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Yona (Ready)

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AgeOlder Dri (what yak call female yak)


Eye colorPale olive

CoatMilk chocolate brown and shaggy as can be! The skirt of her coat leaves off just at her fetlocks, exposing her cleft hooves. Her face and ears are of a light tan color that continues to lighten as it moves towards her muzzle. 

Mane/TailYak not have mane! Yak only have forelock! Yona has very long forelocks. So long that she has them done up in looping braids in front of her ears. The braids are done up with pink bows to hold them in place. Her forelocks are a bit deeper brown than the rest of her coat. Her heavy horns protrude from her forelocks, curving gracefully inward. 


As far as her tail goes, there's not much... Yak have perfect tail! Good for...good for...ummmmm....good for being yak tail! 


PhysiqueWell, she's built... like a yak! A bit ponderous but also very strong!


ResidenceShe currently lives at Twilight's School of Friendship in Ponyville. Her ancestral home is the frigid land of the yaks, Yakyakistan.


OccupationA student at the School of Friendship.


Cutie MarkNA Yak no have cutie mark!


Unique Traits:  Things tend to go boom when Yona is around. Or crash, or smash, or other destructive noises. She may not always mean to but she has a knack for breaking things. This may be unique to ponies but is somewhat standard to yaks.


She has a habit of going off on her own and singing to herself, generally about whatever mood she happens to be in.


Yona is seldom seen without her signature earthy green yak rug. It sits atop her body and keeps her warm or sheltered from the sun as needed. All good yak have yak rug on back!


HistoryYona was born and raised in Khanate the homelands of Yakyakistan among the frozen peaks. Yak hold family and kin dear and Yona was raised in the typical yak fashion. She was dearly loved and as such quickly brought up to endure the climates and culture of their home. Yaks are often rough and sometimes barbaric in their nature and so the loving family of a yak may not have the gentle hugs and nurturing support that pony cultures embodies. They do raise their young well however and Yona was happy as can be in her early years!


Yona remembered when she was very young a happy pink pony coming into their village. It took the yaks to come around to Pinkie Pie but before long they had developed and understanding and eventually yaks became friends with the Pink One. Other ponies came to visit and soon enough the leaders of the yak homelands decided diplomacy twixt nations would serve to bolster both nations in many ways. As a sign of their good intent the yaks went through their ranks to find a young one, just come of age, to send to Twilight's School of Friendship. Yona happened to be the right age and of very good temperament to learn from pony culture.


The first season at the school was not the easiest. It seemed there were disagreements on how students were being taught. After a time of tribulation for Yona and her new friends, the situation resolved. The Friendship School became an independent entity and as such Twilight could choose students and curriculum as she desired. Yona was happy to stay on at the school with her new friends.


She continues to grow and discover as she spends time at the School of Friendship. Yona, along with her friends, have had many adventures during their time as students. All of them are growing and learning more about themselves and what it is to be a good friend. Recently Yona has become more open minded to cultures outside of yak tradition and was even open minded enough to learn what was needed to be a perfect pony pal at the first annual Amenity Ball!


Character PersonalityYona's personality is a big reason why she was chosen by her homeland to represent yak kind at Twilight's School. She still knows in her heart that 'yak is best' but she finds herself open and willing to learn from others. She is not as brash or brusque as many yaks tend to be. Yona has a very sweet heart and truly wants what is best for those she cares for. 


Though she speaks in first yak as most yaks do, Yona is quite intelligent. She picks up on information quickly and retains lots from what she learns. She is also good at reading others and can quickly pick up on their needs. Because she genuinely cares about others, many creatures find it easy to open up and talk with Yona. 


She still fairly unsure of herself. She will try to fit into the norms sometimes which usually ends up with things going smash and Yona feeling terrible about herself. She responds well to quick pep talk though and is soon back to her regular boisterous self.


Character SummaryYona is a yak with a big heart and a kind nature. She can be loud and boisterous at times. Since she is still learning about herself she can also be easily swayed  and over trusting at times. She is also a trustworthy friend and will give it her all to please those she cares about.

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