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[Age of Heroes] Love and Disdain. Again. [CONCLUDED]


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.......The feeling of vibrant green grass under her stomach. The shining, clean, cerulean sky above...


And the air. So fresh. So....alive....


She was back. After so long she was back!


"Ufufufufufu...AHAHAHAHA!" Ossia laughed in triumph as she got back on her hooves. So much effort, so much frustration....but finally her endeavors were rewarded!


"As before, this is wonderful! I can feel new power surging within me just by being here! Now I just need to..." she mused before pausing.

"No....this attitude is what forced me to go through so much trouble in the first place. Just because I, Ossia, am supreme beauty doesn't mean I can underestimate those gnats like before." she reprimended herself "Speaking of gnats..." Ossia added before turning back.

As expected, the anomaly in space time - a gateway of sorts, one that she tore by herself was still there.

"Despite everything, I wouldn't be able to get through if not for the 'fabric' getting weaker from this side as well. A fortunate circumstances indeed...although I wonder how it happened that they aligned with my actions so well?" di Nerezza pondered as medalion around her neck started to glow. Slowly, with great effort she extended her will towards the rip in space and time before herself. Seconds extended into minutes, but finally the bridge between worlds was closed - Ossia learned well from her past defeats, no one will be showing her the door this time! She will be staying until she discovers the reason for gaining so much power in this world! However....


"<Pant> This was....<pant> more taxing then expected. To break is far easier then mend...." pink mare reflected. With the most pressing task taken care of, it was now time to explore her surroundings. Where was she now, exactly?


With the confident stride Ossia approached the cliff-side to gaze at the sparkle in the distance. It was....

"Canterlot. Of course." she said to herself. That said, it was somewhat different from the usual Canterlot's she visited. Oh sure the same could be said for many other versions, but those usually were distinguished  by various states of ruin and decay.,

This time the city was different. Absent was it's trademark castle, instead replaced by what appeared to be university of sorts. The city also appeared to also sprawl farther - not limited to plateau like its counterparts but also hugging to the cliff-side and ground below - this Canterlot had to be as big a Manehattan. This was something worthy of checking out. That and to - if she wanted to accomplish anything here - get information about state of things in this dimension. However she couldn't go as she was now.


"The though of concealing beauty such as mine is a revolting, but it can't be helped. If I would descend as I am now, everyone would be overwhelmed by my radiance - making any efforts at subtlety impossible." Ossia mused to herself as she approached a nearby pond. "There is also a chance that my entry was detected. Who knows how much time passed since my last visit? Perhaps denizens of this dimension became more alert in-between?" she further mused as she begun casing the concealing spells. When she finished and leaned to look over the water, it wasn't her pink visage that stared back - but instead a slender and tall gray pegasus mare with a white mane.


"Hmph...this will have to do. Well I found my way here...." Ossia said before adding with a sinister smirk...


"Let's see where it goes from here."


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Canterlot was, as always, a scene of beauty.  Both the stones that built the city, and the ponies that populated it, all tried to live up to the aesthetic standard and reputation the city bore upon it's shoulders.  That included stallions, as well as mares.  Or, at least, one stallion in particular.  


*So nice to not have to do much of anything today, save letting the world gaze upon me.*  Blueblood remarked to himself, as he went upon his constitutional.  It was indeed a peaceful day for him; no public political duties, no social appointments, and no... secret plans populated his calendar.  The fact that this placidity triggered no alarm bells in his mind spoke poorly of his survival instincts in this world of superpowers and general weirdness, but hey, not everypony was a winner in the cortical lottery.  As far as the tradeoff between brains and beauty went, Blue was gifted in the latter, and wasted no time, though a whole lot of effort, in showing it off...

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Ossia had to admit, Canterlot always was aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Even when turned to ruins it retained that sense of haunting beauty that drew ponies towards it.


So it was going without saying, that in this dimension - when Canterlot was still standing tall and proud - visiting it was even more enjoyable experience.

Ossia touch down in the middle of Canterlot many squares, which immediately drew attention from the passerby's.

And who could blame them really? Ossia may have masked her real appearance, but it didn't helped much with avoiding attention. Her good looks were simply too splendid. As such she only managed in downgrading herself into simply gorgeous, attractive appearance she had now, instead of unremarkable form she was aiming for.

"Now, where should I go?" di Nerezza pondered why subconsciously raising her hoof to flip her mane.

"Library seems like a good choice. It would never hurt to expand my knowledge about this realm. But wouldn't this require a proper documentation? Hmmm....?" Ossia train of thought was derailed as she noticed the familiar visage passing through the crowd.


"Is that...Blueblood?" di Nerezza quietly mumbled to herself. Why, it was indeed doltish Prince Blueblood on the other side of the square! One of the few remaining descendants of Platinas dynasty, as well as adoptive nephew to Princess Celestia...in few other dimensions that is. Was she his 'aunt' in this timeline as well? The lack of Royal Castle in the city suggested otherwise, but with her limited understanding of this reality it was hard to tell....


