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Bubblegum Spade {Ready}


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Roleplay Type: both WOE and FFA. And multiverse.
Name: Bubblegum Spade
Sex: F
Age: Mare (early 30's, not giving a specific number)
Species: Unicorn
Eye colour: black fading to a dark grey.
Coat: purple blue-ish
Mane/Tail: bubblegum pink fasing with diverse pinks.
Physique: quite tall (a bit shorter than princess twilight in the last episode of season 9). Not that muscular, but she isn't weak either. Has long legs, but not as long as a princess's legs. Her muzzle is small, like a filly, but has some adults curves to it. Her eyes are shaped like Rarity's.
Residence: Canterlot (though she isn't as snobby as most of them are displayed throughout the series).
Occupation: Successful Writer in both fanfictions, on request, and fictions, thought out by herself. She's currently working on a fiction about a shadow pony finding true love. Title will be leaked next week.
Cutie Mark: image
Unique Traits: her magic is quite strong. With it she could 'shapeshift' (like in that episode where they changed into breezies to guide them home). Has taught 'Black Magic And How To Defend Yourself' before Princess Twilight started a friendship school. Her eyes have this bright sparkle in it that tells her emotions. Dull sparkle for when she's down, bright for if she's in a positive mood.

History: when she was a young mare, she had studied all sorts of magic, including black magic. One of her favourites was the dark arts. She saw that kind of magic in a movie called Harry Trotter. She absolutely adored it so she began studying it when she went to Celestias school.

She smiled when it was her first day as 'Black Magic And How To Defend Yourself' teacher. She shortened the name to BMAHTDY, or BMADY. She was so excited, until she saw hateful glares towards her from everypony in there. "Hello, class. I'm Bubblegum Spade. You can either call me miss Bubblegum, or Bubbly." She smiled sweetly. Still no smiles back. "I'm your new teacher of this new class, which i like to call BMADY. It's short for BMAHTDY, which stands for Black Magic And How To Defend Yourself." Finally a hoof rose up. She looked at a minty blue filly, who seemed to be close to marehood. "Will we be able to use it against you as well, miss i-know-it-all?" The second that was asked, she thought 'oh boi. This is going to be a long first year.' She sighed and showed that if they did use it, they would end up in Sombra's dungeons. They immediately knew to not mess with their sweet but psycho teacher.

Character Personality: She's very sweet but has a 'dark' side to her that only shows when she's messed with in a not fun way. Her 'dark' side includes usage of dark magic and taking form of dangerous but non-lethal beings, such as a wasp or anything else that could harm but not kill anypony. Her sweet side includes wanting to help ponies in need, write her books, give what's needed and anything else that would define a good person.

Character Summary: Bubblegum Spade is a Female middle aged unicorn mare. She lives in Canterlot and is a very successful writer of no less than 73 books which 20% is fanfiction on request. She's currently working on a fiction about a shadow pony finding true love. She has taught BMADY {Black Magic And Defend Yourself} before the school of friendship became an actual thing, which ended her career a BMADY teacher in Celestia's school. She's a sweet but psycho mare. Sweet as in everything that defines a good pony, psycho as in a harmful but non-lethal being when being messed with in a negative way.

{Please do tell me if something isn't adding up. Tips are always accepted, dear.}


It doesn't seem as if this site accepts every url link i put in... it's very annoying. https://cdn1.imggmi.com/uploads/2019/11/20/6ce900ce8fa097122e050ed062bcaf43-full.png so I'll do it like this. Click the link and it directs you to the site. I'm sorry i had to do it this way.

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I was waiting to see your cutie mark section get filled out, since the picture doesn't show up.

Also, "With it she could 'shapeshift' like a Changeling could". This would be better if it were removed, since she isn't a changeling and it doesn't seem to add much to the character. I'd also go more into what is and is not allowable under psycho, since the RP is PG/PG-13. Are we talking more nuisance/petty responses or something more?

Once we can see the Cutie Mark or get a description and the above is changed or adapted better we can stamp this.

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No, we hadn't noticed. We don't look at applications after we've made our comments unless the applicant responds. You weren't banned last time for responding to comments. You were banned for an attitude.

Anywho, I will approve this character. I still have reservations and you will need to be careful that the character remains within the PG/PG-13 rating of the RP.

                                                                image.png.815c22357bffa7ed9f7f209e27d9fb7f.png.2f935f5741429458945f7224d0b5de9f (1).png

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