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Name: Oblivion (Nightshade)

Sex: Female

Age: Adult

Species: Changling (unicorn)

Eye color: Oil spill of green, blue, and magenta

Coat: Black exoskeleton (shiny raven black)

Mane/Tail: (Black with a streak of oil spill green, blue, and magenta running through both mane and tail)


Residence: A small apothecary and hut on the road between the Crystal Empire and the Changling Kingdom.


Physique: Lithe and fit in both forms. 


Occupation: Just your regular every day love munching unreformed changling. (Owner and purveyor of remedies and medicinal cures for ailments and injuries. Also as fairly competent sorceress.  


Cutie Mark: A swirl of oil spill colored fire surrounding a heavy glass flask with a single flame inside when in unicorn form.


History: Oblivion was just as happy as can be as a changling in the hive of Queen Chrysalis. She worked mostly as a scout patrolling the areas near the hive. It was a good life, though she was often starving like the rest of her kind. Oblivion was proud to serve her Queen and more than saddened when she fled after the change of Thorax. 


After the hive broke apart she could not bare to love as the reformed changlings did. She found it sickening and much preferred to take love when she could find it! There were others like herself of course but she found no need to stay with them once the Queen was gone. Oblivion wandered aimlessly for a time. She ranged the mountainous countryside near what had once been her home, scowling down on any visage of the new changling hive. 


After a few months of wandering she decided it was best to set up a residence where she could garner the love she needed to feed off of. It was meager in the mountain heights and not as strong as the love of ponies and other creatures with sentience. One could only take so much from the heart of a raccoon after all. 


Oblivion set up her hut on the roadside in the pass between the Crystal Empire and the Changling Kingdom. Though she could have gone further away she could not bring herself to do so. She acquired a book on arcane arts of magics and herbal remedies and took to learning the spells and potions within. What better way to lure in ponies and other travelers than to offer a service that they might need?


She spends her days travelling to procure herbs and offering her healing services from her roadside hut. Oblivion has no mind to change or to reform in any way. 


Character Personality: Oblivion is cunning and sly. She uses trickery and decent to get what she wants. She is also stubborn to a fault and hates to be proven wrong. She is also quite learned in the magical arts and spends a great deal of time in her pony form "Nightshade". She makes sure to tell creatures what they want to hear as long as it ends up with a full belly of love by the end of it. She can also be flirtatious at times, especially to lure those she has a mind for into her hut. Trusting Oblivion would be like trusting a snake, full of decent and trickery. 


Character Summary: Cunning as any changling would tend to be when unreformed. Though there are plenty of love struck creatures out there Oblivion the need to seduce and capture those she wishes to take love from. She also uses tricks, sometimes traps, and her roadside shop to lure anyone she wishes to the demise of lack of love due to the changling love sucking trend. She is hardened to her ways and has no mind to reform like so many others of her kind have done. 



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