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Dr Kabra'za (Zebra) (Ready)

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(Dr.) Kabra'za








Eye colour:



Black with White stripes.


White with Black stripes


While of a size and weight that is physically healthy for a zebra of his age, when it comes to physical activity its clear that Kabra'za is designed to be quick and nimble rather than strong and sturdy. Despite this, the impression that the zebra gives off is that of someone more bookish; Someone who has spent a large amount of their life studying or performing research of some variety or another.  Without his 'attire', he would easily blend in with other zebras at a first glance in a somewhat forgettable manner.


Traveling Wagon (On the move)


Traveling (Witch) Doctor

(Witch Doctor of Mirrors/Reflection )

Cutie Mark:

An Unyasi symbol made up of two runes that translate to 'Mirror' and 'Laughter'.

Unique Traits:

Kabra'za is never without his worn but sturdy top hat, decorated with what appear to be small bird skulls.

Another thing of note is that Kabra'za's shadow appears to have a life semi-independent of its master; While it'll generally act like a normal shadow, it can actively leave Kabra'za side and interact with the  world via interacting with the shadows of other things. Those observing it will actually see it seems to have a personality all its own, through if that personality is completely its own or a reflection of Kabra'za's own is unclear to outside observers. 



Originally born in Unyasi, Kabra'za was a strange child; While he clearly had a gift for using herbs and the medical practices of the tribe, he never had the connection and reference of nature that was the cultural norm. Instead his interests were focused more on others, mostly members of his own tribe but on occasion those they interacted with. How other people thought and acted fascinated him so he strove towards understanding what made them tick. This started off innocently enough with him just asking questions, both of his tribe members themselves and of their opinions on a number of topics, but in time this evolved in a habit of pulling pranks on those around him. The difference between what his tribesmen believed about themselves and the reality of it was a captivating subject and Kabra'za desired to understand the secrets of the lower planes of the mind and its interaction with higher thought.


While many discouraged this path, the tribes personal witch doctor took the young Kabra'za on as a student and furthered his studies in a number of fields. While much of his studies were in standard practices such as potion making and medicine, Kabra'za was introduced to a rarely walked path for Witch Doctors: The Path of Mirrors. While the standard practices of the witch doctor focused on healing the physical, the Path of Mirrors was focused on dealing with mental health; The ideology of the path was that in order to be a healthy, growing being someone first needed to understand themselves, including the parts they would rather not acknowledge or pretend don't exist. 'To gaze into the mirror and see your reflection is the first step to dealing with your infection'.


Studying the path for years, the final rite before he officially became a Witch Doctor of Mirrors/Reflections (the exact wording changed from tribe to tribe) was a magical ritual that the intended witch doctor had to undergo. Before they could be trusted to treat others, the Witch Doctor would summon forth an aspect of their own mind and make peace with it. The ritual had to be undergone alone, because it could be incredibly dangerous depending on the person undertaking it; The point was to summon forth a part of the person in question that they didn't like about themselves or denied was there... and the sad truth was that most of the time, such things are inherently dark and destructive in nature. The manifestation of the mind would be channeled into the would be witch doctors shadow, granting it life and allowing it to interact with the physical world alongside the mental connection to the one whom it came from. 


There are three outcomes to the ritual once it starts:


The most common outcome is that the would be witch doctor cannot reconcile with the dark aspect of themselves summoned and banish it: Their shadow returns to normal, nothing bad happened and if they want to they can have another attempt later once they've worked a bit more on themselves. 


The second and rarest outcome is the manifestation escaping the ritual and fleeing without being banished: This is a worst case scenario. Not only did the potential witch doctor fail to make peace with their dark aspect, but its now loose upon the world and free to pursue whatever whims it desires without care of what harm it will do to others in the process. In the event that the potential witch doctor isn't killed in the process, they can clearly be noticed by others because they no longer cast a shadow anymore until their manifestation is finally brought to heel.


The last outcome is success: Faced with their own personal darkness, the witch doctor is able to make peace within themselves. The mark of success within the ritual is that their shadow remains animated and alive, but because of the mutual understanding with its creator it becomes more a loyal companion and close friend rather then as a representative of the worst parts of them. 


Kabra'za had to banish his manifestation twice before on the third attempt he successfully reconciled with it, officially becoming a Witch Doctor of Mirrors. With his apprenticeship complete, Kabra'za finally left his home tribe;  For a time he traveled around Unyasi, but in the end he left his birth continent in order to see the rest of the world... with the first stop being Equestria.


Character Personality:

Kabra'za is both a care giver and prankster at heart; When it comes to medical matters he will be incredibly serious, however that fascination with how others respond to pranks from his childhood is still a part of himself that he indulges frequently. While he hasn't been traveling Equestria for long, he's been around long enough to have encountered the pony racial sterotype for zebra: Namely that they are all powerful mystic enchanters who use methods ponies don't understand and fear. Rather then be offended by this, Kabra'za finds it amusing and has actually adopted something of a stage persona solely to make ponies uneasy about him when meeting him for the first time because he finds the whole situation funny. 


His pranks are generally well meaning in that they will often be used to trick the client into facing an aspect of themselves they either hide or ignore. However, Kabra'za is not above pulling pranks out of a desire to entertain himself and others or for vengeance against those he deems deserving of retribution. While the former pranks and jokes are generally harmless and fun for all concerned, Kabra'za takes retribution seriously; If his fury is provoked to the point that he deems retribution suitable, all bets are off as far as what limits he will go to.


Despite his upbringing, Kabra'za rarely rhythms. For him, it's something to be reserved for special occasions. 

Character Summary:

Traveling non-rhyming magical zebra who specializes in treating the mind, through he'll treat the body as well. Likes to help his 'clients' via pranking them in such a way to make make them reflect upon themselves... through he'll pull pranks for the fun of it.  Anger him and there will be Tirek to pay. Shadow is alive and semi-independent best friend and companion.

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