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Silverstream [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Cast
Name: Silverstream

Sex: Female

Age: Young Adult

Species: Hippogriff

Eye color: Purple

Coat: Pink

Mane/Tail: Both light blue with powder blue highlights; tail casual straight, medium length; mane long but stands light and round, ends of mane fall passed shoulders

Physique: Average size for her age, has a light slender posture.

Colors: https://mlpvector.club/cg/pony/v/381-Silverstream



Residence: School of Friendship students' quarters, Ponyville; Seaquestria when school is not in session

Occupation: Student of friendship


Unique Traits: Silverstream wears a shard of the Pearl of Transformation around her neck, which allows her to magically transform into a seapony and back to a hippogriff at will. She can share this magical power through body contact. Like many other hippogriffs her age, Silverstream has a naive and optimistic view of others and the world around her which often makes her curiosity overpower her fears. She likes to investigate and is persistent to question everything, even the self-explanatory. Though at times she is dense, her willingness to find the peculiar qualifies her to be a great candidate for a creature who discovers. Though she is fully enrolled into the School of Friendship, her quest to find her own purpose in life remains to be thoroughly discovered.





Silverstream was born in the heights of Mount Aris. Her father is Sky Beak, and her mother is Ocean Flow. She has at least one sibling, a brother named Terramar. Silverstream's first years as a hippogriff were spent on Mount Aris, but before her earliest childhood memories could be made, the Storm King threatened the hippogriff kingdom's magic. To hide from the Storm king, Silverstream's aunt Queen Novo used the Pearl of Transformation to magically change all the hippogriffs into sea creatures that could hide deep under water. Now Seaponies, they founded Seaquestria where Silverstream and her family would then live for a few years. It was during this time that Silverstream started having her earliest calfhood memories. Separated from her hippogriff nature, she became acclimated with the water and learned most of her development through aquatic physics and understanding. Though her subconscious originated from flight and land of the hippogriffs, her bring-up was cemented by life underwater.


When the Storm King was defeated, the Queen separated the Pearl of Transformation into thousands of shards they could wear around their necks so that seaponies could change to hippogriffs if they chose. However, many seaponies who had made a good living under the waves decided to stay in the water. This harmonious and dividing nature of the hippogriffs caused a generation of fledglings to have a special experience that involves two completely different environments at once. For this reason, Silverstream's overly curiosity and naivete is the result of having been removed from typical hippogriff traditions from yesteryear.


Silverstream spent most of her adolescence with her mother, who chose to stay in the water. However, she kept in touch with her father on a regular basis and was fluent in hippogriff gestures and flying experience. Her brother had a harder time adapting to two environments and often felt excluded from one or the other. Silverstream may have had this same dichotomy but at this time she began attending the School of Friendship, where she would be the quasi-ambassador to represent the hippogriff kingdom in Ponyville. Having been a seapony most of her life, she immediately spent her first days at the school discovering would-be friends and interesting novelties like stairs and plumbing that she had never heard or seen before.


During her first semester, she became close friends with Gallus, Yona, Smolder, Sandbar, and Ocellus, who all developed a close relationship with each other possibly because of their similarities of not being ponies. One day, when she decided to skip class with her friends, they caused trouble which fused an order of events which would lock the school up for not meeting educational standards. Though Silverstream did not want to leave, she was powerless to stay. Once she returned to Seaquestria and Mount Aris, she ran away to meet up with her schoolmates at the Castle of the Two Sisters. When the friends were attacked by monsters from the Everfree, Twilight Sparkle and her friends showed up to save them, representing what the camaraderie of friendship can do. Instead of being sent home, Twilight offered them to enroll back into the school under different circumstances, one without the previous regulations that caused the students to become disinterested in the classes they skipped.


Silverstream made lots of friends during her education at the School of Friendship, but her biggest bond was probably made with Gallus. Both being creatures capable of flight outside of Equestria, they relate with one another while also contrast from differing personalities. Silverstream's bubbling curiosity and Gallus' veiled joy and subtle sarcasm repeatedly cross with each other and create a dynamic unique to only them. As an example of their connection, Silverstream was the first to volunteer to stay with Gallus during holiday friendship lessons he needed to attend for punishment of his dishonesty and mess he made in one of the main halls of the school. She otherwise would have flown home to Seaquestria to participate in the Three Days of Freedom Celebration, a hippogriff and seapony holiday that remembers the events of the Storm King's threat and defeat.


