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Sven Snorrison (Final)


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Roleplay Type: 

Name: Sven Snorrison

Gender:  Masculine

Age: Adult

Species: Caribou (Reindeer)

Eye colour: Bright Blue

Coat: Chestnut Brown with spots of cream on the end of tail and underbelly

Mane/Tail: N/A

Physique: Sturdy and Nimble



Residence: A large carriage he pulls

Occupation: Merchant of Tomes and former Archer

Cutie Mark: N/A but bears a runic mark of his clan lineage

Unique Traits


Well practiced and trained Archer

Veteran of multiple clan wars

Nice singing Voice

Impressive eyesight



Born to the forest bound Askr clan in Whitescar, Sven is the child of a renowned skald and a scholar. From an early age, Sven developed a lot of the written word and would often keep journals of his adventures full of remarks and little poems and songs he might write in his many moments of downtime. As lovely as the forests of Whitescar can be they were still dangerous. Sven was not very strong as a young bull, instead he was more suited to climbing and speaking. Not many things in Whitescar are terribly interested in diplomacy, so, Sven took up the path of archery. 


Over the years, Sven grew quite the reputation in his clan as a great marksbuck with quite a few stories involving him turn the tide of battles with his prowess... but he cared little for them. Instead he grew increasingly jaded with the many conflicts against the various clans and the war against the rebels. Over time he was tasked with training other Caribou to loose an arrow with the same grace, and he did this well... but his heart was never truly in the fight as it could be with his cousin. With the crowning of the new High-king in Whitescar and the choosing of a chieftain of his clan came a time of calm (at least by his homeland's standards), Sven was able to experience a lull in the need for his services. 


During this time, he became acquainted with the Vakstyra and Clan Breen. He grew to admire their defense of the roads and efforts to maintain the routes of trade throughout their continent. It inspired him to make the biggest decision of his life. He trained the archers under his command to the best of his and their abilities and requested the chieftain to let him leave to pursue his own interest. The current leader of the Askr clan allowed this, but it drove something of a wedge between them for the foreseeable future. 


Now, Sven travels the world trying to make a name for himself as a merchant and a skald. He is willing to go anywhere when he smells a deal, or an opportunity to try and make life better for someone. 


Character Personality:


Sven is an overall pleasant and fun-loving caribou despite his reputation in his homeland as a cold and efficient archer. He has a deep love of poetry and the written word and is a fan of bother Equestrian and Neighponese literature. One of his favorite hobbies is translating and examining ancient obscure texts into something to be understood by those in the modern day. Outside of his love of poetry, he shares his kind’s deep love of Ales and cider.

While Sven can be very sharp and collected, he can at the same be very stubborn and determined to a fault. If he sets his mind to a task, he will try to see to it’s completion even if it would be best done later. One example would be his insistence on completing a clan trial on it’s set day despite having been going through a very nasty cold. 

As a friend, Sven tries to keep his circle of friends on the small side so he can still have some time to himself. To his friends he is generally friendly, supportive, and occasionally bouncy and flirtatious (though he will stop the moment he senses discomfort). If a friend of his asks for help, he will usually be one of the first to offer his assistance as soon as possible. 


Character Summary:


Traveling Merchant whose tired of Caribou Conflict and now just wants a quiet life selling books and going on scholarly pursuits. 

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