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Clover Spell [Ready]

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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria


Name: Clover Spell


Gender: Male


Age: Stallion


Species: Pegasus


Eye colour: Brown


Coat: Red


Mane/Tail: A short brown with black edges mane and tail.


Physique: Average. Not too skinny, but also not too muscular or chubby.


Residence: Ponyville


Occupation: Weather Factory Engineer


Cutie Mark: A three leafed clover with white lines.


Unique Traits: He knows foreign languages unknown to Pony kind. Like the Breezie language for example.


History: Clover Spell was born in Manehattan, but he never met his parents. At the beginning, he had to live with his uncle. However, his uncle was mean and overral not very responsible, so he had to leave Manehattan to live somewhere else, which lead him to come to Ponyville and eventually live there. In school, he was pretty smart and had great grades, but he was often teased and sometimes bullied because of it, which lead him to not making any friends in school. Eventually, he graduated and started working as a engineer on the Weather Factory, which after getting the necessary bits, he bought his own house and now lives independently. He still doesn't have any friends and is looking to understand the true meaning of friendship.


Character Personality: Clover Spell is pretty smart when it comes to subjects thanks to studying over the years, with a lot of focus. He's also kind to others and will always give a lending hoof to help when needed.


Character Summary: Overall, he's a pretty basic stallion with a lot of knowledge thanks to studying. A nice and caring pony who doesn't wish any harm.






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