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Homura Esaka [READY]


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Name: Esaka Homura, actually Tennouji Homura, but she goes around using her mother family name to distance herself from her overbearing father.


Sex: Female


Age: Filly


Species: Quilin


Eye colour: Amber


Coat/scales/horns: Champagne coat with sapphire scales and amber horns with many prongs.


Mane/Tail/Other: Both mane and tail are of dual shades of blue, namely ultramarine and sapphire. Homura keeps her mane shoulder length on the sides, but allowed the back hair to grow long so should could tie them into low ponytail with her material arts headband.


Physique: Lean and muscular, unusually so for a girl her age.


Residence: Formerly Polohoma. Now she lives in School of Friendship dorms in Ponyville.


Occupation: Exchange student, ex-delinquent, notorious scrapper and aspiring material artist.


Cutie Mark: Material arts belt, enveloped in amber flames.


Unique Traits:

Homura never goes anywhere without her trademark black baseball hat! This hat is actually a gift from Hoshi Shirogane, one given to young fan that cheered her the most. The headgear saw countles battles and was actually damaged quite a lot, but Esaka always gets it repaired. As a result, it's hard to recognize as the same hat from it's original appearance. To further emulate one of her idols, Homura wears a pin on it as well. In her case however it's a - certainly not cartoonish - wolf instead of fox.

Esaka is also notable for wearing  - exclusively - boy's school uniforms. This is actually one of the things on which her father relented after she told him "I will attend wearing this, or I will not attend at all!". After which he caved in before such ultimatum.


Powerful Breath: As befitting her name, Homura has very powerful breath, and has quickly proven to be a prodigy when using it. Esaka quickly learned that her flames can be sent to her hooves, both to provide explosive (literally) boost to her strikes, making a hoofy projectiles in the forms of 'waves' sliding along the ground and more. She also incorporated them to enhance mobility - allowing her to make incredibly sharp turns when moving, improvised 'rocket jumps' , suspending herself in the air for 'fake-outs' etc. Homura flames are distinctive for their amber color, matching her eyes and horns.


Street Fighting: Homura style of fighting is generally self-taught, developed by her along the way and seeing what 'works' and what does not. There are however some elements of Yōshin-ryū jujitsu and her family traditional Esaka-Ryū incorporated in it. However since her father limited Homura's interactions with her grandfather, she couldn't be fully trained in this traditional art, most of the knowledge coming (secretly) from her mother who - while very gifted adept - was never a master like her father. Thus while effective, Esaka style looks 'incomplete' to a seasoned veteran.


Fluent in Equestrian: Because her father was/is a long time Neighpon ambassador to Equestria, Homura became communicative in the language since the young age.


Other Skills and Hobbies: As a student, Homura excels in subjects that require numbers, mathematics, physics and chemistry. She also likes drawing - technical drawing to be precise - which in fact was her first hobby before she discovered her love for fighting. Esaka a is also a die-hard fan of Gollemu Fighting, which reigning champion being her favorite. She is also an enthusiast of Vocapons, but a closet one, and wouldn't be caught dead admitting her affection for them.



Born to Neighponese politician Daisuke Tennouji ,and Karen Esaka - famous garden planner and third daughter of material arts living legend, Kazuya Esaka. Daisuke at the time was Neighpon ambassador to Equestria, thus Homura was born in the realm of ponies, in Roam - earning herself a dual citizenship. From the very start Daisuke deemed her as his future successor in political affairs, and planned educate her as such. However when Homura was three years old, her father health problems forced him to temporary retire from his position and politics, and focus on family life and recovery.

This forced the family to return to Neighpon, to Tennouji ancestral home in Polohoma.

At first Daisuke was extremely doting father, seeing his daughter talent for numbers and fiery personality - in his eyes markings for, perhaps, future Minister of Economics or Urban Planning.

It wasn't until Homura and her mother attended a certain Golem Match at Polohama Dome. During it, and young trainer made her debut appearance. Young Homura was on edge of her seat for the entire fight, and was cheering the loudest, starting chanting ' Nagareboshi' when newbie trainer earned her win after a narrow match. Due to this unprecedented show of support little Esaka was gifted with one of hats free of charge, by the Shirogane herself, making Homura her fan for life.

Little quilin started to attend all of 'Nagareboshi' matches. At first wanting to become trainer herself, she quickly realized that she had no talent for it whatsoever. Still determinated to become more like Hoshi-sempai, she started to researching her background, and learned that Shirogane was also a practicing material artist. Esaka asked her family about her own legacy and was in fact informed by her - still unsuspecting father - that her mother line had much better credentials in this regards then Hoshi ever did. Thus when Esaka started to finally attenting school next month, she was quick to sign in for the material arts club - one that promoted Yōshin-ryū jujitsu.


It was at this moment that Homura discovered that she liked fighting. She really liked fighting, perhaps even more then Gollemu Fighting and drawing. Belief further cemented by sporadic visits from her grandfather, who tried to impart as much knowledge as he could to his - very talented - granddaughter.

