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Reckless (Ready)


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Art by the awesome: GoldenDaze!


Name: Reckless 

Sex: Female

Age: Mare

Species: Aerion/Pegasus Hybrid

Eye Color: Bright pink gradient

Coat: Her coat is a sleek ash grey

Mane/Tail: Both mane and tail are neon pink. She keeps her mane cropped fairly short and the ends are cut into jagged angles. Her tail is cropped just above her hocks and it ends in a jagged cut angle not unlike her mane.

Physique: Reckless has a body that makes lots of stallion (and mares) swoon. She's fit and svelte. Lots of hours in the gym and on long patrols has fashioned her muscles for peak performance on the training grounds and on the field.  Her tufted ears are lined with neon pink fur. Her feathered wings have neon pink pinions. 

Residence:  The royal guard barracks is her home when on duty. When off duty she rents a small apartment in the market district of Canterlot.


Occupation: Proud new recruit to the Royal Guard.   


Cutie Mark: A silver dagger with zig-zag cutting marks


Unique Traits:

She's trained in the art of flighting with blades on the front edges of her wings. 


Being only half aerion she's fully able to see during the day. She's a day time creature but could switch to the night if needed. 



Reckless was born to an aerion father and a pegasus mother and grew up in the market district of Canterlot. Though not many of her particular kind were around she was never troubled by it. She did well in school, gaining good marks and having many friends. Her parents noticed soon after her birth that she had quite the care free nature about her. She'd go wandering off and not really care if she got lost. She made friends easily enough as her antics were entertaining and she had a fun and energetic personality. 


As she grew Reckless became more and more like her name sake. She'd try flight stunts others her age wouldn't dare attempt. She got up to trouble now and again as those of her age are want to do. She was not unused to showing off, which brought her local notoriety. She was taken by Wonderbolts fever not long after viewing her first show. From them on she practiced flight to prepare herself to enter the air force of Equestria. However, as time went on she was intrigued by her father more and more. The proud aerion had been a member of Luna's night guard for many years. His skills with his wing blades were known throughout the guard. Reckless decided learning to not only fly fierce but also to fight fierce!


Her father was happy to teach her the basics in the use of wing blades, but she was young so he tried to keep it simple. Reckless would have none of it and before he could blink she'd flown through the targets he'd set up in a zip zag pattern. Each of the target broke in half as she sliced with her blades! When she landed the last target fell to the ground and her cutie mark appeared! He father took that as a sign that his daughter would be well suited to learn the fine arts of aerial fighting!


Eventually Reckless was ready to enter the forces of the royal equestrian guard! She's never been prouder than the past few months of her service! Only time will tell if being part of the guard will slake her desire for adventure!


Character Personality: 

Reck is brash and not afraid to be who she is! Most ponies take to her easily enough though stallions are known to act odd around her. She chalks that up to her good looks and confident nature! She's a solid friend and trustworthy once she's in a pony's confidence. She can be a bit rude at times and can also push others too far with her charisma and wit.


Character Summary:

A new recruit in the Guard, Reckless is on the hunt for adventure and possibly a stallion or two... *wink wink* ;) 

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