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  1. Raven listened for a bit, before nodding. "Yeah, I could see it being used at the climax of a show, or to close it, like you said." She said, before looking at the food. She took a few, and slowly began to eat, a warm smile on her face at the flavors that seemed to melt on her tongue.
  2. Raven nodded. "Most likely. I... I hadn't ever met someone I felt like that for before then... or since." She said with a smile, before giving Icy a kiss. "And yeah... Heck, We might need to take some to go." She giggled, nuzzling up to Icy as she waited for their food.
  3. Raven laughed a bit, and smiled. "That's actually what tipped me off that something was up to begin with... I wasn't loosing control of my magic as much as I was before... Remember what happened when we kissed up in the Crystal Empire, Icy? I think that, plus our sparring, did that... Anyway... Let's see... Ooo... They have gyoza too!" She said, looking over the menu, before smiling. "Tonkatsu, black, with extra everything... What do you think, dear? Should be enough for all of us to share as well..." She asked, sliding a little closer to Icy...
  4. Raven smiled as they were led to their table, and she was a little surprised as she saw the table. It was like one of the shrines in Neighpon, where it was enclosed, everything around it fading away, so only they, the table, and the chef seemed to exist. "I suppose you're right... It just... feels a little... Well, okay... what I'm researching right now... is me, basically. Ever since I started dating Icy, My... my arcane field... my magic, seems... different... I don't know if you are familiar with the specialization of unicorns, how our magic tends to specialize towards our cutie marks, making spells that are aligned with our cutie mark easier to cast... but mine... mine never did that... but now... well, It's high level stuff, but my field is... off... and... and I think it might be... specializing..." She said, as they sat, then realized she was basically rambling a bit. "Sorry... Haven't really talked about it with anyone." She said sheepishly, before the questions of which noodles to get. "Oh! Um... I prefer Ramen, or Udon... Depends on if I want more chewy noodles or not. Not tried the others, though."
  5. "Yeah, I grew up in Canterlot, and had a lot of take-out meals, as well as instant noodles... Always found it quite tasty. I will admit as well, I also kinda daydreamed about Neighpon myself... It was quite beautiful... if a little on the rigid side. Very interesting society." Raven said, smiling at the pegasus. "Oh... Um... not sure how much my research will help Equestria... Here recently, it's been mostly testing theories about magic itself..." She leaned gently into Icy, and looked over at the hostess, wondering if they'd get seated soon...
  6. "Oh, um... No... We wouldn't have... I'm Raven Shadowfire. I haven't been out of Icy's casino in a bit. She set aside a room there for me to do my research in. Mainly reading..." Raven said, blushing a bit in embarrassment. "Oh, and yeah. We're waiting on our table. It's good to see you too, Wind! I uh... I need to get my nose out of my books more often." She chuckled a bit at this, and then nervously smoothed out her dress, a simple black one... While she had dressed up for formal parties before, she was still kinda new to the dressing up for your date idea, and was still finding her legs in that field.
  7. Raven smiled and nuzzled back, grinning. "This is nice... It's been a long while... Sorry I've been so wrapped up in my research..." She said, resting her head on Icy's shoulder. She had been busy herself, especially with the weirdness involving her magic recently. She blinked, drawing herself back to the present. Wouldn't do to get lost in her thoughts when her love was right there...
  8. (Sorry guys! RL been kicking me in the but, kinda forgot this existed! Shoot me later!) Raven grinned, finishing her food. "You know I feel the same way, Icy... I mean, Heck, if it wasn't for STAR, I'd probably be some shut-in, getting more and more frustrated at failing to learn how to cast a stunning spell." She said, blushing at admittance of where she used to be in life. "Or worse... I'd have been pressured into marrying some random Canterlot noble, just so they could absorb my family's prestige and land." She stopped for a second, seeming to realize what she'd said, and giggled. "Oh... and here I was the one to say not to dwell on the past."
  9. Raven smiled. "I agree. Knowing you, whatever you got will be spectacularly awesome, and yet very thoughtful." She said, before starting to eat. In between bites, she'd look around at the others, trying to figure out how she got so lucky. Before she met Icy, her Hearth's Warmings had been between her and a photo of her parents, but now, she was surrounded by friends and lovers. She had to admit, though, the mare who'd most captured her heart was beside her, and even now, her heart still fluttered a little when she'd catch a glimpse of her smile.
