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To Go Wherever We End Up (Closed: Cubbage)

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Given you weren’t supposed to run indoors, no matter how much of a hurry you were in, Skyroots couldn’t have been happier to bolt out of the Cloudsdale Public Library and down the streets. The chocolate-and-white Paint Pegasus ran over her list in her head, saddlebags loaded with paper copies. The best spots would through the center of the city, where the most creatures would see them. Storefronts, light poles, carriages if she could sneak them on. Looking for adventure? each read, Still need a traveling partner to have your back? I’m the mare for the job! Free for expeditions all this month, wherever you want to go! Past that, bolded, was her contact information. No way could anypony miss it. This vacation was going to be fantasticbecause she would make sure it was, because there was no way she built up a full month’s time off just to waste it.


She passed a lamp on Mane Avenue and jumped up to smack a flyer onto it, high enough that flying passersby could spot it, too. Maybe Skyroots was stuck on the streets, but that didn’t mean she had to limit her audience. Her next target was the post office. Then the park, the bakery, the farrier’s. And by the end of the day, it would be a wonder if a single surface in the city was left uncovered.


By sunset, she stretched out on the cool metal of a bench and grinned to herself. It was a good day’s work, however you looked at it, she was sure of it. Now she just had to wait, and hopefully not for long. If anyone understood what a big place the city was, it was her. Somepony else out there had to be as eager to get out and do something as she was. It was only a matter of time before Skyroots found them.


Somehow, she managed to sleep through her excitement that night, and at the first light of day, she was on her way back through town, to the ice cream parlor she’d written to meet at, ready to wait as long as she needed.

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Cloudy had noticed the painted pegasus on her way to her parents' house the night before, but hadn't had time to see what she was doing other than running frantically through the streets, drawing the attention of various pegasi. So it must have been fate that this morning, when she walked into the ice cream parlour with a group of foals in tow, she saw that same pegasus sitting alone at a table, in the centre of the room. There was an enthusiastic air about her, and Cloudfeather was naturally intrigued. After paying for the foals' ice cream and sending them all off, she trotted over to the table. "Hey there, stranger. Is everything alright? I noticed you running like the sky was falling last night, but didn't have the time to ask what you were doing."

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