"Besides..." Ossia thought as a smirk crept on her face. "Even if he isn't her nephew, he's still a Prince. A noble from ancient and rich family. It wouldn't hurt to use that wealth to build a bridgehead  in this world." she thought. And for all of his lack of brain cells, he still wasn't bad looking. Oh, that things she could tease him with...!


With this in mind, still disguised di Nerezza followed Blueblood from the distance, waiting for a suitable moment to wrap him around her tail...

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It wasn't until the Prince stopped to take yet another admiring look at himself in a shopfront window that he first caught sight of di Nerezza.  Her reflection stood out to him, no small feat to a stallion so normally obsessed with his own.  Her presence immediately shifted him from narcissistic to neurotic, his flawless demeanor suddenly becoming positively rife with flaw.  *Gah, I have strains of mane out of place!  Is my tail brushed?  Oh Faust, what is that between my teeth?*


A few hasty moves of hooves and magic sought to put these all straight, after which he took a deep breath.  Right, attractive mare behind him.  Attractive, beautiful, gorgeous, pegasus mare.  Boy, he could only imagine what those wings would look like fully splayed....  Deep breath, deep breath, and he started off again, taking peeks into storefronts again, watching for the approach of a reflection not his own...

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Oh dear, did he noticed her ? He did!

"Look how flustered he become, it's adorable" Ossia thought to herself. "It's so easy it's cute, I don't even need my magic for this. But I want him to become more then flustered..."

The important thing to rember was to pretend that she didn't noticed that he noticed. Also, subtle things. A little more wiggle in her walk. Her eyes, half closed as if saying 'Come hither!'.

One more flip of her mane, just for show. Already, some stallions that she walked by were panting like dogs. Unfortunately for them, only the puppy she had her sights on right now, was the one with royal linage before her.


Oh, did he paused in front of another shop? Perfect!

As if she guessed his earlier thoughts, di Nerezza paused and spread one of her wing wide open, apparently to preen some misplaced feathers. In reality of course to make Blueblood heart beat even faster. Despite being disguised, the spell maintained her proportions, so there was a loooot of wing to cover...and a lot of wing to show. Alicorn didn't hurry, instead giving Blueblood's imagination time to do the job for her.


Okay that should be enough. Ossia peaked above the edge of her wing - using it as a makeshift fan - while staring at Blueblood directly. She slowly folded her flying appendage, and titled her head to the side, openly judging his looks as if she just noticed him. While Prince's skull was mostly stiff with air, the rest of the package was looking delicious❤︎. If everything would go as she hoped for, she would see only the good parts of this stiffness by the end of the evening. Those thoughts made corners of Ossia's lips go up.


She proceeded to trot forward again, still wearing this inviting smile. Blueblood was undoubtedly frozen by all that teasing. And who could blame him? Nopony knew more about love the Ossia, and love opens all paths.

Even making it's way to the mind of stallion as self-absorbed as Prince♪.

As she passed the unicorn noble, Blueblood could feel the tip of her wing tracing along his flank and the side. But Ossia didn't stop for Prince just yet, oh no. Instead she turned towards the stairway that lead to one of Canterlot famous gardens. Only when she took the first few steps - which make her body stretch in all the right places - Ossia gazed over her shoulder towards the Prince, giving him a swish of her tail and another smile to encourage him to follow.


"Come on, handsome." she whispered. Too quietly and too far for Blue to really hear anything, but the massage that she gave was clear regradless.

Oh, she had that in the bag❤︎.


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Hooked?  Poor Prince Blueblood was harpooned.  Di Nerezza had hunted her white whale with aplomb, though the figure-conscious Prince would hate that figurative title.  He'd rather be pretty and caught than ugly and free.  And with the enticing nature of the disguised alicorn, he certainly wasn't going to remain free much longer...


The brush of feathers across his flank was the straw that broke the pony's back.  The mere touch summoned forth a flush that creeped up his neck, pinkening his face with the tell-tale sign of victory for the mare.  To his credit, Blueblood did manage to keep the rest of his demeanor calm, even feigning pleasant surprise at her first words towards him.  The pace he had to make to keep up with her was somewhat less dignified, but he made it work.


"I do beg your pardon,"  He said, once he was close enough to not have to raise his voice.  "But I couldn't help but notice that a new arrival had graced our fair Canterlot!  And one, if you don't mind me saying, that is a compliment to the city of my birth.  Ah, but where are my manners?"  He bowed, plucking a bloom from a rosebush they were passing in the gardens.  "I am Prince Blueblood, of House Platinum.  And you?"

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"Like bee to a honey." Ossia thought, barely stopping herself from licking her lips. As expected, the dorky Prince had no means to resist her charms.

Oh the things she will do to him❤︎.


