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Trixie Lulamoon (Ready)


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Name: "The Great and Powerful" Trixie Lulamoon

Sex: Female

Age: Mare

Species: Unicorn

Eye color: Gradient of deep violet

CoatHer coat is a brilliant azure blue color. She keeps it maintained fairly well, especially since settling down at the Friendship School. It used to be worse when she was a travelling show mare but a life with less moving around has helped her have time for some of life's finer things. 

Mane/TailHer mane and tail are pale cornflower blue with even lighter cerulean striped highlights throughout. She keeps them combed and shined too near perfection. Her tail is not styled hardly at all, instead allowed to grow free and have little definition. Her mane on the other hoof is tamed daily into a lovely cascade over her horn and out to where it drapes down past her muzzle and ends in a curl. 


Residence: Though she no longer needs to travel, due to her current job at the school. she still loves her travelling wagon. Since it's been her home for so long she simply cannot live anywhere else. It has all the comforts of home and Trixie keeps it well supplied with the essentials and extras. Her wagon is also where she keeps her most valuable assets. They are kept in a special magically locked case hidden from anypony's view. 


PhysiqueTrixie keeps herself looking good! When she's not on stage preforming with her magical prowess she is teaching magical arts at the school. Either way she's in front of crowds often and likes to impress them with her lithe build and shapely flanks. 


Occupation: Recently accepted a position at Twilight's Friendship School where she teaches rudimentary magic to beginning students and also tutors one on one. She hold magical shows in town and sometimes is still able to hit the road to preform out of town. 


Cutie MarkThe cutie mark gracing this mare's flank is a magic wand, topped with a star. Swirling around this wand is a swoop of sparkling light blue magic in the shape of a crescent moon. 



Miss Trix grew up in the glimmer and glamour of Las Pegasus! She was raised by her two loving fathers in a high rise far above the the main streets of the famous town. Jackpot and Touche couldn't have doted over their daughter more which helped her self esteem and in turn swelled her pride! Trixie did just fine in school, being a popular little filly for her personality and wit. Since she did have a knack for magical arts her father decided it would be good to send her for further training at Celestia's School of Gifted Unicorns after her formative years. It was at the school that Trixie discovered her skills in magic relied more in deception than in actual magical prowess.


After returning from school Trixie knew it was time for her to strike out on her own. She gave both her dads a kiss and a promise to return for visits often and hit the road. She towed a specially designed wagon along with her, a gift from Jackpot and Touche. That way she would never have to really leave home. It wasn't long before she began preforming parlor tricks along the roadside, gaining bits as she went. Her show evolved over time until she was able to set up and run full length Las Pegasus style magic shows! They were quite the hit and Trixie's notoriety as a trick magician began to take traction! 


Her roads eventually led her to Ponyville. She knew this to be the home of Twilight Sparkle and she was anxious to see if her magic could stand up to the unicorn she'd briefly encountered during her time at Celestia's school. The encounter did not go well so to speak and Trixie 'vanished' after it was proven that her magical attempts still needed some work. It was embarrassing to be shown up and the prideful mare vowed revenge on Twilight then and there!


Knowing she needed augmentation to bolster her strength she sought out the crimson power of the Alicorn Amulet. Once she was able to acquire the relic, which took a lot of time and effort, she took on the amulet's force and went back to challenge Twilight once again! The Great and Powerful Trixie was not to be outdone! Accept that she was and she was also banished from Ponyville forever in the process by none other than Twilight Sparkle. The Alicorn has irked her ever since!


A time to take her revenge on Twilight did not come for long years after her banishment. Finally the choice time came when Trixie learned that Twilight had taken on a special student, Starlight Glimmer. Intent on using Starlight to stab Twilight Trixie easily befriended the light purple unicorn. The problem then became that she actually began to love the unicorn that she was supposed to be using to exact retribution on Twilight! Her heart still remains tied to Starlight to this day had hopefully their friendship will blossom into more at some point. 


Trixie has had lots of ups and downs. More on the upside as of lately though. She helped in saving Equestria when the Mane Six were captured along with the Princesses by Chrysalis. She has even learned to work alongside the Lord of Chaos himself! She recently accepted a job teaching magic to first year students at Twilight's School of Friendship and even tutors some students one on one. She continues to take lessons in magic herself, hoping to become more advance din her proficiency over time! 


Character PersonalityTrixie is a mare of intrigue. Those who get to know her can quickly see that she is more than meets the eye! Though she is boastful and prideful to a fault, she's also got a heart of gold for her friends. She is still learning the art of giving of oneself for the good of a friend but she's become much more willing to try. it is fairly easy to upset Trixie and she wears her emotions on her sleeve. She tends to have emotional outbursts when the occasion suits, often getting quite angry or sad depending on what's happened. She can however, be consoled and has become more accustomed to apologizing as needed. Though she's a bit volitile, she also loyal and will do what she can to see her friends succeed. 


Character Summary: Trixie used to be very headstrong, prideful, and extremely boastful. She is still all these these things but also has learned much about what friendship means. She's funny and quick witted and a good friend to anyone who can handle her sarcasm. She has helped save all of Equestria and is a friend to some of the top ponies around! For a good time call T-R-I-X-I-E!




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