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Kerfuffle (Ready)

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Name: Kerfuffle

Sex: Female

Age: Mare

Species: Pegasus

Eye color: Vibrant violet

Coat: A light minty blue/green

Mane/Tail: Most of her mane and tail are light pink. Her mane has a large swath of light pink at the front.


Her mane is piled mostly onto one side of her neck with just a bit fluffed on the other side over her ear. This part is adorned with a small pin cushion that she often uses at work. Her mane and tail are full of fluff and bounce. She controls the fluff of her tail with two purple band one in the middle towards the end. 


Physique: She's just a touch on the pudgy side for a pegasus but nothing out of normal range. 


Residence: Kerfuffle resides in a loft apartment atop her boutique in Hope Hollow aka End of the Rainbow.


Occupation: She's a seamstress by trade and also a fashion designer who's quite inspired by Rarity's designs. 


Cutie Mark: A ball of purple yarn with knitting needles crisscrossed through it. There are pink swirls on either side of the yarn ball.


Unique Traits:  Well it's no secret that she has a prosthetic hind leg on the left side. She also has a knack for seeing colors even when others can't. She's able to match the perfect accessory to pretty much any pony.




Kerfuffle was born to loving parents in the town of End of the Rainbow. Her parents knew she would be special from the moment she was born. She was different than most little fillies in that she didn't have the bottom half of her hind left leg. That didn't slow the little bundle of joy down one little bit! Her parents had her fitted in lots of different prosthetic legs as she grew and she was just as active as any other young one. 


Fuffle made lots of friends in school and they played together in town every day. End of the Rainbow was very much into togetherness and nopony ever treated her any different because of her leg. Her sweet temperament and desire to be kind to others made her a magnet for friendship! She also liked to try her hooves at many of the different clubs the school had to offer. One of these was a hoofball team! The filly happily trotted onto the field to play but was stopped short when an errant kick sent her leg out from under her! It had been made of wood and just wasn't strong enough for that kind of play.


Another filly saw how sad Kerfuffle was not to be able to play hoofball. This filly had a talent for fix-it jobs and made it her mission to build a leg strong enough for Kerfuffle to take part in anything she wanted to! It took a while to make the leg and in the mean time Fuffle had found she had a knack for a skill with a little less concussion on the legs. The knitting club! She found out that the filly was making her a leg and on the day she presented her gift Fuffle gave her a scarf that perfectly matched her coat! When they went to attach the leg both fillies noticed Fuffle had her cutie mark! From that day on Kerfuffle continued to play hoofball but she also began devoting herself to fashion design. 


A few years later Fuffle and her family took a trip to Manehatten where they caught a glimpse of the Manehatten branch of Rarity's Fashion for You! Kerfuffle was hooked on her designed from that moment on! It wasn't until the Mane 6 showed up in Hope Hollow that Fuffle was encouraged to strive for her own designs. Using her knack for color choice the skill came easily with a little help from her fashion idol Rarity!


Character Personality:


Kerfuffle is one of the nicest ponies you could hope to meet. She has a cheery nature and though she's still a bit unsure of her design skills she's ready to give it her best! She's quite encouraging and ponies often feel better and stronger after spending time with her. She really likes to visit and can often be seen in the town coffee shop conversing with a friend or two. Her shop has been receiving more business than usual since the color returned to town and she's often a bit swamped with ponies wanting more of her wares. She's learning to take the all in stride and remains a cheery mare!


Character Summary:


A bit boisterous but sweet to the core, Kerfuffle is the kind of pony most ponies find easy to befriend. She's not held back by much these days, though she still works on the confidence she has for her work. She also has the desire to travel more and has plans to visit Ponyville very soon!




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