"You will be begging yet cutie boy." she said in her mind in response to Blueblood first words. Of course she still knew better then say this aloud, and instead allowed Blueblood to speak. So proper, so reserved. Ossia wondered how cute will he be once his inhibitions were off the leash.


"Oh...oh my!" Ossia masterfully faked her ignorance. "I just got here in this fair city...and I already ran into a fair Prince!" she quickly added, and at least this part was not false.

"I am Ossia. Ossia di Nerezza. I wasn't born in Equestria, but you could say my roots are in this nation." she introduced herself before taking step forward and leaning a little. Now her gray eye were in the same level as Blueblood's, fluttering saucily for added effect. Prince could feel her warm breath on his neck, that's how close she was


"I very much like it here but everything is still sooo confusing! And I want to know more, all I possibly can about this country! History, customs, it's ponies! Would you mind being my guide for today, handsome? It wouldn't be too inconvenient for Prince of the nation, isn't is? I would be very, very grateful. Especially to a stallion that's so easy for the eyes❤︎." disguised alicorn said, with a seductive gaze, smile and pose that were clear what she meant by gratitude.

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Blueblood's ears perked at the unfamiliar name.  "Oh, I see.  Of Equestrian origin, but Roaman extraction?  I've had a particular affinity for Itaily..."  He struggled to keep composure under the onslaught of her proximity.  Breath, sight, scent... it was a gentle, but thorough assault upon his will.  For all his urbane empty-headedness, though, the Prince was a Canterlot native, adapted to the environment.  If he was the sort that mares could easily bend to their will, well... he could hardly have remained so eligible a bachelor this long, now.  Resisting, however, would take every bit of ego and self-confidence that he could muster...


*Of course, any foreign noblemare would seek me out.  Richest, most handsome, of the very best lineage... it's only my due.  I needn't act as if she's doing me a favor.  Quite the opposite.*  Clearing his voice, he straightened his bowtie, idly slipping the rose he plucked into his own buttonhole.  "Hardly an inconvenience at all, and even if it were, noblesse oblige."  He extended a patronizing hoof.  "We can start with the gardens here, if you like, or do you prefer the amenities of civilization to the beauties of nature?  We all well versed in both, in this country."

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Ossia giggled when Blueblood mentioned Itaily. And - rare for her - it was a chuckle devoid of malice, driven instead from amusement that the two of them - despite such massive difference - could have similar tastes. Who could have guessed? Also, apparently the Prince had some spine after all! This will only make ensnaring him all more delicious ❤︎.

"Same. I rather....fond of the work and arts coming from the region. They can be very...inspiring..." she said with a glint in her eyes.


"Oh how kindly of you ." she chimed and took Blueblood's hoof without hesitation. Allowing the some small victories should make him overconfident...."Oh, how firm grasp you have Prince. I hope hooves aren't only things you grasp with such....enthusiasm."


"I not sure..." Ossia mused, pretending to ponder over Prince's question. "From what I sampled...it would be a crime to put one above the other. I want to see E~v~e~r~y~t~h~i~n~g." she said with feeling, while gifting the Blueblood with another smile and half-lid gaze.

"Surprise me, Fair Prince❤︎." he added while tilting her head to the side. Gosh, teasing him was soooo fun!


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Oh, boy, was Ossia ever laying it on thick.  Were Blueblood of lighter mettle, he probably would have blushed.  Still, her attitude was not exactly unprecedented, for a mare around a stallion of wealth and influence.  As he had said to himself before, there were dues owed to rank... "Everything, hm?  Well, I do hope you will be staying with us long, then.  I hate to end such sweet encounters prematurely."  Once having taken her hoof, he kissed it, before drawing her on through the garden.


The Canterlot gardens really were a remarkable showcase, not only of nature, but of art.  Besides the normal topiary sculptures that were seen in rich neighborhoods the world over, the results of combining the super powers of this world with horticulture were on display.  Size manipulation, with tiny trees and huge flowers, with strange and wonderful moving blooms of firey hues, sedately swaying though no breeze ruffled their leaves.  "Quite the show, eh?  The Academy ensures that its students do community work, along with their... heroic training."  A rather flat tone in his voice suggested the Prince had his own opinions on the collection of ponies (and other species) that supposedly made up the next generation of heroes.  Or, perhaps, at the concept of heroes in general.

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"Oh, there is no need to be worried Prince. I have no plans of leaving anytime soon." Ossia said with emphasis. "Not when there is such...perceptive company to be around." she added with a smile as noblepony planted his kiss on her hoof. The disguised alicorn couldn't help but feel a pleasant shudder passing through her back - this was surprisingly enjoyable. She couldn't help but imagine how good he will prove to be with all other kind of kisses she planned for him to go through.


Ossia studied the garden carefully and with great focus. The plans there...their changed and twisted appearance was a result of powers that even her great magical skills would have hard time to replicate. Which she didn't found all that surprising really. Her prior visits to this realm had already pitted her against being with wast and strange capabilities. That said it never hurt to do your homework - di Nerezza made a mental note to revisit the garden in more quite hours.


