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Cubb's Character Corner


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Cubb's Character Corner

Join me on my quest to create a character of every race!

(click the character name to read their application)


Earth Ponies


-- Lope Lighthoof --

A friendly, athletic earth pony that was lead to join the Secret Monster Intelligence League of Equestria (S.M.I.L.E.) by a traumatic Ursa Major encounter





-- Morning Glow --

A unicorn filly with a talent in magic who was begrudgingly sent to the School of Friendship so that she could unlock her full potential. Her plan: graduate as quickly as possible


-- Tangent Line --

A mathematically-adept unicorn who takes her job as trainer very seriously as a member of the Secret Monster Intelligence League of Equestria (S.M.I.L.E.)


-- Twinkle Dawn --

An astrologer unicorn with a false belief that she is the rightful ruler of Equestria, a belief that has led her to form an underground resistance group set on overthrowing Twilight Sparkle





-- Cloudfeather --

A pegasus cloud machine technician who saves her bits and vacation days so she can spend as much time traveling and seeing Equestria as possible


-- Frostflake Northwind --

A young, naive, pegasus mare who is interning in the snowflake lab at the cloud factory so that she can be around the snow at all times of the year





-- Lunar Dash --

A proud areion, highly skilled in flying, who uses his talents and status as a Shooting Star to combat discrimination against his kind.


-- Valence Bond --

A blank-flank thestral who blames himself for his parents' separation and has been sent to the school of friendship as a sort of counseling for his anxiety over the issue





-- Flow --

A hopelessly-romantic kelpie who immigrated from Farsi to follow her dreams of fighting fires





-- Discord --

A reformed draconequus who's nature as a creature of chaos leads him to behave in completely unexpected ways





-- Cubbage --

Ok, fine, this isn't an actual character, it's me! Hahaha I'm a fun-loving MLP fan who's always down for some RP! Feel free to shoot me a DM here or on Discord and I'd love to do something!



Always check back for more! I intend to create more characters until I have one of every race!




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