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Little Strongheart (Ready)

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Name: Little Strongheart

Gender: Female

Age: Young Sow

Species: Buffalo

Pelt Color: Copper

Mane/Tail Color & Style: She has a puff of tan forelocks on her brow. Her tail is standard to her species and the same color as her body.

Eye Color: She has large black pupils with just the slightest hint of dark brown surrounding them.

Cutie Mark: NA

Physique: Strongheart is lean and athletic. She's lived her whole life out in the open on the frontier and as such shes as tough as a saguaro cactus! She can run and jump with prowess and can also sneak in stealthy fashion when needed.

Residence: She lives with the rest of her herd on the plains outside of Appaloosa. They are a semi-nomadic tribe, living in teepees and changing locations with the seasons. She has recently been granted use of her own teepee by her father Thunder Clap who happens to be the chief of the herd. Her teepee is smaller than some of the others but that's perfect for her! The young buffalo was even allowed to add her own painted decorations to the outside of her teepee which she is quite proud of.



She doesn't have an occupation per say, though she is the daughter of the chief of her tribe. That is a great mantle that she daily learns to bear. Some say she may indeed be the first female chief of the tribe someday... only time will tell.



Little Strongheart was born to loving parents on the open plains of the Painted Pinto Desert... at least that's what the ponies call the lands. To Little Strongheart and her clan the area is known as the Great Eagle's Land. Her father Thunder Clap was the chief of the Strong Horn herd, and her mother Standing Stone were ever so proud of their offspring. It was easy to see from a very young age that their little yearling was made of tough stuff! The day she was given her name proved that she would follow her heart and do what was right no matter the cost to herself.


Strongheart had been tasked with protecting the years harvest of buckthorn as it dried in the sun. It was a job often given to young ones in the herd to teach them responsibility and help them grow up. It was a rather hot day and they had been put on duty not far from a small creek. She and three other yearlings were to guard the buckthorn from robbing crows for the whole day. Her parents knew that the ones younger than her would most likely be enticed to leave their posts to go play in the creek. From a distance her parents watched as Strongheart kept the others at their job by telling them stories of great buffalo from their clan. Her stories brought fortitude to her own heart and the hearts of the other young buffalo. For this she was awards with both the name Little Strongheart and two eagle feathers that she wears with pride in her headband. 


Years later a group of settling ponies made their way to the edge of the Strong Horn tribe. At first there was great rivalry as the ponies took no stock for the others living in the area and planted an apple orchard right over the top of the ancient stampede grounds of her clan. She had trouble for a while, trying to understand why ponies would do such a thing with no thought to others. Eventually she was able to realize that they would not be able to see eye to eye until they came together. Right before the clan and the new town of Appaloosa came to ruin, they were able to work out their difference over a shared taste for apple pie! Strongheart was an important part of this history as it was her that worked hard to help her father understand that the ponies did not mean them ill. 


She continues to grow up in the Painted Pinto Desert with her parents and the rest of the Strong Horn Clan. Now that there are good relations with Appaloosa the tribe stop by on occasion. Trading, sharing pie, and meeting others being the main purpose of these visits. Strongheart has taken a liking to many ponies in her encounters with them and holds the Mane 6, Applebloom, and others in high regard.


Character Personality:

Little Strongheart is very proud and can be a bit un-trusting at first. This has lessened over time though with the more ponies she meets. Once she is a friend, she is a friend for life and will defend and protect those in her care. She is wise beyond her years and very trustworthy. She also knows how to laugh and have fun! The more time one spends with this young buffalo the greater the reward will be!


Character Summary: 

Strongheart lives with a passion in all that she does and being given a name to match her forthrightness makes her even more bold to stand up for what is right, even if it doesn't always seem like the most comfortable choice. She is a solid friend and a proud member, and possibly someday leader, of the Strong Horn buffalo tribe.



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