Alicorn's transfixion  was broken when Blueblood spoke again. And while her outside appearance still wore the same enigmatic smile as she did through this entire meeting, inside she felt herself grow with excitement. She already knew about those 'heroes' and the connotations this word brought in this dimension. Ossia remembered some members of Hopesguard referring about themselves using it. It was this 'Academy' that was still mystery for her. This could be an invaluable opportunity to learn about it! But she had to play her cards carefully, otherwise Prince would become suspicious. Perhaps she could use that tinge of disdain she heard in his voice to her advantage?


"Ah yes we have few of those back from where I came from too. They don't amount to much when it comes to big picture however." she said. It wasn't a lie either, now that she though about it.

"....It seems you aren't an big enthusiast on the concept either. Do you wish me to lend an ear Your Highness?." Ossia added, and to her own surprise, she felt a twinge of sympathy towards the white stallion.

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Blueblood gave a mirthless chuckle at Ossia's comment on the unimportance of heroes.  "Lucky Itailia; but they're everywhere here.  It seems every week or some big incident happens with some hero or other swooping in to save the day."  He wouldn't have elaborated on the point, but the mare looked sympathetic, and did ask.  With a surprised and genuine smile, the Prince assented.

"It's not that I don't mind having a cadre of powerful ponies around to knock whatever property-destroying monster shows up into next week, it's just... they're so sanctimonious about it.  As if their power had anything to do with their virtue."  He snorted.  "And, of course, they never stop long enough to clean up the messes their fights cause.  Do you have any idea how much it costs to upkeep the cleaning crews in this city?  It would turn your mane grey.  But do the common ponies care?  Nope!  As long as they aren't actually within the blast radius, they're always willing to cheer the destructive explosions as long as it's one of their heroes doing it."


It was not an uncommon complaint from the upper class of Canterlot, at least, those without powers themselves.  Of course, in Blueblood's case, the complaints were somewhat hypocritical, given his own... "side activities," but that wasn't likely to come today.  No, he had much more pressing things on his mind, such as this lovely mare in front of him!  "But enough of my kvetching, do let me treat you to a light lunch, at least."

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"So that how You feel hmmm?" Ossia mused as Blueblood put into words his gripes with heroes. While she could somewhat sense that it was not the whole stroy, nothing that Prince said was untrue - so she chose not to pry further for now. "Well said. Although I have feeling you wouldn't find my mane silver Your Highness..." she added while flipping strands of her hair teasingly.



"I...well I have a different issue. I told you that from where I am from....'heroes' doesn't matter much did I? Well the fact is, even that what they do....makes no difference. As you said they leave a mess but never have enough class to clean after themselves. And for example...." Ossia waved her hoof towards the image of Sunlight Sentinel that was hanging from the skyscraper in the distance. "How long she was around. decades? Centuries? And yet nothing she did resulted into any lasting changes, doesn't it? Could use all this time on something more productive I assume" disguised alicorn stated.

"Never a permanent solutions, only a band-aids, quick fixes. And for what? To maintain those moral high ground of theirs? To make themselves feel good, superior? Ha!" Ossia didn't bothered to even hide her mocking anymore. "Hypocrisy. They may fight monsters as you pointed out Prince, but at least those are honest in their desires. And as time goes on you begin to wonder....does the monster inspired the hero, or the hero inspired the monster...?" she mused before pausing, giving Blueblood something to mull over.


"Oh...sorry, your right. It seems that I did some wherriting myself didn't I? Shall we?" she asked before presenting her hoof to Blueblood, allwoing the stallion to lead the way.

"Oh my, how considerate for you! Although I hope it's not the only meal we end up sharing." she said, to noblepony's proposition.


They didn't gone far however before ground shook with such force that even she felt herself sway on her legs. Gripping Blueblood firmly, she prevented him from falling over.

Just before them was....

"Oh splendid..." Ossia said, her word dripping with sarcasm. "One of those messes you mentioned in the making....." she commented upon seeing few ponies and non-ponies in the costumes clashing against mountain of muscle of the dragon....


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Ooh... Did Ossia know, when she pointed at the image of the Sunlight Sentinel, just what sore spot in the Prince's psyche she had put her hoof upon?  Two hours' research into his family history and relations vis-a-vis the solar alicorn might have revealed it to the curious and empathetic; Blueblood for his part didn't exactly advertise the fact.  But this mare... she had been so understanding and sympathetic... perhaps it wouldn't be too much to reveal a little bit more of himself on the way to the cafe.

"Oh, her?  The Academy's her biggest legacy, and that's certainly stood the test of time.  Year in, year out, she still plays the part of headmistress, barely time for anything else these days, family included."  The stallion gave a large sigh, lamenting lonely hours as a young colt, cooped up in a big house with stuffy servants... a bit of care on her part might have saved several ponies many headaches down the road in his misdevelopment.  "But you're right, no real permanent solution.  And this whole place does stand as a sort of challenge, doesn't it?  And we just let them come to us."