On one occasion during a rigid study session for a test on friendship's effect on the course of Equestria's history, Silverstream and her friends discovered a hidden magical cave underneath the library. When they met an incarnation of the tree of harmony, Silverstream was isolated to test her biggest fear, that being the possibility of the Storm King's return, and the effect it would have on her kind's way of life. With the help of her best friend Gallus, she was able to overcome her fear of the Storm King by facing his image and yelling her honest displeasure of his nature. After threatening the projection of her fear with the courage of the entire hippogriff country, the Storm King's appearance crumbled. Silverstream, now calmed, hugged Gallus for giving her the encouragement to stand up to her fears. As she met with the rest of her friends, they learned that friendship is in their nature and that together they can overcome anything.


When Cozy Glow betrayed the trust of everycreature at the school, Silverstream and her friends investigated a way to help solve the mystery of the disappearing magic from Equestria. In the magical cave they had found before, they discovered Starlight Glimmer imprisoned by Cozy using the legendary magical artifacts. While trying to fight off ponies who had been convinced by Cozy that they were enemies, they were trapped inside the magical bubble that trapped Starlight. But then, the elements of the students' courage and friendship freed them from the magical bond and they were able to grab the artifacts unhindered to save Starlight and restore magic in Equestria. Silverstream was a part of a successful representation of the power of friendship, but she had not learned enough yet to graduate from the school, and continues to attend the school in order to learn as much as she can about friendship and the magic she shares with her friends. In fact, she has yet to understand the full details of the magic that coursed through her and how she might be connected with the elements of harmony.



Character Personality:

Silverstream's personality is eccentric and excited. Her curious nature derived from her bring-up in Seaquestria, but also by her enabled privilege through Queen Novo. Because of her naivete of the world around her, she has adapted learning and social skills that put her in a position to attract the attention of others and bemuse them. She is not dense, but she often seems confused about simple things. Though she can sometimes question the unknown she is not often discouraged from trying to understand, unless it is evident that the struggle to comprehend is common among her friends. She is very agreeable which makes adventures more fun for those around her. Her bubbly sense of humor is sometimes unintended but she is aware of her own silliness and thrives on others entertainment of her presence. Unfortunately, because she is curious and always open to other's knowledge of the many things she is unaware of, she can be gullible, tricked into doing things that do not line up with her desires. In addition, her level of trust with strangers is not initially high, but it does not take long for her to gain the faith of someone who might not have her best interest at heart.


Silverstream is extremely innocent, only now learning the temporary advantages of being dishonest or selfish. Her exploration of what happens when she fails to procure the elements of friendship is still ongoing, and will surprise her until she is well versed in it. Silverstream's personality revolves around her manipulation to make others around her excited about the thing she is already excited about. Even when others fail to connect to her enthusiasm, she is not afraid of their rejection of her demeanor. But what she does fear is the trampling of her environment. Anything that could disrupt the status quo of her situation, whether it be at the school or in Seaquestria, she is always afraid of change brought on by malice. She can never trust the adjustment needed to survive a difficult scenario. Her occasional nightmares are about the things she knows and loves disappearing from existence.


When talking to Silverstream, she will listen intently but will sometimes interrupt based on information that strikes her curiosity. She can spend minutes pondering the reality that involves something that may be commonplace. Though she appears to have an attention deficit disorder, she is only truly excited when coming in contact with a new discovery. Until she grows older and wiser, she will be wide-eyed and her lack of unsophisticated banter will be the type of company she will give to others, for the betterment of joy and the detriment of ignorance.



Character Summary:

Silverstream is a hippogriff that grew up in Seaquestria and moved to Ponyville to study at the School of Friendship. Her quest for learning is her number one priority while maintaining and gaining friends through the school. As she grows closer to her friends, she continues to explore the world she has little experience with. She can be ignorant to her surroundings and is always outwardly curious about common things, but her naivete does not impede on her ability to relate and connect with others. Her positive outlook on everything can be infectious and is the root of why others might want to spend time with her. As she learns more about who she is in a world she now understands is way larger than she had originally realized, she will be discovering what it means to be active in the elements of harmony and what kinds of potential the magic of friendship can yield. Only through the magic of friendship does Silverstream think she can find her true purpose not only in the worlds of ponies and hippogriffs, but all worlds that she may eventually discover.

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