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  1. Raven bit her lip as she watched them, though when Luna came back she figured everything was going good. As such, she followed back, seeing as she was second in command to Icy, she needed to know. When the talk of base camp came up she spoke, as she weighed their options. "Yes, as Luna said, the single point of entry, assuming there's not a second entrance, would act as a natural choke-point, both for us and any attackers. It would be easy for us to defend, but also easy for them to keep us in... The clearing would be problematic, though, as we'd need more on watch. However, we would also be closer to our escape route, as well as reinforcements and supplies. I'm leaning towards the clearing, if it matters Commander." She said, her use of Icy's title a way to indicate her own importance to the wolves.
  2. Raven smiled a little as they docked and headed down the gangplank, before stopping as Icy pointed out a aetheric wolf in the foliage. She was about to suggest that they approach it cautiously, as it was likely watching intruders to it's territory before Nira spoke. Nira's words hinted at intelligence, and sentience. She bit her lip as she thought about that. Creatures of pure ather that could think and feel. That was impressive, and then Luna mentioned knowing another. Raven decided that she needed to get out of the lab more, see more sights of the world, other then when they were on mission. "Perhaps we should mention that we mean no harm or insult, and if we are intruding, we will be on our way quickly?" She suggested to the group, her voice low, though she had little doubt that the Okami heard her as well, as she knew wolves had a good sense of hearing.
  3. Raven stood in her armor near the gangplank, waiting for the briefing to be over. She nodded as she looked over their party, and mentally went over what she knew of each of them. She wasn't sure that in the heat of combat, that she'd be able to direct them well, but she'd do her best if it came to that. She was happy to have Nira with them, though she didn't have any clue beyond that she was the shogunate's dedicated healer as to what her skills were. Especially since she had a tendency to not pay attention to her own wounds in a fight. She shook her head, clearing the thoughts. They didn't even know if there was anything on the island, let alone threats. It did no good to dwell on it, it'd just put her on edge. Instead, she let her thoughts drift, and was surprised when they settled on something. Though, for now, asking Nira to assist in her research project wasn't a great idea, seeing as she was not a part of STAR, and worked for the shogunate...
  4. An investigator? She needed to get him out, before he poked around too much. "Oh? I suppose it's one of those... classified things? Well, is there anything you could tell me that I'd need to worry about? I've just got back from getting new stock, so I don't know much about recent events." Moon asked, trying to mask her worry and surprise as concern for her shop. She then blinked and brought a hoof up to her chest, appearing to be steadying her breath. "You know what, If I see anything, I'll head straight for the sheriff. As for gifts, I could offer a bulk discount as well. I'm not exactly the first stop for most tourists..."
  5. Moon looked the pendant as she thought about his words. Headquarters stood out to her. "Oh? Most of that stuff is over there... If you're the type to enjoy teasing them about the fact you got to come here. What business are you here for... or is it a... private matter?" She said, heading over to the area for the more... touristy sections. The stuff you usually see at a roadside stand. "Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn't offer a 'Welcome to Hollow Shades discount'. Say... ten percent off?"
  6. Moon nodded, smiling softly. "You'll find plenty of that here. Got a lot of knickknacks and other things. A lot of it's for the tourists, harmless things for those who come to be scared by the forest and the ghost tours... But if you don't mind me saying, you don't look like most tourists..." She said, putting down her book and moving to stand behind the glass display case that was her counter. "You'll find that any of the more personal items, like the necklaces and pendents have a display stand with them, so you can show them off, if you so wish."
  7. (oops, sorry, got busy and and distracted, lol) Moon looked up from her book, noting the stallion that came in. He looked tired, and it was easy to see why. Areion didn't often adapt well to daytime activities, as she well knew from her association with a few. "Welcome, If you need anything, let me know." She said, looking him over. She'd like to think she got pretty good at judging ponies, and the way he stood indicated some kinda training... She might have to be careful with him...
  8. Moon Shadow sighed as she directed her shadow constructs to put some new displays out. They were the typical, cheap, looks much more valuable stuff that the few tourists that came through just ate up, nothing that was her real reason for her recent... 'Vacation'. That was reserved for the back rooms, and for those that she knew, or came recommended. She smirked as she thought of her recent acquisitions, but quickly had to return her thoughts to focusing on the constructs. Soon, everything was set up, and she dismissed them, letting them slink back into the corners to join the other shadows there. She made a quick loop around her store front, the displays and counters looking fine. Stopping at the door, she unlocked it, and flipped her sign, the simple chain crossing over itself as closed became open. She then headed back to her register, sitting on the stool, and a cheap paperback gothic romance, nearby just to pass the time. She didn't particularity like them, thinking they were drivel, but she had appearances to keep up. She took up the book, opened it, removed her bookmark, and waited for somepony to come in...
