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Luster Dawn (Ready!)

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NameLuster Dawn


AgeYounger filly


Eye colorA gradient of brilliant gamboge 

CoatLight cerise in color, Luster keeps herself as groomed and sparkling.

Mane/TailA gradient of light vermillion to light amber with streaks of a pale olive yellow throughout. Luster's mane and tail have an almost magical (well probably actually magical) sheen to them.  


Residence: She resides in the student quarters of Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns where she's top student of her class. 


PhysiqueLuster has an average body shape and frame, maaaaybe slightly on the pudgy side at the moment due to late night studying snacks.


OccupationFull time student at Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns along with a part time server Pony Joe's Donut House. Having a part time job along with being the top student at the school often leaves Luster shall we say tired? 


Cutie MarkA golden sun with rays sparkling raising up over the horizon. 


HistoryLuster was born in the town of Hope Hollow during the era of depression. The town that had once been at the end of a beautiful rainbow had sunk deep into economic and literal despair before the little filly's birth. Her parents Sunny Days and Afterglow, caught up in the troubling times of their town were not the most loving of ponies. When she was old enough to comprehend the mutterings of her family it came to her attention that she had on older sister! An older sister who had abandoned the family. An older sister who cared so little for the well being of her mother and father and of Hope Hollow that she had left and never once looked back! What kind of sister was that? Luster decided at a young age that since her sister wanted nothing to do with her or her parents that she wanted nothing to do with her! This filly, where ever she was gone, was so disliked by her parents that they didn't even bother to tell Luster her name! What did it matter? They would never cross paths anyway. Even if they did Luster would have nothing to do with this careless abandoner. It hurt her deep down, knowing she had somepony out there. Somepony who understood her upbringing and who she really was. Somepony she would never know.


Luster spent her formative years in a grey town, lacking the luster and brilliance she sought after in life. She had a budding mind and with a few trips to the library soon discovered she had the capability of devouring writings on just about any topic! She would spend long hours here, hiding from the dismal world outside of her books. She learned much on spells and the mysteries of the archaic runes and lore of magic. This was of particular interest to her and she soon learned she had a knack for spell casting. Her mind was opened in the large library of Hope Hollow and this process helped guide her on her way!


The filly's parents were not supportive of her, being indifferent to almost everything thanks to the grey that had settled over the town. They were not excited when she announced she was going to enroll in Twilight's School of Friendship. Nor were they apt to try to stop her. One of their daughters had left them already, why not make it two? Unlike her sister, Luster promised to visit and to stay in touch. This did little to lighten their moods. It was after she'd shared the news of her departure with her parents that she got her cutie mark. Her sun was rising. She was stepping out on her own to seek brilliance and add her own to the world in any way she could! 


As of late she has enrolled as a student at Celestia's School and also has scored a part time job working at a local coffee house as a server. Being new is no problem as Luster easily makes friends with both faculty and students. Since her leaving there has been news that changes have taken place in Hope Hollow though she's not keen to believe the rumors. A trip home has been scheduled for the wedding of a very prominent couple in town and time will soon tell what her future holds!


Character PersonalityLuster is a bit quirky but also super interesting. Her studies have given her a depth of knowledge so she is easy to speak with should you be a pony of learning. She's also a teenager and fits in well with the teenage crowd. She knows lots about fashion and what's in and is happy to share her opinions on stallions, clothes, and whatever is hip at the moment. She has a wandering mind that she sometimes has trouble reeling back in. This is great since she enjoys being the top student but can also be troublesome when she's trying the sleep the night before a big test. 


Luster is brave and has no trouble conversing with those well beyond her years and learning. She is very self confident partly due to her acceptance by so many at her school. Having positive vibes from your friends certainly can go a long way!


Due to a troubled time in her past she can become reclusive and slightly depressed if she lets her musing on the subject of her family get too deep. She longs to figure out what really happened in her youth but at the moment it is still a mystery. 


Character SummaryQuirky, questioning, and always bright Luster is a great addition as a friend! She's always up to date on fashion trends, hot stallions, and the most recent gossip. This energy of youth is coupled with her depth of knowledge and ability to learn rapidly. Luster is a multifaceted young mare with ties to her past looming just out of her reach.



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