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Discord (Ready)

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Name: Discord

Sex: Male

Age: Ancient God Status aka no known age

Species: Draconequus (or whatever form he feels like taking)

Eye color: Bright yellow on the outside, deep red pupils 

Coat: His face and neck are covered with deep grey fur, the main section of his body is covered with dark brown feathers, and his tail is brick red scaled.

Mane/Tail: Black and White.

Discord has a black mane that is cropped short that runs down his neck. He also has white facial hair including a beard, and a white tuft on his tail. 


Physique: Overall his body takes on the general look of an eastern dragon, long and undulating. His front limbs consist of chimera's leg and paw and a griffon's leg and claws. His hind limbs are that of a minotaur and a dragon. He has a nice little set of wings one a deep purple bat wing and the other bright blue and resembling a pegasus'. His head is reminiscent of a goat, topped by an antler and a ram horn. All in all quite the handsome creature!


Residence: He has a quaint little cottage floating somewhere in the Realm of Chaos, however he has recently become a frequent visitor of Ponyville.


Occupation: God of Chaos! Well, maybe Spirit of Chaos but that's not what he prefers to go by. 


Cutie Mark: NA though his does have a twisting grey tornado on his flank in his most used pony form. An homage to his chaotic nature most likely, though perhaps he just thought it looked good on him.


Unique Traits:  Discord comes and goes as he pleases between worlds and really there are no limits on where/when he can go and what he can do! *cracks knuckles* Of course, he may have limiting factors such as his deep friendship with a certain butterfly flanked pegasus...




Nopony knows from whence Discord came, he just is. Not even he knows the true source of his being, not that he cares much. His mind is always running, charting out courses of disaster as is his very essence. That being said hes made a hobby of finding empires and kingdoms throughout bygone ears and dismantling them in one way or another. Sometimes with grace like a chess game of which the board he flips at the end, other times in fire and ruin! Whatever strikes his fancy is what this lucky and powerful spirit is known for. All this was of course until he discovered Equestria!


Equestria brought with it the famed rulers of the land. Princesses he would choose to toy with instead of squashing like so many other rulers. Whatever the case, perhaps a twist of his own chaos, he was bested by the Princesses and light and dark and with the help of the Elements of Harmony he was imprisoned in stone. Well, that was all very boring for the rampant spirit. Nothing drives of god batty like being encased in stone. Finally he was released once again only to be presented with deal that made him sick! The Elements of Harmony wished him to stand with them! That was, well it was gross! However what choice did he have really? At least they kept the leash long and he was able to get up to all kinds of mischief.


It took quite a while for Discord to see beyond what had been his being for time out of mind. And of course it would. Teaching an old dog new tricks had nothing on bending the very god of chaos into a being that would help to right wrong and defend the weak. He was reluctantly drawn into the task by one particular element....kindness. No nothing in all time had ever enraptured him like Fluttershy. She was sweet to the very core. Quiet and kind beyond a fault! She did something to his nature made him feel...calm... for the first time in his existence. When he's with her his whole world slows down and he finds himself enraptured in the moment with her. 


He was betrayed by the malevolent Tirek and chocolate rain clouds only knew that cut him to the quick! Just when he was beginning to learn good natured ways of behaving he let his guard down. Stuck on his own, his power stripped, with nopony to call friend...still she held him in her heart. It was on the occasion that a friend laid down their life for him that he for the first time felt something akin to shame. He apologized in earnest for the first time as well, vowing to his best friend to try to learn more of the ways of friendship. The concept was new and slightly revolting, but still it was something he deeply desired. 


Now days he spends much tie in Ponyville. He loves visiting with Fluttershy, 'helping' in whatever the loose sense of the term he can muster, and playing with ponies that come his way. He's taken a shine to the CMC, Big Mac, and a few other citizens of the fine town. He's also spent time with Spike and since the dragon is Twilight's assistant he often find himself in the Princess of Friendship's presence as well. He's still up to tricks and pranks, but never as destructive as his former self. He enjoys his new way of being and hopes to continue on down the path of Friendship!


Character Personality:


One thing to be said of Discord, he's never a bore. Being able to whip up well, anything in the blink of an eye is quite the parlor trick! He's quick to laugh and is becoming quite good at making friends. He likes to involve himself in the cares of mortal ponies and such an be found at sporting events and celebrations in Ponyville quite often. He also has a brooding nature and when he feels this way he often retires to his cottage in the Realm of Chaos. He's going to play tricks on you and often still brings chaos on his heels but that doesn't discount him from learning to be a good friend.


Character Summary:


Discord is a fluctuating work in progress. What he;s been learning is still counterintuative to him t his core. He's the God of Chaos, learning to be friends with ponies in Equestria. He's become quite good at it though and desires to become even better. He's a fun friend though it wouldn't be a good idea to trust him. Doing that might wind you up stuck in the tallest tree in the Everfree or swimming in gallons of chocolate milk! 


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