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High Bar (Ready)


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Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: High Bar
Gender: Female
Age: Filly
Species: Unicorn
Eye colour: Brown
Coat: Alice blue
Mane/Tail: Well coiffed and tall, with a tail held high in near-snobbish position.
Physique: Very pretty. A trite pudgy around the midsection.
Residence: Hightail Manor, newly constructed near downtown Ponyville.
Occupation: Student at Ponyville School, learning the family trade.
Cutie Mark: Six golden bits.
Unique Traits: Quick witted and intelligent with an intimidating aura of self-confidence.


High Bar was born into a very well to do family in Manehattan, the well-known and highly respected Bar family. The family was very old money Manehattan and by very old money she always she meant that they got their money the oldest way in the book- criminally. In all actuality they were part of the oldest criminal organization in the city and had their hooves in almost every aspect of Manehattan society. Such was the respect afforded them- and fear accorded- that when she was born many city officials and other major families sent her gifts. These gifts started a life of luxury that she enjoyed heedlessly for years.


She was fed well, treated well, and fawned over by her parents. She didn't question for years why she always had two burly guards following her around when she left the house. And she certainly stopped asking why she had to leave when her aunts, uncles, grandpappy, and others needed to discuss business. It was only a matter of time until the reality of her family popped this naïve bubble. To her credit, when she discovered just who her family was and what they did she did her best to appear unaffected and acclimated well.


Soon afterwards, the family decided to extend their businesses into Ponyville, a town near the capital that had only recently risen to prominence. With the possibilities for expansion endless, the Bar family moved to Ponyville. She was quickly enrolled in the local school (mostly for appearances) where she quickly ascended to the top of the class, while also slowly but surely being inducted deeper and deeper into the family business...


Character Personality:

High Bar is a filly of two halves, two faces. One looks inside and the other outside.


The one she shows to the outside world is well-mannered and polite much of the time but has an invariably high opinion of herself and a decidedly low one of others. She will do what she must and she will do it well and while she would much prefer to do it with a smile she is learning that some tasks are better done with an air of viciousness.

She is always searching for information she can use and tries to make 'friends' with ponies of all types, especially those with connections. She expects the best and has always gotten it and while she will share she always makes it known where it comes from. She dresses well and puts a lot of stock into appearances, both physically and the image others have of her. If a creature doesn't like her she at least demands their respect or, failing that, their fear.


While she projects all of this, truth is she is a rather kind filly who has to push herself to fulfill the expectations of her parents. She wants to do good by others and is terribly afraid for her family. Terrified that they'll get caught or worse, and worried even then that it is the life she is destined for. She doesn't want to be that filly, be that sort of mare, and has a kind and good heart. It kills her a little to act the way she does but she believes she has to, that she is expected to, and that she has no real choice. She earned her cutie mark shortly after starting to help her family business out and knows it is her destiny...as much as she might secretly hate it.


Character Summary: Has a front of sternness and superiority with a hint of threat and a heavy dose of sarcasm. Secretly is a sweetheart with a heart of gold.

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