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Granny Smith (Ready)

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NameGranny Smith


AgeAged Mare

SpeciesEarth Pony

Eye colorGradient of amber

CoatOlive Green

Mane/TailBoth mane and tail are kept done up in buns that she rarely lets down. Her mane and tail used to be a deep golden color but they have gone grey to white with age. 


PhysiqueShe's well, she's old! Wrinkled and saggy all over. She's kept herself in decent shape for her age, neither being skinny nor over weight.


Residence: She has a cozy room of her own in the farm cottage of Sweet Apple Acres. The farm cottage is her permanent residence along with her two grand daughters and her grandson. 


OccupationMatriarch of the Apple family.


Cutie MarkA lattice crusted apple pie in a pan.


History Why don't you take a seat young'in, an' I'll tell you a tale about the founding of Ponyville...


Granny Smith came to the area now called Ponyville back before there was any town to speak of. They were pioneer ponies and looking for just the sort of setting they found in the valley and fields of the Ponyville's berth. The family settled and life was quite tough for the first few seasons. They were able to build a ramshackle dwelling and start up a farm. A few other settlers moved in around the same time. 


The pony pioneers were waiting for their crops to ripen for harvest and the waiting was looong due on account o' there wasn't much to be had as far as eating. Granny decided to venture out into the Everfree in search of sustenance for herself and her family. Through a rather frightening turn of events she happened upon the ripening of the Zap Apple! She brought the delicious fruit home and soon after the production of Zap Apple jam began! There's a right particular way to boil n' bottle the sweet treat. It may even make a pony look darn foolish but don't you be mistaken! It's all an important part oft the process of a perfect finished product!


As the years went by the Apple family grew and Granny was there to see to the needs of them. There were plenty of good times and plenty of hard times too. Granny's heart swelled and broke more times than she could count, but such is life. Recently she was able to reconnect with the patriarch of the Pear family after a very long separation due to disagreements between Bright Mac and Pear Butter. The shattered past was finally made right but Granny still wishes Mac and Pear hadn't had to leave so soon. 


These days she's content to live life on Sweet Apple Acres with her grandchildren. She gets up to mischief now and again and she also still works on the farm. Most of the work is in the kitchen, except for Zap Apple season! That's one thing that really gets Granny going!


Character PersonalityGranny is typically an ornery ol' mare. She can be cranky, especially when she's sleepy. She also has a big heart and enjoys very much the company of close friends and family. She's still quick witted and can crack a joke or a smart mouthed comment when the mood takes her. She's fiercely loyal and proud of the Apple family. She's the matriarch and in charge of keeping the history and traditions of her family alive.


Character SummaryThough she may come off as brusque and even rude, this granny has a heart of gold! You can count on her for a wry comment and a bit of sass and also for a wise confidant and fiercely loyal friend. 



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