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Blue Bird (Ready)


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NameBlue Bird


AgeOlder Filly

SpeciesPegabat (aerion/pegasus hybrid)

Eye color: Ultramarine blue gradient

CoatSky blue

Mane/TailDeep blue in three layers of lighter blue streaks. Usually very wind tossed as she is constantly practicing her speed flight around Twilight's Friendship School. 


Residence: Twilight's School of Friendship dorms.


PhysiqueQuite toned and lithe from hours of long practice at flying with precision and also at great speed!


OccupationFull time student, part time work at the Ponyville bowling alley.


Cutie MarkA silhouette of a downward swooping blue bird with a jagged slash of yellow lighting behind it.


History: Blue was born and raised in the quaint valley town of Hollow Shades. Her loving father cared for her during during all of her formative years as her mother, a pegasus of the Wonderbolts, was just not in the picture. Hollow Shades was a good place for a lone aerion to raise a filly as there were many other creatures that were considered oddities by society dwelling there. Blue never really knew she was different than most until she ventured away from her home. 


Though her father hardly ever talked about Blue's mom the filly knew she was a Wonderbolt. Her father made sure not to speak badly of her mother and Blue grew up with a healthy desire to follow in her mother's hoof steps to join the Wonderbolts herself! She trained from a young age to be a fast flier and also be agile on the wing. Her few friends saw her as an athlete and more like a colt than filly. This didn't bother Blue too much and she enjoyed hanging out with any friend that chose to spend time with her. It was during one of her athletic endeavors as a young filly that Blue earned her cutie mark! Nothing too unusual just the completion of a special move she'd been working on that earned her the mark of a swooping bird and a lightening bolt symbolizing her speed!


When she was old enough her father consented to allow her to attend Twilight's School of Friendship. Blue saw this as a step towards her dreams as there were many talented young fliers attending the school. Blue is a driven filly though not too great with the books. She'd much rather be out on a team competing to her heart's content. She also works part time to support herself during her time in school.


Character Personality: Quick to laugh but serious about her flight career Blue is a good friend to anypony who wishes to get to know her. She wants to follow in her mother's hoof steps and works hard to achieve her dream of becoming a Wonderbolt every day. She is fiercely loyal towards ponies who are bullied and has often come to the aid of others. She's up for adventure and a good time any time! She's also on the lookout for that special filly to spend time with.


Character Summary: Blue is funny and talented, still looking to follow the dreams of her mom that will someday become her own.

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