in the middle of the room, one with a small little reserved placard on it that the waiters took away. When the waiter came back, she ordered a soda to sip on while she waited for Icy to show up, not wanting to eat without her...
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