There was a valiant attempt to shake off the topic, a bit of chit-chat on likely little lunch destinations along restaurant row.  The Prince had a surprisingly broad palette, taking it as point of pride that he could acquire a taste for any cuisine.  "I'm a sailor by hobby, and I have to take what hospitality is on offer at every port.  I like to think it is me giving even the roughest or hottest dish a cooling, elegant touch by my patronage."  He chuckled, but such shallow talk as skated over the surface of conversation was broken like thin autumn ice over a pond when the ground began to shake.


"Oh dear, not again..."  He murmured out loud, grateful for the bracing hold of Ossia to keep him from an inelegant stumble.  While outwardly dismayed at the dragon, once it came into sight, the Prince was secretly calculating his opportunities.  Were he not escorting his date, this would be the ideal time for, hypothetically, a glamorous and flashy villainess to pull of a relic heist while all patrolling heroes were busy with beating off a dragon.  However, Blueblood was not alone, and he was loath to let go of this intriguing mare, even for the long-term purpose of increasing his power base.  Perhaps if some convenient distraction were to appear-


And lo, as though the dragon had heard his secret prayer, an arc of his breath fire arched above the sky, aiming to hit the cobbles right in front of them.  "Ossia!  Watch out!"  Giving her a shove towards the shelter of an alley, he rolled away as if struck into the smoke.  A quick dash into the alcove, a donning of the Glamour Garnet and the Aqua Marine later...




A jet of water from the busted main under the street suddenly doused the flames, sending up a great shrouding cloud of steam, in which the silhouette of a captivating mare could be seen, with faint red and blue sparkles from the gems set around her neck.


"Fools!  Now that they are all distracted by the mere giant lizard, the Great Platinum Gem shall rob the Canterlot Museum from right under their very noses!"  A captivatingly beautiful voice of a femme fatale rang out from the mists, because of course villainesses would always loudly announce their plans right before doing them.  Narrative law of the Universe, certain and dependable as gravity.

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"Somehow, I am not surprised." Ossia mused after hearing from Blublood's own mouth about how much of a joke of family mare Celestia was. Which was not different at all from her other selves across different dimensions, but it was nice to receive direct confirmation. It appears that her being an utter failure of a sister and aunt was universal constant. Well perhaps half a failure in the later case.

"But she does have enough time for you cousin, does she? An obvious and blatant case of favoritism. I am mean does she deserve to be called your aunt at this point?" she said, adding yet another brick towards Prince's resentment at the white alicorn.


"Almost all things have a place in this world Your Highness. It's nice seeing that you add more elegance and class to it." Ossia complimented Blueblood after he mentioned his seafaring escapades.





Ossia didn't even had a time to ridicule the brute of the dragon, she found herself being 'saved' by Prince's quick reaction. All her durability did nothing to the fact that this took her by surprise. Too bad that one of the balcony's that were hanging in the alley was damaged in the attack.




Obviously it failed to do any damage to her, but the rubble pinned her in such a way it might take her a minute or two to get herself out. All the strength in the world matters little if you can't contract most of your muscles.

"Well....despite the result's, I guess I have to give him a points for romantic gesture." she mused.

Wait, speaking of 'Him'....where's Blueblood?

  The answer to that question wasn't really clear due to all this dust blocking alicorn's vision. Luckily her 'magic muscle' was not compromised. A short incantation was enough to see through the aura vision.

And she saw Blueblood alright...!


Just as he put two relicts around his neck.



T-That's, the core of his being remained the same, but out of sudden Prince shifted from being male to...well...female!

For all of her travels across countless worlds it was the first time she witnessed such change to happen...happen so...so quick!

"This world...this world is even more amazing then I thought." alicorn whispered to herself.

And this Blueblood...he had so much more spunk then any other version of him that he saw. Well not literally, seeing the form Blueblood now took, but it was spirit that counted. To so loudly announce a robbery attempt? Bold. Utterly stupid, but bold.

"Have to follow...." Ossia growled as she pushed the rubble out of herself using her magic. Now, where his...or right now Her Highness has gone?

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Unaware that her secret identity had just been drastically compromised, Platinum Gem slipped through the dust and rubble, bringing with her the aura of salt air about her.  Nautical atmosphere?  It must be a part of the relic's power; probably not the relic that transformed the Prince into a mare though.  Out of the corner of her "third eye," Ossia might have detected the gathering of minions, all dressed as maids.  So, that little announcement had been a signal to rally her forces?


Apparently, and from the fact that the mare was certainly going towards the museum, it wasn't intended to be a blatant diversion.  Perhaps it was a double-bluff; sometimes the forces of law and order acted stupidly through being too clever by half.  In any case, the museum's paltry security was no match for the sudden meido rush that overwhelmed the lot of them.  At least they had the common courtesy to give each of them a good-night kiss after knocking them out...


