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Topaz (Ready)


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Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: Topaz.
Gender: Male.
Age: Colt.
Species: Crystal Pony.
Eye colour: Purple.
Coat: Blue-tinged crystalline.
Mane/Tail: Messy and unkempt, a slightly thicker tail than normal.
Physique: Smaller than his age.
Residence: Ponyville.
Occupation: Ponyville School Student.
Cutie Mark: None.
Unique Traits: Good eye for crafts.


Topaz was born into a large Crystal family that had its roots before the Fall. Afterwards, many of its skills in crafts were undone by scientific advances and fierce competition from other new competitors. The family lost much of its financial security and faced the prospect of moving from his earliest years, something they always managed to push off through one job or another. He inherited his father's belief in the family and his mother's fierce protectionism, both of which would fail him when the family was finally forced to move out of the Empire.


The family would find itself in Ponyville, a rustic town far removed from everything Topaz had come to love. The previously confident and self-starting colt became distant and mean, lost in his shame and sadness. His parents have found the town easier to adapt to. Their work as crystalsmiths and craftsponies gives them hope that they can make a life for their family. However, their workaholic nature and need to provide has given him more time to himself, more time alone in a new town in the middle of a new life.


Character Personality:
Topaz has a very rough exterior. He is defensive and prickly and willing to fight others over insults, perceived or otherwise. He is very sensitive about questions of wealth, status, or class and tries hard to portray himself as somepony respectable. He will work extra hard to overcome perceptions of him that he does not like and when he succeeds he will often force the other pony to admit their mistake to him, face to face. 


This hides the fact that he is incredibly insecure and scared for both himself and his family. He loves the Crystal Empire and still loves his old friends. He doesn't want to make new friends, make replacements, or replace his love of his old home with his new home. When he is settled and calm he can showcase a great sense of humor and a good eye for quality and is good with his hooves. He loves sports and whether it is wrestling or buckball can be easily distracted from his problems with a good game.


Character Summary: Rough and tumble and prickly, puts up a wall around aspects of his life to hide the shame he feels.

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