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Cakepop! Ready for RP!


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Name: Cakepop
Gender: Mare
Age: Mare
Species: Pegasus 
Eye colour: Light pink
Character colour: Light blue
Mane/Tail/Other: Large, curly, messy pink mane with a large stripe of purple
Physique: A rather small pony, skinny and short for her age. Her wings are also underdeveloped, which makes it very difficult for her to fly.
Residence: Moves around a lot, is rarely in one place for over a year
Occupation: She's a baker
Cutie Mark: A cakepop with hearts around it
Unique Traits: Her small, slightly deformed wings
History: She was born in Manehattan to two ponies who worked on a bread factory, she has 3 older brothers who she rarely sees due to her moving around so much. She was kicked out of flight school and shunned due to her deformities, so she ran away while she was a filly to make a living where she hoped to find acceptance.
Character Personality: She's nervous and paranoid, and slightly shy, but very outgoing if you spend time with her. When she finds something she likes, she is very passionate and almost obsessive.large.IMG_20201017_201701.jpg.9e5847a984

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