"Alright girls, split like I told you in the plan.  Stick to the buddy system, and meet me by the gift shop; we got some souvenirs to get!"

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While His....or rather Her Royal Highness has slipped away from the Ossia's sight, the unicorn royal left a distinct fragrance  behind herself.

"Smell of the sea. How....nostalgic." alicorn mare thought while trailing Blueblood.


While following this scent, the disguised alicorn couldn't help but notice.....Was that...house-staff? As in, maids? And in great numbers too. Ossia couldn't help but ponder...was Blue's boastful announcement earlier was a reverse-bluff? This day indeed was cornucopia of surprises. Regardless, the invisibility was in order - the more pair of eyes meant she could be easly discovered otherwise.


She contain barely contain a giggle when she saw museum guards beaten senseless by the house-help.

On 10/19/2018 at 1:17 AM, PrinceBlueblood said:

"Alright girls, split like I told you in the plan.  Stick to the buddy system, and meet me by the gift shop; we got some souvenirs to get!"


Oh so there was a plan after all! Ossia could only wonder what Blueblood had in store for the museum.


Hmmmm...calling him that in this form just didn't sounded right, even if it was just in her mind. After all what was standing before her was a very definition of femininity....second only to Ossia's own of course.

Blue, Blue...Hmmm...Bluebelle had a nice ring to it. And made things less confusing. Regardless it was time to reveal herself!


"Oh you go for a shopping and you don't invite the Me along?" she said in hurt tone while allowing the magical camouflage to slip and trotting towards Bluebelle.

"This is very, very rude of you. But I don't mind. After all you seem so stressed Miss Platinum♥" she added. While she didn't even hint at Platinum's Gem true identity, the bemused  look she gave and the cocky grin were telling enough.

"Why don't you make up for it with girls day-and-night-out hmmm?" she asked while planting a smooch on unicorns cheek.

"Ufufu I trust you have no complains?" Ossia asked while walking towards the large steel door. Undoubtedly a museum vault of some sort...

"Then let's start by seeing what's behind curtain number one ♥!" the winged mare announced before rearing up. Second later Blue could see her hooves piercing through the metal and tearing troublesome gate from it's foundations, throwing it aside like a piece of cardboard.


"After you pretty thing." she said with inviting wave of the hoof.

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All had been going according to plan.  But whatever spirit of luck this royal scion had offended at birth once again struck her at what should have been a great moment of triumph.  Just as her henchmares were sacking the exhibits, she planned to acquire the truly valuable relics down below, in the cellar vaults of the Canterlot Museum.  Every adventuring do-gooder who encountered an artifact of power would inevitably think, "That belongs in a museum!"  This eventually led to a situation where the bookish institution had to invest in security systems that would put most banks to shame.


Truth be told, Platinum Gem had but a vague idea of how she was to get inside, figuring that the big distraction would just buy her time to think of something clever using saltwater.  But the best laid plans of mice and ponies...


"C...c...Cadence?  What in Tartarus!?"  Not quite the right name, but Blue could hardly think of any other pink alicorns with the strength of a hundred stallions.  The sheer power radiating off Nerezza hit the other mare like a wet comforter dropped from three stories.  An oppressive, but not necessarily painful, atmosphere.  Brain sent scrambling by the kiss, and the sheer ripping of the vault protection from its hinges, Blue could only gape for a moment, before taking stock of what was revealed.  A staircase, headed down.  Good sign, the corridors below help the good stuff.

Stepping forward automatically, she got three steps down before turning over her shoulder.  "I... hope you will find this satisfactory."  *Please don't hurt me.  Oh faust, she knows, she knows!  I'm doomed...*

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Ossia stopped in her track when the Blueblood mentioned his cousin.

"She's a wonderful mare isn't she? She's magnificent! Beautiful, strong, clever...." the pink alicorn said in strange voice while staring into space. It seems that the mention of her doppelganger turned Nerezza brain off for a moment. She didn't move from the spot until Blue turned her head around.

"..... Ahimè ... she still have some gaps that prevent her from being...perfect." the Nerezza mused while flipping her mane.


On 11/28/2018 at 3:15 AM, PrinceBlueblood said:

"I... hope you will find this satisfactory."


Ossia was taken aback by Blue's terrified tone. Why would....Oh...Oh no! That won't do! She should build up Blue's confidence, not shatter it!

"Did I find...?! Oh no ,no ,no ,no....." she quickly said before hovering towards Platinum and taking her face in-between her front hooves.

"This is a question that I should be asking. After are You are in charge. Non è ovvio? After all it's the least I could do for being so kind to me earlier...." she whispered before allowing half of her visage be overlaid with that of gray pegasus for a split second....pegasus the was becoming very familiar with Prince Blueblood since this morning. "My. Fair. Prince." she said with feeling.


"Well then, shall we?"

