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Grubber (Ready)

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Name: Grubber
Sex: Male
Age: Older adolescent
Species: Hedgehog
Eye Color: Opal
Coat: Cobalt blue
Spines: Light gray, extending from head to tail in a mohawk-like pattern
Physique: Quite short in stature compared to the typical Hedgehog his age; also chubby
Attire: Sleeveless shirt adorned with a pink cupcake
Occupation: Student of Friendship
Residence: Ponyville - School of Friendship dormitories


Despite once serving as the personal assistant to the nefarious Storm King, Grubber would say that all he was is a simple guy with simple desires. As a hoglet raised in a working-class urban family, nothing made Grubber happier than being able to eat a good meal — an extremely rare commodity in the wretched industrial cities of the Stormlands. But one day, the young boy saw a recruitment ad for the Storm King’s Armada... and it promised excellent rations to all who enlisted! Grubber didn’t even think twice about signing up.

Despite being little more than a runt compared to the Armada’s elite Yeti warriors, Grubber was put to good use as an airship cabin boy. Sure, military rations were indeed a step above the glurk the hoglet used to settle for, but what really delighted him was the chance to plunder the mouth-watering cuisines of other lands all for himself! In time, Grubber’s lack of ambition beyond filling up his stomach caught the attention of the Storm King himself. Suspicious of those driven to climb up the ladder (and potentially dethrone him), the satyr tyrant saw in Grubber a simpleton lackey who’d never dream of betraying him. And would you believe it, the King made Grubber his assistant!

Grubber would end up paired with the Storm King’s top lieutenant, Commander Tempest Shadow. The hedgehog’s official assignment was to lend assistance to Commander Shadow and obey all her commands. The Storm King also prompted Grubber to debrief him on Tempest’s field performance and everything she said, but the King encouraged the hedgehog to keep those chats their little secret. At least, that’s how the runt explained things to Tempest in one of the many times he failed to think before speaking.

Although not the most competent aide-de-camp, Grubber served faithfully right up until the Storm King’s defeat at the hooves of Princess Twilight Sparkle and a face-turned Tempest Shadow. For his part, Grubber didn’t mourn this turn of events. Sure, the King who had believed in him was gone and he was stuck in a foreign kingdom with little hope of making it home again... but at least he was stuck in the land that made the best food yet! And hey; maybe there’s something to this whole Friendship thing as well.

With the begrudging approval of his ex-commander, Grubber is now a student at the Ponyville School of Friendship. Of course, whether the lazy hedgehog is able to put the hard work into studying remains to be seen.....

Character Personality:

To put it simply, Grubber can be quite a brat. Smart-mouthed and obnoxious at times, the hedgehog believes himself to be funnier than he actually is. Furthermore, his work ethic and ability to take things seriously leaves much to be desired. It is, in fact, a rather fair observation to make that Grubber’s only real passion is for food, which he will devour with glee upon sight. Sweets are a particularly favorite delicacy of his.

Yet for all of Grubber’s immaturity, he can also be quite cunning when he wants to be. Unusually for a creature from the Stormlands, this hedgehog is also easy-going around anyone he meets. Nothing ever seems to get Grubber’s spirits down, and he’d always make at least one attempt to raise the spirits of those around him if they’re feeling down in the dumps.

Character Summary:

Grubber may have once been part of the bad guys, but her never truly had the heart of one. The runt still has much to learn about what it means to be a good friend, but if he works hard, Grubber can achieve anything his heart desires!

.....Assuming he ever wants anything more than endless desserts, that is.

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