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Zareb [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria
Name: Zareb
Gender: Male
Age: Young stallion
Species: Zebra
Eye colour: Turquoise
Coat: Standard zebra grey
Mane/Tail: Buzzcut-looking mane and tied frizzy tail, both a grey-scaled dark teal
Physique: Average stallion build, stronger than most ponies however
Residence: Unyasi, on foreign exchange to Ponyville at the School of Friendship
Occupation: Student at the School of Friendship
Cutie Mark: Symbol meaning "Friendship" or "Bonds"
Unique Traits: Outgoing, personable, charismatic
Flaws: Lacks awareness of personal space, misses social cues, resistant to conform to social acceptance

History: Zareb comes from the land of Unyasi. In his tribe, his family and friends took notice at his ability to bring others together even when he was very young. In the communities he had spent time in, all zebras held a closer bond than they did before he was involved in it. In one instance, he was able to create friends out of sworn enemies, and his cutie mark appeared. As he grew towards stallionhood, some of the elders suggested he travel to Equestria to see if his ability to mold friendships could be enhanced or learned from. With the School of Friendship opening in Ponyville, he was sent as a foreign exchange so that he might learn something new about friendship, but also in hopes that the leaders of Equestria would recognize a zebra in their institution as a sign of increased political influence between the dominant pony nation and the distant zebra empire across the sea.


Character Personality: Zareb is an adventurous zebra, but prefers to do things with others. He will attempt to bond with others around them, even if they initially reject his presence. He knows that kindness and a good attitude can generally sway someone else to be more open to being friends. He is also inspired to do some things that he has no talent for. One of his futile dreams is to be a rapper, but lacks the real prowress to rhyme on command and cannot generate good lyrics to a beat, but he will continue to try. Zareb is protective of his friends if adversaries go too far; He does not yield to those who have no chance for redeeming a relationship.


Character Summary: When first meeting Zareb, sometimes he can be overly friendly and abrasively kind. Behind his forced relationship-building, however, is a tough zebra who truly wants to make a positive difference in the world around him.



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