  10. Raven smiled softly at all of the others, even as she snuggled closer to Icy. "Oh, Trust me, once me and Icy knew you, there was no way we were not going to bring you into the fold, so to speak. Personally, I think the ice queen over here like's collecting unique ponies." She said, teasing Icy a little. "But, Let's not dwell on where we were, or where we might have been... Instead, I think now is more than enough." She continued, taking a drink of the warm hot chocolate. She was a little cold, after all, Icy kept the ac on year round, but she had a blanket waiting for her after their meal. Till then, she'd have to make due with the hot chocolate and what warmth she could steal from Icy.
  11. Raven smiled as she stepped into the clearing. Some basic perimeter defense, and they would be well defended. After everyone set up tents, she'd set up a small trip alarm, just in case. She took off her laden saddlebags, and dumped out several camping supplies, all miniaturized by a very nice spell, which she quickly set about dispelling. A tent kit, a camp stove and pots and pans were quickly revealed, along with two bed rolls, and a few other accoutrements that an officer or two were semi-expected to have. She rubbed her shoulders a little, glad to have the weight of all that equipment off her back for now, as the spell just reduced an objects size, not its mass, but that made her pack harder to steal then a pack with an extra-dimensional space inside of it. She set about constructing her's and Icy's tent, and then helping set up a fire pit when she was done.
  12. Raven bit her lip as she watched them, though when Luna came back she figured everything was going good. As such, she followed back, seeing as she was second in command to Icy, she needed to know. When the talk of base camp came up she spoke, as she weighed their options. "Yes, as Luna said, the single point of entry, assuming there's not a second entrance, would act as a natural choke-point, both for us and any attackers. It would be easy for us to defend, but also easy for them to keep us in... The clearing would be problematic, though, as we'd need more on watch. However, we would also be closer to our escape route, as well as reinforcements and supplies. I'm leaning towards the clearing, if it matters Commander." She said, her use of Icy's title a way to indicate her own importance to the wolves.
  13. Raven smiled a little as they docked and headed down the gangplank, before stopping as Icy pointed out a aetheric wolf in the foliage. She was about to suggest that they approach it cautiously, as it was likely watching intruders to it's territory before Nira spoke. Nira's words hinted at intelligence, and sentience. She bit her lip as she thought about that. Creatures of pure ather that could think and feel. That was impressive, and then Luna mentioned knowing another. Raven decided that she needed to get out of the lab more, see more sights of the world, other then when they were on mission. "Perhaps we should mention that we mean no harm or insult, and if we are intruding, we will be on our way quickly?" She suggested to the group, her voice low, though she had little doubt that the Okami heard her as well, as she knew wolves had a good sense of hearing.
  14. Raven stood in her armor near the gangplank, waiting for the briefing to be over. She nodded as she looked over their party, and mentally went over what she knew of each of them. She wasn't sure that in the heat of combat, that she'd be able to direct them well, but she'd do her best if it came to that. She was happy to have Nira with them, though she didn't have any clue beyond that she was the shogunate's dedicated healer as to what her skills were. Especially since she had a tendency to not pay attention to her own wounds in a fight. She shook her head, clearing the thoughts. They didn't even know if there was anything on the island, let alone threats. It did no good to dwell on it, it'd just put her on edge. Instead, she let her thoughts drift, and was surprised when they settled on something. Though, for now, asking Nira to assist in her research project wasn't a great idea, seeing as she was not a part of STAR, and worked for the shogunate...
  15. An investigator? She needed to get him out, before he poked around too much. "Oh? I suppose it's one of those... classified things? Well, is there anything you could tell me that I'd need to worry about? I've just got back from getting new stock, so I don't know much about recent events." Moon asked, trying to mask her worry and surprise as concern for her shop. She then blinked and brought a hoof up to her chest, appearing to be steadying her breath. "You know what, If I see anything, I'll head straight for the sheriff. As for gifts, I could offer a bulk discount as well. I'm not exactly the first stop for most tourists..."
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