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Ridge (Dragon)(Ready)


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World of Equestria








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Ridge was always somewhat small for a dragon of his age, a trait that often got him bullied and beaten up by bigger, stronger dragons in his youth. His white scales appear to naturally be surprisingly smooth, but over various parts of his body there is evidence of damage done in the past during the trials and tribulations of growing up in the dragon lands that have clearly left a permanent mark on him.


Ridge is somewhat leaner then most dragons, but those who have gotten into a fight with him would quickly learn that what he lacked in imposing bulk, he made up for with speed and flexibility. These traits grow even more apparent in the event that Ridge takes to the skies, quickly proving to be one of natures aerial predators. Those who pay attention to such things will easily notice that Ridge takes care of his claws and teeth, keeping them clean and sharp for when the situation calls for it; His breath is even somewhat less... abrasive than most dragons, but being a fire breathing lizard does mean that one has to expect a degree of sulfur and smoke whenever he talks.


During his business dealings, Ridge will generally try to wear fashionable and wealthy looking business attire that has clearly been tailored to his person (considering he is a dragon and most species that bother with clothing tend not to stock things for dragons, this latter part is something of a necessity). However, despite how stiff and stuffy some of them might look, none of his outfits hinder his ability to fly.   

CEO and Founder of Prosperity Mining (Antagonist) 
Unique Traits:

Smaller then most dragons his age... but still a threat to be reckoned with for less robust species.


Ridge the Runt...


It was a name that his bullies had selected for him from a very early age, but the truth of the matter was that Ridge was the runt of his clutch. He was born so small and sickly looking that his parents didn't have much hope in him surviving for long after being hatched, but Ridge proved very early on that his force of will was far greater then his small size suggested.


Ridge's childhood was not an easy one. In a society in which physical strength was valued, a weakling runt was an easy target for those aiming downwards and on more then one occasion Ridge had some gems that he had managed to scrap together forcefully taken from him by those who were bigger than him. Since physical strength was never going to be in his favor, the young Ridge quickly learned the values of cunning and cheating in order to not only survive, but get ahead. While by no means was he the most popular of dragons still, those bullies who used to torment him often found their attention directed towards other targets as 'incidents' that Ridge quietly organized gave them other things to be concerned about instead of him.


When Ridge molted for the first time, like all dragons he was booted out of his parent's cave because he was starting to smell something awful. Desiring to get away from the dragon lands in order to try and avoid the worst of the predators that ventured there in search for molting dragons like himself, Ridge picked a direction and started walking. Even after the molt completed and he earned his wings, he continued on his path in search for a new place to call home and claim for himself. By chance, he came across a circus of all things.


The Yale Brothers traveling circus was neither the bigger or best show that had ever traveled Equestria, but it made its rounds none the less and since dragons were still a rarity among pony kind as a whole, Ridge quickly found himself a job as a novelty attraction. Given the stage name 'Puff the Magic Dragon', Ridge started off as an assistant to the Circus' magician, but in time developed a small act of his own on the side. Ridge didn't really care for the circus life, but his time there introduced him to some concepts that were utterly alien to the dragon lands he had come from. Being given treasure for doing a task was a novel concept by itself, but he quickly found himself spending his free time learning how to manage the circus' finances alongside the Yale brothers. While it took some time to come to grips with the concept of giving up some of his treasure in the short term in order to get more treasure in return, Ridge had a head for numbers and the possibilities that the business world reveled to him promised to make him a very wealthy dragon indeed. 


However, in order to make money he needed to have money. His stint as 'Puff' had allowed him to save up a decent number of bits, but he needed more. Alongside his job as a magician, Ridge started to help the Circus out with security duties. The circus was a prime location for pick pockets of all walks of life... and the circus profited from the trade by having said pick pockets pay for the privilege. Those who didn't... well, while he might not have been as strong as other dragons, Ridge was more then strong enough to set an example about what happened when a pick pocket didn't pay their dues. He even kept a few wallets recovered for himself, on top of his cut of the pay offs.


It still took some time but after a few years Ridge had raked together a large enough horde that he could leave the demeaning work as 'Puff' behind for good and break ground into a field that personally meant a great deal to him: Mining. While the Prosperity Mining is still a new business, Ridge already has his sights set on a possible target. History told that Griffinstone had once produced a vast amount of gems and riches from the earth, but after the fall of the kingdom itself and its major trading partner in the Crystal Empire mining seemed to cease all together. 


It was time to investigate if there was still wealth to pull out of the ground there.

Character Personality:

Ridge is a dragon who is fueled by his sense of want: That deep seated desire within all dragons for more that is embodied in tales of dragons sitting on vast hordes of wealth and treasure. However, his time in Equestria has introduced the idea of capitalism to the young dragon... and the dream of sitting on a pile of gold and gems has shifted towards being a leader of industry and chairman of the board of his own successful company (to be fair, the two dreams are rather interconnected).


In pursuit of his desires and dreams Ridge is cold, calculating and ruthless. Any advantage that can be gained will be taken advantage of and any obstruction in the path of success and profit will be dealt with, with little regard for what others consider moral or sacred... but he does not do such things recklessly. Ridge plans to be around for a very long time and thus he tends to set his sights on long term gains rather then shoot himself in the claw in pursuit of short term profit that will doom his efforts in the long run. Ridge knows the value of patience and it's generally something worth having after all.


Slow to anger and experienced enough to defeat that a setback or two doesn't phase him, two things can make Ridge dislike a person so deeply that he will be tempted to adjust his plans to include ruining them: Using his old childhood nickname of Ridge the Runt and calling him Puff the Magic Dragon. Granted, the former is much worse than the latter but he looks upon his time as a circus magician as just something that he had to do and now can be left unspoken of in the past.

Character Summary:

A cunning and ruthless dragon capitalist who seeks to become a pillar of industry to reap the rewards of wealth and prestige that such a position offers.

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