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Eye ColorA gradient of cornflower blue

CoatHis coat is a soft apricot orange with cream colored stockings and a wide blaze. He tries to keep himself presentable but personal grooming habits are not his specialty.

Mane/TailHis mane and tail are both pumpkin orange intersected with an even deeper shade of the same coloration. 


Oh Sunburst, just not the one for personal grooming. He may be gifted in some areas but combing his mane and tail are not on of them. Mane and tail are both poorly cut, making one wonder if he indeed did cut it himself. His mane is cropped short on his neck and gets longer as it travels towards his poll. His mane sweeps into his forelocks and drapes downwards, covering part of his face with its scraggly ends. His tail is cropped just about hock height, thought it's cut a bit jagged. Let's not forget his beard. It's the same color as his mane and tail and not nearly as neatly groomed as a beard should be. He does however, take care to wash his beard often. Hygiene of facial hair is crucial after all!


PhysiqueSunny is built on the stocky side. He's not in any way fat, his just hefty. 


ResidenceA bit more than modest dwelling in the Crystal Empire's Residential District. From here he is able to go to the Arts district to procure the magic books he requires.


OccupationA magic scholar of the highest order. Sunny has spent most of his life studying the fine arts and secrets of magic. He is also the proud Crystaller of Princess Flurry Heart.


Cutie Markimage.jpeg


Sunburst's cutie mark is a mix of his passions in life. Magic, knowledge, and friendship. A deep orange sun with blue friendship magic sparkles around it, and rays of illumination bursting forward towards his gaskins. 


Unique Traits:  He has the honor is being the Crystaller for the Princess Flurry Heart after his heroic deeds in the time of Flurry Heart's Crystalling celebration. 


As far as attire this unicorn keeps a pair of round silver rimmed glasses perched on the bridge of his nose almost all the time. They are bifocals as he's near and far sighted. He is also rarely seen without his trademark cape. It is clasped at the bottom of his neck with a quartz gem broach. A high collar protrudes from the garment the length of his neck. The rest of the fabric drapes down over his body reaching almost to his hooves in the back. The cape is deep turquoise in color, trimmed in bright turquoise, and studded with embroidered turquoise stars of varying sizes.


History:  Sunburst grew up with loving parents in the nice home in the residential district. He was not the most outgoing of foals and his mother Stellar Flare often had to encourage him to meet other ponies. He was happiest on his own doing what he loved most in the world, studying. As soon as he was able to read the young one had devoured book after book. His favorite being books on the conjuring and use of magic. He'd often try to produce the magic the books told him of but to no great avail.


For his first few years Sunny was mostly on his own until he met the one pony he felt comfortable with, Starlight Glimmer. As little ones they played for hours in Starlight's home. They made up stories and jokes, constructed forts out of couch cushions, and played all sorts of games. It was on a day that they were playing a stacking game with books that Sunburst's life changed! Starlight had been trying to move the book stack and it started to fall! The books were heavy and Sunny knew she'd get hurt! He remembered a spell he'd learned from one of his books and without thinking *zap* he cat it! The books levitated and fell to the side, saving his friend! Starlight was going to congratulate him for the spell and thank him for saving her but then everything happened in a rush! 


His cutie mark appeared! A mix of everything he'd always been passionate about. Magic sparkles, showing his love for magic and also for having deep and lasting friendships. The sun, burning brightly with intent to share. Rays of illumination of learning and knowledge bursting from the sun forward, directing him to share his knowledge and passion for deep friendships with others! His parents saw his mark and were so proud he was rushed off to celebrate. Soon he was enrolled in the school for gifted unicorns and was left wondering what had become of his long lost best friend.


Sunny was as studious as a student could get! He mastered all the classes requiring any sort of learning but, when it came to classes on casting? Forget it! He had no talent for casting any sort of spells. He graduated with a prodigious degree in magical learning but no abilities to cat spells of his own. From there the stallion made his way the the Crystal Empire to further his learning. He spent year after year in the sparkling city, learning more and more but found himself always wanting. Wanting what he had had and lost with Starlight. A true friend.


This want was reconciled when Starlight and her friends came to the Crystal Empire for Fully Heart's Crystalling. The Crystal Heart is shattered and without Sunbursts knowledge disaster would have befallen the empire. Things were righted in the end and the heart restored thanks in part to Sunbursts knowledge. He was then able to visit his friend Starlight in Ponyville, learning of her new life. Though they didn't hit it off right away, Sunbursts enduring love of friendship saw them through in the end. 


From there on out Sunburst has been involved in some pretty tremendous turns of events in Ponyville. He used Star Swirl the Bearded's lost journal to free the pillars and save Equestria from the Pony of Shadows. He was also called by the Cutie Map to go on a rather uncomfortable adventure to help his parents with the help of Starlight Glimmer.


These days Sunburst is able to travel to the places he loves most and spend time with a variety of close friends. He still frequents the Crystal Empire and can often be seen in local coffee and doughnut shoppes in the Empire or more often than not in Ponyville. His most recent endeavor is to become a part time professor at Twilight's School of Friendship. Only time will tell if he will be offered the roll...


Character PersonalitySunny cane seem overwhelmed at times because he is overwhelmed at times. At lots of times. He gets frazzled easily and looses his train of thought frequently. He also worries about things that probably don't need to be worried about. However, there's more to this stallion than meets the eye. Sunburst is a passionate fellow. He loves knowledge, especially of magic and magical arts. He loves to be able to be there for others, especially his friends, when he's needed. Nothing gives him more satisfaction that figuring out a difficult situation for a friend. Friendship means the world to him. He's loyal to a fault and only wants to make sure he's done the best by his friends. 


Character SummaryA kind hearted yet frazzled stallion, Sunny has a big heart and a vast understanding of magic. Though he may not be able to cast most spells, he's there when he's needed and can figure out almost any problem!


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