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If there was anything that could dislodge the effect of shock from the Prince(ss)'s mind, a second shock in the opposite direction was it.  Upon realizing that the sudden alicorn was not his disgustingly sweet and heroic "cousin," but the true form of the absolutely charming pegasus that they had been in the process of wooing- wait, hadn't it been Ossia doing the wooing?  Regardless, the pair had between them at least once successful woo.


"Oh..."  Platinum breathed out as the initial impact of the revelation passed, leaving a feeling of sweet, cool relief along her previously-sweating withers.  "Let's shall!"  Perking up immediately, her ears and tail held high, she offered her new companion a crooked forearm with a smile.  "A nice stroll down the boulevard with a beautiful, powerful mare is exactly my idea of a good time!"  And with that, she would take her 'lady' down into the depths of the Museum's vault cellar.


Unlike the exhibits above, no maps were available for this place.  The philosophy seemed to be, "If you don't know where you are, you shouldn't be here anyway."  Platinum Gem's horn glowed, both with a mild golden light spell, along with a simple magic-finder.  Jewels were all well and good, but she wasn't after beauty now, but power.  After all, she had all she wanted of the former already!

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"Ufufufu...." Ossia giggled at Bluebelle's relief. "Would it be so horrible if I would be her? We both know you not really related." she pointed out as they were descending the stairs. "For all we know Celestia may pick up yet another orphan next week and slap niece/nephew label on her or him. Truly another 'success' of hers as cavalla di famiglia." pink alicorn threw some shade towards Sunlight Sentinel to lighten the mood.


"You can think me and Candace.....as two side of the same coin, for lack of better term. We both alicorns of love....but I am nowhere near as judgmental when it comes to it. See?" she explained with a shrug. The truth was much more complicated then that, but she was saving it until Blue was hopelessly wrapped around her tail.

"Besides...." she stared again with a wide grin. "Don't you tell me you didn't had a dream or two about her..." Nerezza added teasingly.


As Platinum lighted the vault, so did Ossia, revealing her own amaranth magical aura. This however didn't helped much, with only few crates becoming visible, along the wall and stairway they came from. They couldn't even see the ceiling!

"Guess I have to do better." she mused, using her horn to make blindingly bright ball of light, and hurling it up and away. With this substitute sun now hanging above the duo could finally bask in the true size of the room, now basked in the rose light.....


"......Please tell me you have plan of action Gem." di Nerezza groaned, realizing that they going to spent forever in here if it wasn't a case.

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As they walked, Platinum Gem was becoming more comfortable with Ossia's... true identity?  It was tough to say, as Blue still did not have the clearest of ideas as to who she really was in respect to the alicorns she already knew.  The fact that the sheer power evident from the mare beside her no longer frightened her offered little extra brain-space for rational thought, the fear being quickly replaced by excitement.  The possibilities opened up by this development left her light-headed, and she giggled.  "Well, I suppose it wouldn't be all that taboo, if you put it that way.  It's just that Cadence is married.  Very much married.  I'm... not currently confident in my ability to withstand the wrath of the White Knight, should he prove a jealous husband."  Well, that was one way of obliquely referring to the fact that Shining Armor was an S-Class hero in terms of power, and Prince Blueblood... was decidedly not.  


Blushing a bit at the teasing comment upon her dreams, Platinum turned her attention to the piles of display boxes now illuminated, aiming to at least shrink the power gap.  Dispelling her own feeble illumination, she pulled out a small pocketwatch.  "Hm... Half an hour, at most, before we have to start heading back.  Not much use in looking for anything specific; we'll just have to find the closest crate holding something magical and portable."  Sending a searching probe out, she honed in on a crate about 50 yards down the hall.  "Hah, potent, but small; and a bunch of them at once!  Jackpot!"  She galloped ahead, golden mane and tail flying behind her, skidding to a stop in front of the indicated crate... which was at the bottom of a tall stack of other crates, not shelved.  The wood audibly creaked under the weight.  "Jeeze, who was in charge of organizing this?  We're doing them a favor, we really are... Hm, but how are we going to extract the crate without collapsing this?"

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"Ahhhh marriage. A convenient excuse to be a dog in the manger...." Ossia commented when Blue mentioned Cadence marital status. "So this Cadence got herself into this bind as well...hmmmm...." black clad alicorn muttered to herself absentmindedly...or perhaps not carrying if Gem heard her or not.


"Oh I wouldn't be so sure about that...." Nerezza spoke reassuringly when Blue confessed her...his...?...Supposed inferiority. "You far more more interesting then Shining Armor." pink alicorn said enigmatically.


"Then we better strike while the iron is hot." pink alicorn mused when Platinum explained how short they were on time. She hovered through the air alongside golden maned mare.

"Hmmm? So all of this was a gamble? At least it appears we won." she said with a giggle, amusing herself in how much she stretched the metaphor.


