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Roulette GoLucky{Ready}


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Roleplay Type: WOE

Name: Roulette GoLucky

Sex: Female

Age: Mare


Species: Unicorn

Eye colour:  A rich new leaf green, framed by gold eyeshadow

Coat: Midnight blue that gradiates to black near the edges of her body.

Mane/Tail: Her mane is long and flowing, halfway to the floor, with razor cut, bangs, and her tail is similarly long, they start off black and gradient into a shocking electric blue.

Physique: Slight of stature, with gentle curves and graceful long legs.

Residence: Traveling Nomad that originally  was born in Canterlot briefly lived in Manehattan

Occupation: Originally she was a makeup artist for higher end celebrities, but found fake “cosmetic fixes” to be more profitable, she travels town to town, offering her services and then skipping town before she is discovered to be a fraud.

Cutie Mark:  She technically has two, her REAL one which is a kabuki brush dipped in a rainbow powder, sprinkling down


And her fake one which is the same cutie mark with a glowing outline around it and a magic wand to imply she can magically transform appearances
.ulStANE4AEupRQdvAlU3DbNobI2J-fbwsv8-5JKuBK8f_XaFAtELDV1Qi70QgFUg5jF8ZrTujIr30MXQwUDPpoYtPxFN7mNPbxM3ElxyNjYuVtnX-OsEuCaVFBT575nNjNxQToDG It’s not actually her cutie mark changing, it’s just carefully drawn on with makeup so it appears real.


Unique Traits:  Roulette is a very VERY talented makeup artist, she attended school for it, and even used to do makeup for the Canterlot Elite, she’d spend her days making them look beautiful, but found no real “joy” in it, it was a job.

She’s a very talented magic user actually, and attended Celestia’s school for gifted Unicorns, specializing in illusionary magic, levitation and dramatics...but  her parents insisted she focus on the trade that would get her “more money” Now she’s doing what she FEELS she is truly good at...Hoodwinking ponies!~

History: Roulette was born on the floor of a casino, the dice rolling above her, and the whirl, whirl WHIRL of the roulette wheel was one of the first sounds she heard.

Her Mother Royal Flush had decided that work was still more important and simply picked herself up, dubbed her Daughter ‘Roulette” and handed her over to the filly’s father Cardshark.

From a young age Roulette was made aware of her family history, how their whole job was to rid Equestrians of the burden of their bits that they were too simple to grasp, that the bottom line was ofcourse the most important.

That doesn’t mean her parents weren’t loving and kind parents to her, they really were, but they also  were feverishly ambitious and “career” driven.

They were THRILLED when Roulette got accepted to Celestia’s school for gifted unicorns, and were proud when Roulette got her cutie mark doing the makeup for her Aunt’s wedding as a wee filly, that made the pony realize her love of making other ponies look and feel their best.

What they were not thrilled with was Roulette wanting to dedicate the next several years to studying illusion magic and doing odd jobs to pay for college.

Nope, no daughter of theirs was wasting her talent on BOOKS! If she must study, she was going to study to become a makeup artist and to begin her career!

With that her tomes on magic were closed, and Roulette began her makeup artist career, studying on the job, apprenticing at top end salons, and eventually traveling to work on the cream of the crop, raking in the bits, and yet feeling very unfulfilled.

It was during a clients session where the mare she was tending to started fussing about wrinkles, that Mirage got struck by inspiration… Ponies were..vain and shallow right? Why not EXPLOIT that shallowness… it would do her family proud right? RIGHT!

After tending to her client, Roulette dusted off her old text boosk about illusion magic, it was small to start, practicing ‘erasing” wrinkles, getting rid of  unwanted “beauty marks” and small scars, it was so simple!~

With that, she changed her cutie mark carefully with magic, and packed up a wagon, starting “Roulettes Rejuvinating Magic!” A traveling business where she’d come and help poor unfortunate ponies and creatures unhappy with their appearance, and then skip town before her spell wore off!~

THIS is what would make her family proud..Right?


Character Personality: Roulette has a silver tongue, very flattering, but sharp as a knife if she wants to make you slightly insecure about an aspect of yourself so she can work her “magic” and fix it~ Though she can also be deeply caring, kind and  generous, but she tries to squash those feelings down due to them being bad for “business”

Character Summary:  Antagonist Pony, make you pretty and make you pay, before turning heels and running away before her fraud is discovered at play.



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