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Raven Shadowfire [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Raven Shadowfire

Sex: Female

Age: Youngish filly

Species: Unicorn

Eye colour: A piercing bluish-green, similar to turquoise.

Coat: Azure

Mane/Tail: An almost faded red, with dyed streaks of purple and pink, styled in layers that fall softly over the right side of her, and kept about medium length.

Physique: On the small side, and lean, but graceful looking. Also has a jagged crack running through her horn, that occasionally lightly glows as if leaking magic.

Residence: Canterlot

Occupation: Independent student/Socialite

Cutie Mark: A halo of British Racing Green (link provided for example) fire, with grayish smoke. She received it when her and her parents were on a trip, and were ambushed by ruffians. That was the first time she cast her Shadowsun spell, and when she discovered a deep love for protecting others

Unique Traits: She has trouble learning new spells, having to learn the theory instead of the practical way of casting, or else she risks the spells misfiring. Her signature spell is called Shadowsun, due to creating an orb of fire the same color of her cutie mark, that shortly explodes with a loud bang, and blinding light. She is, as far as she knows, the only one who is immune to its effect, allowing her to cast it at point blank ranges. She also has a natural knack for fighting, but operates mostly on instinct, leaving herself open far too often.


History: Born into a minor nobility family in Canterlot, Raven grew up learning about honor and duty from her parents, both distinguished Ex-Royal Equestrian Army soldiers, who had retired to raise Raven, though they did still go out to far towns on occasion to help with problems that were too much for the locals to handle. Her family had been granted their noble status several generations ago in thanks for their service in more tumultuous times. She suffered a bad accident as a foal, leaving Her with a cracked horn, that has resulted in Her having to learn magic in an entirely different way than most other unicorns, meaning she's always been a class of one. Her parents having gone missing on one of their trips, she is raised by a family friend who she refers to as uncle. Her time is spent either practicing new ideas for spells or trying to help with societal problems like giving out food and clothing.


Character Personality: A caring friend, Raven can be quick to anger when something bothers her, but almost immediately regrets it, especially if her actions go against her peaceful desires. She has spent most of her life in less social circles, so she has trouble meeting new ponies.

Character Summary

Raven Shadowfire is a Azure colored unicorn with a faded red mane, streaked with purple and pink strands living in Canterlot. She's graceful for her smaller frame, even when her age as a young filly is taken into account. Her cutie mark is a halo of British racing green fire, and symbolizes how she wants to protect ponies. Her ancestors form a long unbroken line of guards and service-ponies in the armed forces, which shows in her natural knack for fighting, as well as her signature spell,  the Shadowsun.  It creates a stunning blast of light and sound, blinding and deafing nearby ponies, allowing her to either strike first, or as she would prefer to do, avoid the encounter. She is being raised by her uncle, a family friend, as her parents disappeared while on one of their trips to help outlying areas with unsavory elements. She finds her time is decided between helping the less fortunate, and trying to learn new spells, an ongoing struggle for her.

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