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Muziki (Ready)


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Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: Muziki
Gender: Female
Age: Filly
Species: Zebra
Eye colour: Hazel 
Coat: Like most zebras, white and black stripes.
Mane/Tail: Her mane is braided up into several small points and her tail-hair is braided as well.
Physique: Fit but not otherwise uniquely strong or gifted, taller than her age.
Residence: Edge of Ponyville.
Occupation: Student, Bardic Performer.
Cutie Mark: Musical notes rising out of a mandolin
Unique Traits: Plays instruments well and is a capable singer and actress.


Muziki was born to a pair of traveling bards in the Unyasan expanse and spent much of her early life swaddled on her mother's back as they went from town to town. From as early an age as she could she had to learn how to help her parents, by taking care of small chores or watching their things until she was old enough to handle her first instrument. 


From then on she became part of the trio and learned the dances, the songs, and the plays that her family performed to get by. Their travels took them all across Unyasi until they were hired by a well-off Zebra family to perform for their daughter's birthday. There, she met her first Equestrian, and her parents made connections with a pony family in Manehattan who encouraged them to immigrate to Equestria and ply their trade at one of Manehattan's performing arts centers. 


Her family took them up on this challenge after getting barely enough money and she spent the next year in Manehattan. It was a terribly rough transition for her- a new language, new culture, and staying in one place! Worst of all, just as she started to really fit in and make some friends, her parents decided to leave. She figured it was for the best anyway. Everything was so expensive in Manehattan!


Her family continued their travels, now in Equestria, until her mother became pregnant and didn't want to travel while in such a state again. With a contact made in Manehattan they learned about Ponyville and moved in, putting their daughter into school for the first time and settling down for what looks like the long haul.


Character Personality:

Muziki is one to almost always say yes to an idea, even if she has misgivings about it. Her life of travel and wandering around has shown her that experience is the best teacher. Even then, she tends to believe that everything will work out well in the end. This combination means she has a growing reputation as a risk taker and has enough curiosity to satisfy five cats. Despite this appearance she is mature for her age, with knowledge and skills many her age lack, and tends to take responsibility for those around her as a force of habit.


She is no stranger to hard work and often finds herself when not at school or with her parents wandering around offering services. She will try just about any line of work at least once and will try her best, even if she ends up not liking it. She does spend much of her time at school or performing with her family which does limit the time she has to do her own things, but she views both of those activities as socializing-adjacent anyway. 


This, and her habit of coming into school late due to her late sleep schedule, means she has a habit of getting in trouble at school. She does what she is told to do but is otherwise an unremarkable student. She suspects she is just having issues adapting to Equestria and there may some truth to that, at least academically.


She has a love of reading about myths and legends, the sort of inspiration all bards adore. She can often be seen checking new books out, reading in parks and on streets, and trying to write new songs and plays for her family based on what she has read. Her most treasured position is an ancient copy of Unyasan folklore and traditional songs, which make up a healthy part of her family's work. She speaks Equestrian well enough though she is more comfortable in her native tongue, and speaks with a noticeable accent.

Character Summary: Happy go lucky optimistic zebra filly with curiosity for days and a love of life, well experienced in life and ready for more.

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