"Oh? Did you forgot with who you are with?" Ossia asked while almost unconsciously levitating all other boxes out of the way. She wasn't even really looking into same direction as Platinum was, instead studying the storeroom and planning....

"Hmmm yes, yes we do. Seeing that they don't weight much might take those as well...." she pointed out, gesturing at the crates in her telekinetic grasp.

"You know, why don't we do them even bigger favor? Since we can't take it all...." Nerezza said while conjuring amaranth flames around her front hooves.

"Why don't we reprieve the museum from having to store all of this and worry about it being stolen?" pink alicorn asked, her intentions clear.

Waiting fro an answer she turned in midair to look at Platinum. Her gaze however rested at the box that scion of Platinas led both of them to. Or rather the seal that was adorning the box.


The reaction was imminent. The crimson flames died out, snuffed like a candle. Her eyes have widened in surprise, and mare's focus was shaken enough that she actually dropped some of the boxes.

"This...? How...?" she mumbled clearly confused and at loss for words. However her utter disbelief soon made a way for a wide, overjoyed grin. Ossia looked like a filly who found a few dozens of presents under her Heartwarming Tree.


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"Dog in the manger...?"  The meaning and intention behind Ossia's allusion left Platinum more confused than anything else; leaving only the impression that her alicorn companion thought of potential partners as ponies to be collared.  On reflection, that was probably not an inaccurate assessment.  Nor, to certain types, an unattractive one. 


Such thoughts were, however, drowned out by the boost she delivered to the alabaster unicorn's ego.  "I should hope I was more interesting, at least.  And with this stuff, I'll match him in every respect, Ahahahaa!"  There wasn't as much refinement in Platinum's laugh as in Ossia's, but it had charms of its own, for sure, and no fellow villain could fault its enthusiasm.  Her eyes gleamed, half with admiration, half with envy, as the alicorn effortlessly shifted the crates around and about, extracting their payload with ease.


It was enough to even distract Platinum from the arsonist intention of Ossia, which under normal circumstances she would have some objection to.  After all, as Prince Blueblood, he had some responsibilities to the city.  He couldn't leave the museum to be completely empty.  But all that was blown out of his (admittedly not very capacious) mind at the sight of the label and seal.


"The Andromalius?  Surely not...."  Outwardly, Platinum's expression carefully mirrored Ossia's.  Inwardly, however...:  *Who or what the heck is Andromalius?*

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"It's metaphor Platinum." Ossia explained patiently. "One coming from the old Maretonian fable. The short version is as this: ' There was a dog lying in a manger who did not eat the grain, but who nevertheless prevented the ox from being able to eat anything either.' " she said.

"Mind you, I have nothing against the idea. It's just that exclusivity bit that I find repulsive. Love it's something that should be shared, not hoarded." Nerezza expressed, with conviction for her own words strong enough that Platinum could see a glow surrounding the pink alicorn for a brief moment.

"......Although....perhaps we could get you a choker...." Ossia added mischievously with half-lidded gaze.


Uh-oh......it seems that Platinum got too full of herself. Better to nip this one in the bud, before the royal pony will do something stupid in the future.

"No, you wont. Eventually - yes. But not now." Ossia bluntly told Blue off. She had yet to meet this worlds Shining Armor - but many ponies were much mightier in this dimension. If she had so scale this 'White Knight' to any of his counterparts....well....

"Experience, skill, training.....those aren't the things you can simply engraft unto yourself using some relict. But we will work on that." she added somewhat reassuringly.



Pink alicorn shook her head when repeated after her. Oh how dorky of him...her...Uhhh this was still troubling to wrap head around.

"You don't have to pretend you know...." she said teasingly. "I won't think less, just because you ignorant of some matters, va bene tesoro?" Ossia added with genuinely warm smile.

"You need to know about this if you are going to use it, but we better save history lessons for later." she mused this is before picking the emblem adorned box....along with few other ones....and Platinum Gem herself. Before the royal pony could even protest there was a bright flash of crimson light and.....



And they were outside, standing on middle of the museum steps. Ossia surprised blink however revealed that this wasn't exactly where she intended them to be.

".....This isn't nowhere near as far as we supposed to be." she said.

"Correct." said a male voice to the side, which caused the alicorn to snap her head to that direction.

What was next to them was a misfit group of five. An unicorn sorcerer with a goatee and emerald cape, an minotaur looking android with waaay too much cannons attached to himself, some quilin mare levitating through the air and wearing very skimpy outfit, a knight wannabe in gaudy black and gold armor, and pegasus mare in domino mask that kept bouncing in material arts stance.

"........Alright. You got my attention." Ossia mumbled while setting crates and Platinum on the stairs. "Gem enlighten me. Who....these bunch of rejects are exactly?" pink alicorn inquired. But for her this wasn't the important question......

"Also, what's with the mullet's? The gaudy clothing I can get but those hairdo's? Even robot has a mullet! Why?! That makes no sense!" she pointed out at the android.


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