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Kettle Corn [Ready]


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Name: Kettle Corn
Gender: Female 
Age: filly
Species: unicorn.
Eye colour: bright yellow.
Character colour: butter yellow.
Mane/Tail/Other: Her mane is gold and puffy, a frontal tuft swirling around her little horn. Her tail, likewise, looks like a popped kernel. Both bear silver streaks in them.
Physique: Small and frail, Kettle lacks the raw muscle of earth ponies her age, and instead possesses a rather average, if slightly underweight appearance.
Residence: The Corn Family Residence/ Ponyville
Occupation: "Corncobber"/ "Pop Conissuer"
Cutie Mark: a red and white basket with popcorn spilling over the top.
Unique Traits: Kettle corn was born with a rare genetic trait that caused recessive genes to express themselves, giving young Kettle Corn the horn of a distant ancestor. While weak and frail compared to her earth pony siblings, she makes up for this in enthusiastic telekinesis, assisting her family by reaching things from a range that they would have trouble with.
History: [Pending]
Character Personality: Wide eye'd and bushy tailed, Kettle is eager to help ponies out in any way she can. She loves candy and sweets, and has always had an eye out for Candy Corn, although she has yet to approach the mare about her hidden desires.

Character Summary: Kettle Corn is an exuberant and hard working filly that, despite her somewhat sickly appearance, does her absolute best to use her gift of magic in productive and constructive ways. Also, she really likes candy. And Candy Corn. 

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