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Spearmint Sovereign (Unicorn)

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Roleplay Type:

World of Equestria


Spearmint Sovereign






Unicorn (pony)

Eye colour:

Seaform Green


Spearmint Green


Lime Green


As a growing colt, Spearmint's recent growth spurts had resulted in a unicorn who is rather lanky who hasn't quite finished growing into his body yet. This is not helped by the fact that he is rather clearly somewhat underweight, since the only thing preventing someone from seeing his ribs through his chest is his coat. It would be unfair to say that he is nothing but skin and bones, but he does need a few solid meals for his own well being.


His mane and tail have been cut recently, but in a somewhat haphazard manner that suggested that it the kind of haircut someone got from home rather then at the hoofs or horn of a professional, a haphazard attempt just to make both of them as short and easy to look after as possible rather then with any real thought towards making the one with them look good.


There is a furtive, fearful manner in which he tends to move his eyes, as if even when in a place where he should be safe and sound that he was still on alert and looking for the first sign of danger.


The School of Friendship Dorms, Ponyville.



Cutie Mark:

A bright, almost glowing turquoise crown.

Unique Traits:

Spearmint's special spell, the thing innate to him and which earned him his cutie mark, is an ability to mentally influence other creatures in a very specific way; They will want to be his loyal friend. While on paper this would sound like a classic case of mental domination or a situation where others would be converted into mindless puppets, in practice this is not the case. Those under the influence of the spell remain themselves, with free will and the ability to make their own decisions... but when they think of Spearmint their opinions of him will naturally drift towards what they view to be his positive traits while thoughts related to betraying him or his trust come across as unthinkable and not to be considered.


He cannot order anyone to do anything magically and someone with enough determination could pretty easily resist and break his magical charm. All it really does is make someone more inclined to like him and want to be his friend through good and bad times.



Spearmint was born in a small rural town in Equestria by the name of Green Meadows. Green Meadows was something of a joke name, due to the fact that the town was a minor mining town in a stretch of Equestria where plant life generally didn't survive for long. Spearmint was the son of General Sovereign, the unicorn overseer of Green Meadows' mining operations and... truth be told, no one actually knew who his father was. General never spoke about the father to anyone, not even Spearmint himself... and those that asked were quickly subject to General's fiery temper.


As the local overseer and thus highest authority of the mining operations of the town, General was entrusted to running the day to day operations while those above her in the company did their jobs elsewhere, giving her next to no oversight in exactly how she did her job. She was an effective, if callous taskmaster who used every loophole and trick in the book to cut costs and corners while maximizing profit, preferring to resort to suppressing and controlling the unrest of the miners rather then waste time, money or effort fixing the causes of their unrest. When things finally hit the tipping point, General resorted to... darker measures to restore order and get bodies working the mines. Namely, she started mind controlling her work force, reducing them into near autonomous drones.


This lasted for a little while before a friendship task force showed up one Saturday, found out what she was doing, beat her into submission and freed the work force, hauling General Sovereign off to trial and prison for her crimes.


In the background of all this, was Spearmint. While he loved his mother, her high standards and need for control of just about any given situation was overbearing on most days. Spearmint was generally a lonely child, since there weren't many other children around Green Meadows for him to play with and those few that did... well, if their parents hadn't warned them away from spending time with him, them meeting his mother tended to convince them to back off and stay away, despite whatever personal thoughts they harbored about Spearmint himself.


As he started to grow older and became a colt, Spearmint found his cutie mark and talent from what many would have considered the most unlikely of all places; The Journal of Friendship by Twilight Sparkle and her friends. Their messages and lessons about friendship touched the lonely colt, enlightening him to the world of friendship that he had been unable to properly find a way into and lighting a flame in his heart not to give up and to keep trying. However, like many others who read the Journal of Friendship, Spearmint also took away a lesson that the writers likely never intended.


Looking over their words about their clashes with villains such as Nightmare Moon and largely looking into the actions of Twilight Sparkle, Spearmint came to a logical conclusion; Using magic to turn someone or something on a path of destruction or social isolation into a friend was a perfectly acceptable course of action. It took some time and research before he managed to put together a spell that would suit his purpose and needs (the fact that there were a bunch of books and tomes about mental magic in his house already would, in hindsight, be a pretty strong indicator of his mother's future actions), but in time he managed to create something of his own. Most of the spells in the books he was reading was about turning living things into puppets... and that didn't really appeal to Spearmint. If he wanted puppets he could literally go and buy one and he would likely still be as lonely as he was before, he wanted an actual friend.


All he wanted was for somepony to think positively about him and to want to stick with him, even if they were intimidated by his mother... and for a time it worked wonderfully! He suddenly was able to be friends with ponies his own age, despite the fact that his mother wasn't a good pony. Then his mother started making her workforce into mind controlled puppets and Spearmint learned the limits of the loyalty his spell created as his new friends abandoned him to flee and hide. It hurt but... he couldn't exactly fault them for it, considering the circumstances.  


It wasn't long before ponies showed up, friendship battle happened and his mother was going to jail while all her spell work was undone... but that left Spearmint in an awkward position. Anyone who suggested that his friends had been enchanted generally did so under the impression that it had been General who did so, but having your mother try and mind control a town and force them to work in the mines tended to kill any chance of having a healthy social life in said town by association. Since he couldn't stay in Green Meadows anymore, he decided to ask the ponies who had defeated his mother if he could travel with them back to where they were going.


He ended up traveling to Canterlot that way... and after spending less then a day there heard about the School of Friendship in nearby Ponyville and hopped onto the next train because he couldn't afford to stay in Canterlot.


Character Personality:

Spearmint in a colt who has always had a harsh, demanding order imposed on him by his mother. Now free of her and finding himself at the School of Friendship, Spearmint... doesn't really know how to relax or fit in properly. For the first time he is truly free to make his own decisions and... it's honestly kind of overwhelming and terrifying for him. There are a lot of things he is scared and nervous of actually.  The fact that his special talent is so deeply related to the crimes of his mother has actually caused him to grow fearful of reveling it to anyone. The fact that his mother mind controlled a town and was currently in prison for it.


...That without the usage of his talent, he still would be all alone without anyone who cared enough about him to want to be his friend.


Still, this was the School of Friendship, founded by his idol Twilight Sparkle!... even if the Princess was now the Ruler of Equestria and no longer ran the school personally. If there is anywhere he can learn how to make friends, it would be here, right?


Character Summary:

The lonely son of a Saturday Cartoon villain trying to create a life for himself outside of his mother's shadow. 

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