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Big McIntosh (Ready)


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Name: Big McIntosh

Sex: Male

Age: Stallion

Species: Earth Pony

Eye Color: Emerald green

Coat: Ripe apple red

Mane/Tail: Honey gold

Physique: Buff and husky from hours upon end of farm work

Residence: Ponyville, specifically Sweet Apple Acres

Occupation: Apple Farmer, occasional bass singer

Cutie Mark: A green apple sliced in half

Unique Traits:

Big Mac is a stallion of few words by choice. 

He is strong in spirit, character, and body

Hardly ever seen without his work yoke in place across his broad shoulders and a grain steam in his mouth.

He is very choosy with words, often giving simple "yep" and "nope" answers




Born to Bright Mac and Pear Butter as their first born stallion, the two were ever so proud of Big Mac from the get go! Since he is the oldest of his siblings the weight of responsibility fell squarely upon him. Not that Mac minded, one of his very best attributes is his ability to work hard and be a pillar of good nature and strength. He grew up on the farm and after tragedy struck with the loss of his parents, he became the stallion of the house by all practical means. Mac has never left his beloved farm, it is his home and birth right.


When he was a young colt he had tons of energy! He would run and play around the farm all day long! At first it was hard for Bright Mac to rein his son in to teach him the farming trade. One days he was able to show his son through the planting of an apple seed how important their job was. It wasn't just pulling a plow or hauling a bushel of apples, it showed the dedication one had for their trade and the love they had for their family! The next day, Mac strapped on the plow and went at it with a will! He didn't even notice his cutie mark had appeared until after he had plowed half a field! The big green apple showed his big heart! It was green, showing the constant potential for growth as a hard worker and trustworthy stallion, and it was packed with seeds showing his dedication to his family!


He was able to see his two sisters grow up by his side. They stick closer than peas in a pod. Living through really tough times tends to do that to a family. Completed by Granny Smith, the Apple family residing on the farm gives it their all to produce the best apple and jam in all of Equestria. Each of the Apples is full of common country sense, but most ponies see Big Mac as the solid foundation of the pack. The best attributes of his father as far as trustworthiness and hard work can be seen in the bright red stallion.


Having only ever worked on the farm, Big Mac had not seen or enjoyed much of the world beyond the main archway of Sweet Apple Acres. He did however manage to meet some members of the Pony Tones and was quickly asked to take on the role of their lead bass singer. His deep voice blends in well and Big Mac is very happy when he is able to pursue his other talent in life, singing! 


Recently he has been courting a certain mare, and time will tell if she will be made an addition to the Apple family!

Character Personality:


Tough and honest, short of words, and big on character. Big Mac is easy going and most ponies find him a pleasing companion, if not for words then for action. He is a good counter balance for his sisters that tend to act quickly and be strong minded. He brings a common sense and takes his time on coming to conclusions. Though this tends to drive Applejack and Apple Bloom at bit nuts at times, they know Big Mac's way of getting the point across is crucial!


Big Mac will do anything to make sure his family comes through on top! He even went so far as to get all gussied up and complete in the Sisterhooves social with his sister Apple Bloom. He is working on telling others how he feels with his words more often but events such as the one at the social prove his love and loyalty to his family and friends.


Character SummaryMac used to be a stallion of too many words, but as time went on he matured both in stature and in words. He is honest and very wise, making him a dependable friend and family member. He has a good sense of humor and enjoys a good laugh or O&O session with friends.  He is there for others, no matter what the personal cost. Big McIntosh is a pony that can always be counted on.


image.pngHe's sexy and he knows it ;) 

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