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Starlight Glimmer (Ready!)


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NameStarlight Glimmer




Eye colorGradient of Persian blue

CoatStarlight's coat is plush and soft. Perfect for nuzzling next to a fire if she would only let you. It is the color of pale plum grey heliotrope

Mane/TailHer mane and tail are moderate to light purple and have one streak of pale aquamarine running  through them. She spends time each morning combing and setting her mane. This gives it height past her ears. Her forelocks flow down one side of her face with a slight curl. Her mane is parted behind her ears and slopes down over her neck. Her tail is finely combed and curves downward in the same fashion as her mane. 


Residence: Starlight has known many a home but she now resides in Twilight School of Friendship and works there as a head counselor. 


PhysiqueJust a teeny bit on the plump side not that anypony but herself would notice. She's quite attractive in the looks category and garners many glances from stallions and mares alike which she of course takes in stride. 


OccupationStarlight has very much taken to her job as head counselor at Twilight's Friendship School. It keeps her busy and is also a rewarding position. 


Cutie MarkA six pointed purple and white star (reminiscent of Twilight's own mark) with two trails of aquamarine of different shades behind it. 




Ah Sire's Hollow, what's not to like? A quaint town with plenty of friendly ponies. Starlight's foalhood was quite idyllic. She grew up with her loving father Firelight watching after her. He was a good dad, showing his little filly how to be a proper mare and also how to have fun!  Aside from spending Firelight there was really only one other pony Starlight cared to spend any time with, Sunburst!


Sunburst was more than just a close friend to Starlight, he was her everything. The two were pretty much joined at the hip and spent all their time together. They had so much common why would they need any other friends? Starlight spent all of her formative years with her best friend colt, learning, exploring, and growing. All until one fateful day. It was a wonderful day for Sunburst but quite the opposite for his friend.


They had been playing with a large stack of books. When the tower began to topple! It was headed straight for Starlight's head when Sunburst let forth a burst a magic and saved Starlight from being crushed! in that instant the colt received his cutie mark! He dashed headlong to show his mother an the rest of the town. Then Sunburst found himself caught up in a swirl of activity. He was enrolled in a school for magically inclined unicorns and poor Starlight was left behind.


At first she was angry. She felt betrayed and used. Then she was sad. Depressed that her friend could just forget about her so easily after everything they had been through together. Then she settled on hatred. Hatred of the reason for all of her pain. The accursed cutie mark. She began to loose herself in studies at that point. With no friends she had plenty of time to devote herself to learning magical arts. If Sunburst was going to leave her over magic and over his mark, she'd best him! Firelight tried to bring his daughter out of her sullen state to no avail. Starlight learned and Starlight settled into her festering anger of the cutie mark.


Of course all of that learning brought about her own mark. She couldn't have been more irritated the day it showed up. She ran from her father's praise and went straight to the store to purchase a product to cover up the mark. That mark that showed her prowess at magic, her gift of learning that shown through her. She covered it with paint, obscuring anything that would make her stand out, make her different or special. After a few more months she left Sire's Hollow, promising her loving father she would return to visit him.


Starlight wandered until she found a place she could set up as her own. It had been a prospecting town long ago and had fallen into ruin. On that spot she founded Our Town. She gathered up other  ponies, those that wanted to belong to something bigger than themselves. She became the mayor of the town. From her studies in the antiquities of magic she was able to locate and purchase a tool with which to remove and store cutie marks. Every member of her town went without a mark! That was...except for herself.


There was something in her mark that she hated and loved. It reminded her of Sunburst and though she felt betrayed she could not let him go. She kept her mark and covered it, not being able to bare the thought of being without him. It was years later when Princess Twilight Sparkle appeared in her town along with all her friends. Though she tried to combat their intentions, friendship and love won the day eventually. 


Starlight was reformed only after a long and dangerous battle with Twilight that spurred from what was going on in her won heart. When she surrendered finally she was able to deal with the past. This brought her healing and the ability to accept that ponies should be different and have talents of their own. She began to love her cutie mark and what it represented. Starlight became the pupil of Twilight Sparkle and learned all she could of magic and friendship from the purple alicorn. 


Eventually Twilight found her a position at the School of Friendship where Starlight works to this day. She is still far from perfect but the magic and friendship was able to take her broken heart and heal it!


Character PersonalityStarlight is smart, and she's learning to accept it. Where once was a very unsure mare without true direction or self worth is blossoming a wise individual with goals, ambitions, and drive. She's not one to back down but when a challenge arrives it does take her a summoning of courage to tackle it. She's certainly a fun friend, if distracted at times. Her past leads her to be a still growing pony, in intellect and in self worth. When she is challenged beyond what she can handle she often resorts to fuming and it is not unknown for her to chew off a pony's head when she pushed to her breaking point. All this being said she's learning to be kind and is willing to do what it takes to support her friends. 


Character SummaryStarlight Glimmy Glam's life is a picture of taking the broken and making it shine!  She was pulled from a villainous lifestyle bred of the regret of a lost friend and turned to the goodness that can come from blossoming friendship.  

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