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Pennmin [Ready]


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Roleplay Type:
Name: Pennmin
Gender: Male
Age: Young Stallion
Species: Earth pony
Eye colour: Light blue
Coat: Red
Mane/Tail: Mane is medium-length, straight, sweeps to the right, and is black with a white stripe down the middle. Tail is a bit short, spiky, curves rather sharply, and alternate black and white stripes.
Physique: Average size, nothing special

Attire: Pennmin wears a medium gray vest, black-rimmed glasses with thick round frames, a pair of plain green anklets on his right hind leg, and a watch with a simple white face, black numbers and casing, and a band the same green as the anklets.
Residence: Seaddle
Occupation: Writer
Cutie Mark: An open book with a quill pen in position to write. Pennmin had begun writing what would end up becoming a large collection of short stories, twelve of which he'd later compile into his first book; these combined efforts would prove to be the catalyst for earning his cutie mark.

History: Pennmin was born and raised in Seaddle, his father a pegasus who helps with the weather around the city and his mother a unicorn who works as a substitute teacher. He lived a pretty nice life, with loving relationships with his parents, though he also grew close to his aunt (his mother's sister) on account of her babysitting him whenever said parents weren't able to be home during his younger years. His school life was a bit awkward on account of his shyness, though he did try his best to be more friendly during high school. Not that it really helped him make friends... By the time he finished high school, he'd gotten rather into writing, which eventually evolved from a hobby into a career. This very career has kept him going to this day, both financially and in terms of motivation. And even though his three published books have only brought him moderate success, he still intends to keep going. And so he does, continuing to create stories for the enjoyment of others.

Character Personality: Pennmin's the soft-spoken sort, and while he does his best to be open and friendly, he has a definite shy streak. That said, if you get to talking about writing and stories with him, you can get him going like there's no tomorrow, especially if the story is one he ended up inspiring, as he loves getting others inspired. While he doesn't mind hearing critique about his stories, if it's presented harshly, it's rather demoralizing to him. He absolutely hates writer's block, and it seems to really stress him out. Speaking of stress, he has periods of being a workaholic, which leads to a good bit of stress, and considering he doesn't always take care of himself - including admitting he overworks himself, that can cause major problems. He's afraid of the dark, failure, and, tragically enough, public speaking.
Character Summary: Decently successful writer with three books out, shy but tries to be open and friendly, also sometimes a workaholic who's bad at taking care of himself or admitting to his workaholic-ness.

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