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What Would You Like To See In Generation 5?

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With the movie quickly coming upon us, what would you like to see in this new series? From what I've heard the movie will lead into the new TV series.


1. Cutie Marks? What are they all about?


We all know why they have them for the toys. So they could just use the same mold over and over with the only difference is their color and butt-mark. But why does an icon appear on an pony in the show's universe? Most of the other living beings don't have this. And why is it there? I'd like the show to explain this..


2. Flurry Heart...A villain...She's a gonna grow up weird. As a foal she had both an adult pair of wings, horn and a head. And she enjoyed stacking other babies on top of each other.




Anyone else?



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Unless Pound and Pumpkin Cake kill her first.




They were out for BLOOD.


Also, I wanna see a 2,000 year old Smolder.


I -believe- this new gen takes place 2000 years after FIM.


I think...

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