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(OPEN) Ponies! In! SPACE! (space/Survival/mystery)

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This would be a Mane 6 thread, but the mane 6 have lost a member (well kinda 2 if you count spike) so Instead of Twiley, I'm throwing in Starlight since she falls into that role, with optionally adding in Sunburst since the two of them make a nice team (I'm not planning to add Trixie, but if people really want her I'll throw her in too to round out that group)


You wake up with very hazy memories in a strange high-tech  room - the kinda of machines you only remember from Science fiction books... but something is wrong... the ship is badly damaged, almost out of power and supplies, and there seem to be some... other... creatures... among you... what happened?


1-3 players please. only choose from available cast (it will make more sense as the plot unfolds) 

Depending on how many players sign up, each player gets up to 3 characters.


The story begins with Starlight waking up, from there she will awaken the rest of the cast as she finds them. (And as much as I hate spoilers in a mystery, if requested, I will post a plot synopsis) 



Starlight Glimmer: ???

Applejack: Ashton

Rainbow Dash: Ashton

Rarity: ???

Fluttershy: ???

Pinkie Pie: ???


(Optional) Sunburst: ???

(Optional) The Great and Powerful Trixie: ???


So Who's ready for a romp through a dilapidated Starship somewhere far from home and filled with mysteries and challenges? :D 

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