Soon however, sparring matches stopped being enough, and her father wasn't interested in his daughter becoming a school athlete, barring her from participating in inter-school tournaments. As such hungry for further bouts Esaka took to searching the streets. There were lot's of delinquents and gangs, no one would mind if she goads them into fighting her, right? At first everything was fine. Homura found herself an outlet for her urges, with her parent none the wiser. At first, Polohoma hooligans didn't took her seriously, and first few of them got knocked out cold in confrontations with her. However as her infamy grew, tougher and tougher customers came looking for her. Esaka couldn't be happier. This was what she wanted, a real opportunities to improve her skills! Soon 'Hungry Wolf Homura' became a an urban legend of sorts.


This of course couldn't last forever. After a particularly close fight, Esaka ended up with a bruise that she couldn't hide easily, one on her cheek. At first she tried to blame it on being hit by a doorknob. Lying however was not one of young quilin talents, and soon Daisuke investigated. To his horror, it turned out that his very own daughter became a delinquent, one that was even skipping classes to search for a good battle! The only reason school didn't reported this was because she kept having excellent grades despite her abscesses. She even earned a Cutie Mark during her first street fight, something he was unaware of since she dyed her flank over it.

Daisuke couldn't accept what his daughter special talent was, especially self-convincing himself that the burning belt wasn't representing how good scrapper she was, but instead being visual sign of her 'burning determination'. He was half right.

This incident turned out to be just a beginning of a cycle. Homura was moved to another school, and barred from doing anything material arts relented. This of course didn't stop her for long, and she ended up sneaking into the streets again, with her father eventually finding out, rise and repeat.


After four years this game of cat and mouse was still going and would continue if nor for Karen Esaka. Finally fed up with Daisuke treatment of their child, she filled for separation, claiming that although she still dearly loved her husband, he needed to take a long, good look at himself and decide what's more important: his public image, or a happy family. With that said, Mrs. Esaka took their daughter and moved out. At first just out from Tennouji Residance. Soon however Karen realized that Polohoma had too many bittersweet memories for Homura. Feeling that young quilin needed a fresh start, she started searching for educational institutions away from the city.


Soon Mrs. Esaka heard about particular educational institution, one being not just outside the Polohoma, but outside the Neighpon altogether. Mother and daughter had a lengthy discussion, after which Homura decided to to agree to move to Equestria....and to study in School of Friendship. What kind of new challenges will this new place bring?


Character Personality: Homura is a loud, energetic filly with fiery personality, and with highly competitive streak when it comes to street fighting. That said, Esaka is a spirited kind that takes enjoyment of all kind of bouts, wherever she's on winning or the losing side. Homura isn't in it because material gains, and she cares about a personal glory only an instrument that brings further challenges to her. For young quilin it's all about fun and the thrill of the battle. Thus the fights she relishes the most are against those that are equal or stronger to herself, pushing Esaka to her limits. Recently however, her competitive spirit diminished significantly. The unpleasant situation her parents found themselves in, made Homura question if she, her talent and the obsession that drives her aren't the reasons that made her mother and father to drift apart. This made the once energetic girl much more quite, and very apathetic. The passionate Homura of old is still there, but she needs outside intervention to break her out of the slump she's in.


One would however be mistaken if they think being battle freak is all that is to her. Esaka has great respect for others that are as passionate for the hobbies they love as herself, even if it isn't fighting. She also have tendency to latch on those that impress her enough, especially on those older then her.

Living in Polohoma for most of her life, also made Homura hungry for new horizons. She greatly enjoys sightseeing, and getting new experiences. If that combines with competition or forming new rivalries - all the better. While she likes scrapping the most, she never back from a challenge.

Subtlety isn't her strong point either. Being a loud, calling-her-attacks filly means she isn't the one who dances around the subject. One shouldn't however expect her to be honest 'To a T' quilin either. After all, she kept her hobby hidden for years, and not making a proper feint makes you a poor kind of fighter. And despite all of that she is much more patient then one would think.

In her rare, quite moments, Homura indulges in her old drawing hobby. She likes drawing machines and building the most, and also being good with numbers gives her good chances to become decent architect of engineer - if she doesn't become full time martial artist that is.


Few things make Esaka angry for long or quick, but there are some that makes her livid in seconds. First is damaging her hat - for Esaka it's her most treasured possession, and intentionally targeting it is a sure way for a no holds barred beatdown!

The second is not taking her seriously as a fighter, and holding back without being honest about it. She can accept being outclassed - but hiding you true capabilities and giving her false hopes for victory seriously damages her pride.

Mentioning how 'unfeminine' she, at least as the demerit is another sore spot for her. It wouldn't be surprising seeing her history with her dad, and how he tried to railroad her life. In this case this makes her a 'cold' type of angry. Being peeved for hours or even days, and making her generally unpleasant to interact with, aside from those closest to her.


Character Summary: New exchange student for a School of Friendship. Martial artist at heart, with a passionate personality that tends be be contagious. Always looking for a a fair challenge. Has some parental issues regarding her overbearing father, that she could use assistance or new friend/s to sort out.

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