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Sky Beak (Cast) [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Cast
Name: Sky Beak
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Species: Hippogriff
Eye color: Orange
Coat: Lavender or perano
Mane/Tail: Light grey two-tone, long and light
Physique: Full grown and athletic
Residence: Mount Aris
Occupation: Lead Council-member of the revision of the Mount Aris community
Unique Traits: Like most hippogriffs, owns a shard of the magic pearl that allows him to transform into a seapony on command. Also like hippogriffs, is extremely eccentric and excited about his freedom and likeness. He represents a standard that many Mount Aris residents follow.
Flaws: Unconsciously disrespects others' opinions, especially if they come from a lower place on the culture hierarchy.


History: Prior to the Storm King's invasion of Mount Aris, Sky Beak was a trusted member of the royal hippogriff family and was revered as one of the nation's rulers. But when the Storm King invaded, Sky Beak and many other hippogriffs went into hiding while Queen Novo and the general hippogriff population used the magic to transform themselves into seaponies. While Sky Beak could maintain the ability to transform also, he chose not to and ventured across the ocean with his faithful commander Seaspray, looking for ways to resurrect the hippogriffs from their ocean home, including the love of his life Ocean Flow, from their watery prison. He believed that though escaping the Storm King underwater gave them freedom from his clutches, it only did so at a cost of the hippogriff way of life, and the division of families like his own.


When the Storm King was defeated, Sky Beak returned to Mount Aris. Queen Novo continued to be a seapony with those who wished to stay in the water, which included the mother of his children, Ocean Flow. The queen commissioned Sky Beak to rebuild the community atop Mount Aris, so that those who wanted to return to Hippogriff lifestyle could do so. Over the months following the eradication of the Storm King's evil, Mount Aris has become a party city, which hosts many festivals and celebrations every weekend. It is Sky Beak's intention that the hippogriff way of life will never die and will become even more vibrant in future generations.


Character Personality: Sky Beak is very protective of his kind, but understands that sometimes they may not wish for him to rule their lifestyle. He attempts to encourage everyone around him that a good sense of community and celebrating your identity is important to the community as a whole. He is a natural-born leader who is charismatic and delegates with joy to others on how they should proceed to maintaining a successful Mount Aris society. He can often be overly kind though, and at least with foreigners, can be aggressive with his insinuations that hippogriffs are the best creatures on the planet. He has good reason though, and if told an opposing opinion, has enough virtue to understand the difference of perspective and is willing to concede someone's personal choices.


Character Summary: Sky Beak is a very energetic hippogriff that represents his kind very well to the rest of the world. Though sometimes his attitude can seem invoked with classism, his intentions are well placed and only desires that those he leads over have the most happiness in life.



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