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Bellissima Stella {Ready}


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Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Bellissima Stella
Nicknames: Ms. Stella, Bell, Star

Sex: Female (her/she)
Age: Younger Mare
Species: Unicorn
Sexual Orientation: Straight (Totally, haha,
in the closet)


~Physical Attributes~



Eye Color: Bright Blue

Character Color: Light Pink

Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are very well taken care of, normally very clean and fashionable looking. It curls on the ends, and has locks behind her horn that curl up to her ears. Her front locks are tucked behind her ears. The colors in her hair are a wide range of blue, to purple, to orange. 

Physique: She's taller than average. Thin and long, like a model, but not as tall as Luna. 

Extra: She normally has a thick line of mascara on, even fake eyelashes. She also always has her iconic blue bow that makes her eyes pop.

Cutie Mark: 


Description: A black music note over a blue star.  


Story: Basically, it was her first gig at some half time show for a soccer game, specifically Long Shot's soccer game (to which Bell might have a little crush on since then..) in Canterlot, and Bell was actually really nervous. She loved the attention, but was scared she was going to mess up. But, the little filly ran onto the middle of the field and sang the anthem with her whole heart, and it made ponies cry. Like actual tears. She was a little shaky, but the moment was too special. It was really beautiful. Then, bam, her cutie mark appeared. 


~Outside Information~

Family: Adoptive Father (Unicorn): Gioiello Viola, Adoptive Mother (Unicorn): Bella Gemma


Occupation: Famous Pop Singer

Residence: Her main home is in Manehatten, but she travels on tour a lot. 



Character Personality: This unicorn is one sassy little snob. She's beautiful, until you meet her true self. Bell is a selfish little brat, and acts like tough stuff when she's not in front of her large standing fans. In front of her fans, she's the sweetest and most gorgeous creature ever to set hoof on the planet. When her back is turned though, her true feelings unleash in something nasty. She plays games, and is very untrustworthy. Not many ponies are close to her, because one, she's a back stabber, and two, she doesn't let ponies get close with her. Probably because she's very insecure about herself, and scared of opinions, but she'd never admit that. Never. She really is scared of feeling love, and scared of friendship, because what if no pony really likes her? Because of this, she has a hard time opening up, and she's closed minded. Bell otherwise is very cocky, but very lazy. She generally just likes to sit all day in her trailer and sleep. She's a weird one. 

Unique Traits: Her voice is pretty much like an angel, but she tends to use a lot of autotuned (a magic spell preformed by her), but she doesn't need the enhancement. She can play the guitar, but she mostly does that behind closed doors. She very good at hiding her emotions, as she's generally just a fake pony trying to make a living. Only some can spot out her lies.


History: Bell was born on a gorgeous summer morning, you know with the blue birds singing in the distance, the sun shining perfectly through the windows to behold a beautiful healthy baby girl. Too bad her parents absolutely despised her. The couple never wanted a foal, but they wanted a offspring in their name to follow in their hoof steps. So, they adopted a gorgeous little filly. Those two being cocky little gem sellers never let their child get in the way of their money, but they were rich anyway. 

So, Bell grew up pretty much shunned from her family. They were never home, and the poor little filly had to figure out herself alone. How to cook, how to clean, how to take care of herself in general. Bell was naturally stunning. She always had a wonder wavy and thick mane that would grab anypony's attention. The mare did love the spotlight. 

When she was alone, she'd sing by herself and write her own songs, looking for some pony to give her attention because her parents never did. That led to Bell becoming a rude, nasty little girl, but the pony who found her on the street singing her heart out loved the attitude. She became known around the city rather quickly, as her voice sounded like angels themselves, even for a little girl. Throughout her life, she just grew up singing in front of crowds and becoming world wide. Now she just travels everywhere, banking up bits. Currently, her family actually wants something to do with her. Kind of sad, but Bell holds her own. 


A little growing up photo for reference: 




Character Summary: Bell is a two-faced little snotty brat, but is honestly just insecure about her emotions. 

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