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Terramar (Ready)

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AgeYoung adult

SpeciesHippogriff/Sea Pony

Eye colorGradient of sky blue to cyan.

CoatHis fur and feathers are creamy off white with the furthest extremities  (claws, hooves, beak,) being of a yellow gray color. As a sea pony his fins and hooves are sky blue.

Mane/TailHis mane is cropped short on his neck and his feather like forelocks are long and jut out from between his ears. His tail is long as well. Both mane and tail are of cyan and light turquoise shades, in strips through out. As a sea pony his fins are shorter and more rounded and only cyan colored.


Residence: He lives with his parents Sky Beak and Ocean Flow either at Mount Aris or in Seaquestria depending on his moods. His father resides at Mount Aris while his mother stays in Seaquestria. He is allowed to travel between the two homes using the fragment of transformation pearl on his necklace. 


PhysiqueHe has the healthy structure of a young adult. Lots of energy and a strong but light frame. 


OccupationA recently enrolled student in Twilight's Friendship School.


Cutie MarkNA



Terramar grew up in a healthy family with brothers and sisters, and a mom and dad. His young years were spent frolicking at Mount Aris, enjoying life as a young hippogriff. When the hippogriff kingdom fell, Terramar and the rest of his family went to hiding in Seaquestria. Since he had lived in both places he had quite time deciding where was the best place for him to live permanently once the hippogriffs were free to return to their homelands.


Through a series of events and encounters with the CMC Terramar became more confused than ever which wasn't righted until his parents told him he could live in both places and visit where ever he felt like going! He has been doing that up until recently. His sister Silversteam was enrolled as a student at the Friendship School and Terramar has heard all of her stories and adventures! He very much wants to join in as a student!


Terramar has enrolled and is looking forward to his first semester at the Friendship school this year! It will be new for him but he's really not that nervous. He's been through a lot of situations that have brought him to this moment and he can't wait to spread his wings as a Friendship student!


Character PersonalityTerramar is excitable and fun! He loves to adventure and explore. He loves to expand his mind through learning. He's fiercely loyal to his family and ever so proud of his sister Silverstream. He can get caught up in situations sometimes and will become anxious when things don't get figured out right away. He's been known to jump to conclusions and over react sometimes. He has the energy of a young creature and the mind to excel in whatever he attempts!


Character SummaryTerramar is friendly and fun! He's one handsome hippogriff! This guy's out for a whole new set of adventures at the Friendship school this year!





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