  9. Raven winced slightly as Myth bumped into the little serving table the vendor had. "I agree... It's her first time in Las Pegasus, so we wanted to show her the best parts of the city, like the street vendors such as yourself." Raven said, taking Myth and guiding her to a nearby stool. She took the stool next to her, and smiled at Smokey. She waited for Myth to get the taste test, looking at Smokey's menu as she did.
  10. Raven, having gotten slightly use to Myth's... odd behaviors, simply brushed back against her, smiling softly. She waved at the group as they came into sight, taking note of their expressions and stances. Something with their original guide, the longma Nira, told her something awkward had happened, but she was certain Icy would tell her anything important. She waited for the group to speak first, though, trying to remain respectful.
  11. Roleplay Type: WOE Name: Moon Shadow Gender: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Cinnabar Coat: Dark Grey Mane/Tail: Long, flowing locks of Jet black hair, dark enough that in a brightly lit room, her walking in could make it look like the light dimmed Physique: Tall and lithe, more so than most unicorns, she could pass for a model, but does her best to play down her beauty Residence: A house near the edge of Hollow Shades Occupation: Acquirer of fine goods... of dubious provenance (She's a fence/thief) Cutie Mark: A masquerade style eye mask, showing her talent for deception. She explains it as showing her love for historic fine goods, like the nobles of old would have. She acquired her cutie mark after stealing from the moon temple in the woods near Hollow Shades. It appeared on her flanks after she slipped in and out, leaving nothing but a whisper behind. Unique Traits: She has devised a number of shadow based spells, allowing her to merge with shadows and move in a 2d space. She can also bring shadows to life, making solid projections out of living shadows, though they have no will, following her orders. History: Born to a family of upper class citizens from Manehatten, she never learned much about the big city as, thanks to a lot of bad business ventures, her family lost most of their wealth and status. Luckily, they had a winter vacation home in the town of Hollow Shades, a modest two story home. They moved out there, and started over, opening a curio and pawn shop in the bottom floor of the house. They did well there, selling genuine knickknacks and things found in the forest, such as arrow heads and shards of pottery, as well as "Genuine ghost evidence" for the more... gullible tourists that came through playing ghost hunter. She would either help with the store, or go play in the nearby forest, despite being told repeatedly not to. She eventually found her way to a grand temple, evidence showing that while it was once dedicated to a local deity, it had been changed over the years to be one dedicated to Luna. It was in decent use, with guards patrolling and friendly looking tour guides showing ponies through this ancient structure. She managed to not only slip in with a tour group, but also slip away from said group, finding her way to the back rooms. There, she found an interesting trinket, a small amulet, and she took it, managing to get out without a fuss. When she got back home, she was stopped by an associate of the temple. She was taken back, and shown the truth behind the temple, that it was a den for criminals, thieves, spies. She was allowed to keep the amulet, and was trained to be a thief by the temple. Later in her life, after taking over her family's business, she drifted away from the temple, but still operates as a fence for them, and occasionally joins them on a heist, when her skills are required. Character Personality: While she is more than capable of acting kind and caring, it’s just that, an act. She prefers only herself and her shadows, though is not above working with a group when she needs them. Character Summary: A young unicorn mare, Orirn runs a curio shop in Hollow Shades that acts as a front for her true business as a fence and thief. She is two-faced, keeping her real thoughts close to her vest. Her control over shadows, as well as her training, has made her quite skilled, and she traffics in whatever goods catch her fancy, though ancient knowledge is a weak spot of hers.
  12. Raven followed them out, smiling as she stayed near Myth, making sure she didn't get lost. She nodded. "Yeah, It's like the restaurants in Canterlot. Aside from the main ones, the others have to be something special or they get ran out." She said, her mood improving a bit since they were outside.
  13. "Well, It was more that I wanted to honor my family's legacy... We've been in the REA or the guard since Equestria was founded... or at least, since the prototypes for them were created. Heck, copies of my family's journals are in the library somewhere back at HQ..." Raven said, smiling as she was pulled into the hug. "Surely they're getting close to being done, though... perhaps we should go wait for them near the building, so they don't have to look for us... or use their spies." She continued, standing and nodding at the birds around them.
  14. Raven smiled softly at Feather's words. "Thanks... You know... My mom was a captain in the REA, and I... Well, I sometimes worry how much I measure up to her legacy, you know?" She said, pawing softly at the ground. However, she kept her smile, and looked up. "But then, I suppose everyone in charge of something worries if their good enough, or doing the right thing..."
  15. "Well, I would suggest that noodle shop we ate at my first day... but it might be a little messy... How bout the hayburger place? Wait! Better idea! We take Myth up, and whatever smells good to her?" Raven said, smiling softly. She stood close to Myth, trying to be a gentle presence as she waited for Myth's input. She couldn't help but wish she could do something to help Myth's sight return quicker, especially since it was her equipment and lab that caused it...
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