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Glitter Drops (Ready)

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Name:Glitter Drops



Species: Unicorn

Eye color: Gradient of deep violet

CoatHer coat is a verdigris blue/green color. She tries to maintain it to the best of her abilities but at times, especially when out for long patrols, it looses its gleam. 

Mane/TailHer mane and tail are both a light teal color. Some ponies think that it's probably magic that keeps the poof it this mare's mane! Even when she's returning from a long day in the snow her forelocks still maintain a height of fluff that would make Pinkie Pie jealous! Her locks are swept back from her horn and tumble down her neck in swirl of puffy curls. Her tail is similarly fluffy and poofy, curling under just above the height of her hocks. 


Residence: As the key member of the the Crystal Empire's Arctic Patrol, Glitter needs to live near where she works...the far north! She has a cozy cabin there that double as the Arctic Patrol main offer. There's about four rooms and plenty of space for all kinds of critters that want to stay warm and out of the snow. She has her own personal quarter in the back of the cabin complete with a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. She shares this speace with her pets, mostly a bunch of kitties and a few birds. 


PhysiqueShe keeps herself fit for the task at hoof. Since she's out trekking in the frozen arctic often she needs to be strong and resilient! 


OccupationThe key patrol pony for the Crystal Empire's Arctic Patrol. This along with running a pseudo-rescue service for stray pets.


Cutie MarkTwo golden stars, one slightly larger than the other. These are connected by a swirl of blue in a spiral shape. 


History: She grew up outside of Canterlot, spending most of her time with her two closest friends; Fizzlepop Berrytwist and Spring Rain. When the accident occurred with Pop's horn Glitter and Rain felt so bad! Glitter knew it should have been her that went into the cave to get the ball. She knew it should have been her that lost her horn or worse! But Fizzle would have never allowed that. She had gone in and well, lost everything. Glitter and Rain tried to console their friend but she was so very sad. Eventually Glitter went off to magic school. They did well and were invited to attend Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. She just couldn't keep up with the work load and eventually Glitter dropped out.


She had learned lots of spells during her time at the school, mostly illusion work. She didn't really want to stay near the school and so went as far away as she could to the Crystal Empire. It were here that a certain Princess found worth in the unicorn and her spell work. She charged Glitter with running the newly formed Arctic Patrol! Here she could have her own space, work outdoors, and have lots of animals friends! It was the perfect job! It helped Glitter find her worth again!


Here she has worked for a number of years. Recently there have been a few disturbances in the range of the Arctic Patrol including some ursa major issues. However, it's nothing she can't handle! She's used her magic and wits to help out in lots of situations and now that she'd remade connections with a certain snap-horned mare, there's no telling where her life might lead!


Character Personality: Glitter Drops is a strong and resilient mare, wrapped up in a friendly and positive demeanor. She has some skeletons in her closet form her past but she's on the mend from a lot of them. Glitter certainly has learned a lot about the value of Friendship and Love. Especially since her recruitment by the Princess of Love herself! Glitter is quick to forgive and is competent at talking through issues. She will stand up for herself and those she loves. So is also extremely brave and sure of herself. She will literally stand in front of a roaring ursa minor to keep somepony she loves safe!


She hasn't always been the most loyal of friends, leaving off an important friendship from her past. She's also experienced let downs and hardship. She's failed herself and others and has learned from these mistakes. She knows what makes her happy and will do what it takes to get there!


Character SummaryA caring and brave pony, Glitter Drops may live in the Frozen North but she has a knack for friendship that can melt even the coldest heart!


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