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Lyra Heartstrings (Ready)


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Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Lyra Heartstrings

Gender: Female

Age: Mare

Species: Unicorn

Eye Color: Golden

Coat Color: A pale minty green

Mane/Tail: Lyra doesn't spend undo time on her mane and tail. Her mane is medium length and she keeps it swept back away from her face. It is the palest or turquoise with a streak of white. Her tail is long and unkempt like her mane.

Physique: She's a tiny bit pudgy in the middle but that just adds to her cuteness. Other than this she's pretty much normal in structure. 

Residence: Lyra lives with her very good friend in a cottage in Ponyville.


Occupation: Lyra typically holds two or three part time jobs at a time. She's good at decorating and organizing though she can't stay on task for very long amounts of time. She's been known to work at the flower shop, the tea shop, and fairly often she works in the delivery business. Most o the shop ponies in town know her and have hired her. She's a hard worker and having lots of jobs keeps her from loosing focus. Better to have lots of short term tasks. There are also stretches of time where Lyra is not employed at all.


Cutie Mark: Lyra's cutie mark is a gold three stringed lyre. It represents her natural flow and cadence in her life and her ability to calm or energize others. She oddly enough has no musical talents at all. She got her mark fairly early on an elementary school in Canterlot. She noticed after wanting to follow the instructions from the teacher to calm down she was quickly able to calm herself and have the effect of calming on the little ponies around her. Same thing when she got excited, other around her just tended to perk up! One day in particular she could tell one of her friends was really down. She sat with them for only a few minutes and the friend was up and feeling good again! When she stood up she noticed she had gotten her special mark!


History: Lyra was raised by a loving pair of unicorns in Canterlot. One was a mane stylist and quiet the eccentric mare. The other was an attorney and very logical and down to earth. The two mares had that magical moment when their love was enough to bring a little filly into the world. Lyra grew up with lots of friends and lots of good times. When she was old enough she moved away from her moms but still held a close relationship with them. For a while she worked in Canterlot until one day when she met her best friend Bon Bon while visiting Ponyville. Lyra fell hard for the sweet tan coated mare and it wasn't long before she had packed up and moved to Ponyville to be with her love. Lyra visits Canterlot often enough, always making sure to stop in to spend time with her moms. 


Character Summary: Lyra is good natured and kind. She has quite a volatile spirit which reflects into those around her fairly often. She has a friendly personality and is well liked by the ponies in Ponyville. She can be seen with her marefriend Bon Bon most of the time as the two love being around each other. She's content and happy with the life she leads in Ponyville.




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